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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough LEGO Dimensions

Chapter 1. Follow the LEGO Brick Road

Events of the first chapter Lego Dimensions happening in the world of "The Wizard of Oz." After you complete the first task, start the plot level.

At the beginning of the level turn around and go back to see the area, blocked silver parts LEGO. Use the character with the corresponding ability to get access to. Pay attention to the tank with a carrot, you can see on the rocks and knock him out. Use all the fallen parts LEGO and parts in the car on the right side to build a hook for the car, blocking the way. Use Batman gadget to drag the wagon.

Now that the car is not blocking the road, you will see that in front of you waiting for a poppy field. Get in the Batmobile and go through this field.

Follow the road until you start the cut-scene with Dorothy and her gang. Before we move, drive on batmobile around the location to find items LEGO, necessary to comply with the special requirements of the mission.

Mini-kit can be found in the box to the left of the yellow brick road. Look for it in the near left corner near the rocks. There will be three boxes. Go there, go for it Wyldstyle and use the scanner to find the object. Use cat of Batman to get the mini-kit.

Follow the road and continue to see another cut-scene. This will start the battle with the Wicked Witch, which is surrounded enemy by  fire and orders flames winged monkeys attack them. Avoid blasting shots Wicked Witch. Eventually, it should appear a magic beam. Then you need to move the mini-figure active character in another section of Toy Pad. Once the characters are released, use Gandalf's staff and betarangi Batman to aim at the Witch and shoot her. When the witch is on the ground, then attack her until she again did not fly away. Then it will send back to your side a crowd of winged monkeys.


Repeat this process for as long as the Wicked Witch will not be destroyed. Watch the cut-scene.

The road through the forest

Characters will be in the dark forest. Use the terminal to save your progress. Go forward from the starting position and turn left to see the area, blocked silver parts LEGO. Select a character with the appropriate skills to get access to this area.

Turn left and you will see a large tree blocking the road. Get familiar with the winged monkeys that appear soon. Details LEGO should fall, of which you need to collect a giant saw, and then take advantage of it, play for Gandalf. Eventually, you have to saw the same tree. Move forward.

Instead of a tree will the vines. Jump into the Batmobile and fly over them. There is "Ghost swarm" to the right of the vines.  Use Peter Venkmana of "ghost hunters" to deal with the ghosts.

Go to the next barrier of rubble and vineyards.There are the skeleton and the two parts LEGO on the vine. Use Gandalf's staff to aim in all three goals, and knock them down. Then destroy the box, which is located on a cliff on the right side. From the box should fall items.

Switch to Wyldstyle and move it to the right sector Toy Pad, to use the scanner relics. You have to find a box on a rock on the left side. Use Batman hook to pull the box and shake it a few details from LEGO. There is cracked detail LEGO (on the ground) ahead on the left. Use a character with the appropriate skills to break the details at this point.

Now, when all the details at the bottom of LEGO, build a springboard for Batmobile and go at it. Cross the bridge and use the springboard.

Between the gap where the bridge collapsed, and the entrance to the Emerald City has five statues placed on the stone platforms. The first statue is on the right at the edge. The second statue - a little further to the right at the bottom. The third statue - from the left side. The fourth statue - on the right, just before the Emerald City. Fifth Statue - opposite the drawbridge to the Emerald City.

Head upstairs and go to guard the entrance to the Emerald City. Deal with the enemies and follow to the boxes to the left of the drawbridge. Destroy the two crates and stand with spears, then Pitch of the details LEGO desired acceleration mechanism. Follow on the Batmobile at this device and speeds up as long as the bridge will not fall. When the drawbridge is down, switch to Wyldstyle and move it a mini-figure to the left of Toy Pad, to activate its scanner relics and find the switch on the door. Switch to Batman and use betarangi to aim and shoot at the switch.

Winged Monkey

The door through which just passed the heroes now is closed. It hangs a gold plaque. If you have a character with a laser, you can cut the gold bar.

Once you find yourself in Emerald City, go to the guards and deal with them. Use the terminal to save the game. Go up the stairs, where there is a winged monkey. Deal with it, and then switch to Wyldstyle.

Move it a mini-figure sprawling Toy Pad, to activate the scanner and discover relics of the hook on the chest under the stairs. Switch to Batman and get the chest, use the gadget. Build the ledges on the wall, on which you can jump up. Get to the boards blocking the path. Wyldstyle can jump higher. Hit the facility to reset the rope on which rise Gandalf and Batman. Take each character separately.

Use Staff of Gandalf the door to activate the three buttons and open the door. Go through the doorway and watch the cut-scene, after which will begin the battle with the boss.

The battle with the boss. Evil witch

You have to create the cells and block their movement via Witches through the portals.

To lock the yellow portal, we need a glass cage. In the front right side of the room, locate and destroy objects. Use the items received LEGO, to build on the cells of the hook. Use Batman gadget to pull the cage down. Winged Monkey inside the cell tries to fly, but, ultimately, it is will be at the bottom. Move the cell to the portal. When the first cell will be in place, then there will be opponents. Get familiar with all, and then hang witch magic chain heroes. Move mini-figurine of an active character in another section of Toy Pad, to break out of the shackles.


To build a cage on a blue portal, stand on the glowing circle in front of the lever, playing for Wyldstyle. It is in the front left part of the room. Jump up to grab the lever and pull it down. Destroy the cage protruding from the body, and then restore it from parts LEGO. It moves up and block the portal.

To build a cage on a purple portal, switch to Gandalf and stand at the glowing object in the back of the room, where the windows. Pick an object in the air and drop to the one destroyed. Build from parts the switch, which will be able to activate the Batman. To do this, send it betarangi and shoot. Because of this chandelier will fall down. Because of its parts, and assemble the cell block third portal.

Wait a moment when the witch tries to use one of the portals. It may take about a minute. Witch turns into a trap heroes. If you suddenly catch a witch in the magical chain of heroes, you will need to move the icon of the active character to another section Toy Pad. In the end, the witch flies into the portal and would be imprisoned in a cage, which immediately collapse and destroy the magical field below.

Collect pieces of LEGO in the center of the room a water gun and use it to shoot the Wicked Witch. Watch the cut-scene and go to the gate. The next destination - Springfield.

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    Steven mcilduff
    Mar 26, 2016 6:33 pm

    What does one do in the area with a steel box and coloured things on the ground after freeing thw wizard of oz from the balloon? It’s the area after venkman traps and dispenses the ghost swarm in the dark forest?

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