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Walkthrough LEGO: Jurassic World STORYLINE JURASSIC PARK 1


Episode 1. Prologue

Transportation of Raptor

So, you play as a character named Robert Muldoon. When you go to the administration, you need to go to the rotating around your DNA molecule. Press letter H. The DNA molecules will meet you during the game. When activated, you will be given some help of gameplay.

Collect bridge

Run and collect all the coins. Go to the next molecule of DNA, where they'll give you another help. Around there are bouncing blocks. Hold down K,  to assemble the generator from the blocks. Further, the generator should be charged a shocker. Shocker has at the second character. To switch hold U and select John Brown. You can also simply click on the U key to quickly switch. The first method is relevant if you play three or more characters, or if these characters are far from each other. Go to the generator and hold K to charge it.

Climb the stairs. There is  side is a DNA molecule on the left. Take it and read Robert Muldoon help. Nearby is the evidence - pick it by  button K and follow the emerging blue trail that will lead you to hidden coins and tiles. Tiles are required to repair the bridge and move cells with Velociraptor. Hold down K, to move all the tiles on the broken bridge. Next, hold down the H, playing for the same Robert and Aim at the target above the opening to which you want to move the cell. Release the button H, when the hunter take aim at a target. You hit the spotlight (it will fall and shatter), leaving the yellow and black tiles. Use these tiles to restore the bridge.

Move the cell and open the gate

Press against a cage with it back side and move it to the front gate. Gates stuck, so you need to enter the security code.

The secret. At the top right from the cells of velociraptor are two spotlights, which can be recharged. If you walk along the path to the left of the cell deep into the card, you will find a third spotlight. Use Brown with a shocker to charge all 3 spotlights and get a reward in the mini-kit.

Then go up to the bar near the cage of velociraptor, click on it. You will be shown a sequence of keystrokes. Repeat it. If you see the arrow "left", "down", "right" or "up", the keyboard will have to press the keys A, S, D and W, respectively. You will see the ladder. Climb (by Brown) the stairs and use the stun gun to open the cage. The first part is completed.

The skeleton of the first dinosaur

You play as Alan Grant and Helen Settler. To start collect coins. After a walk to the right and see the archaeologist. Beside him is a strange bunch, and the DNA molecule. Alan Go, and then press K, to start excavate. Repeat pressing the key until you find the bones. Hold down K, to collect the bones of the skeleton of the first dinosaur.

Second dinosaur skeleton

Then switch to Helen. She can jump high. Stand up to the specified place near the skeleton of a dinosaur and jump by pressing J. Go right along the backbone and jump to the ledge. Go down the screen, destroy pile of objects by key H  and hold down K, to assemble the ladder for Alan.

You can play again for Alan. Climb the stairs and go down from the wall to the right. There is a worker who is trying to pull out of the rock skeleton. First, break all the items here.

The secret. At the bottom of the screen to the left of the wall after the break of the object you will be able to collect, hold the key K, the castle. For the collection of four locks you get a mini-set of the award. Next, we describe how to collect all four locks.

Go to the working and break the bench. Collect of it the hammer. Worker pull bones out of the rock. Collect bones of the skeleton of a dinosaur the second.

The secret. Switch to Helen, jump on the skeleton and skull of his jump into the recess of the mountain, where there is a mini-suite.

The skeleton of the third dinosaur

Go back where you came from. In the distance, you can see a man with a rope near the wall. Go. You need a sharp object to cut the rope. Go to a large meadow on the left. Here are a few people dig in the ground. Destroy all the objects and collect coins. From left to build a machine items. Take the car, drive it well to blow all debris slides in the meadow. Under one of those, in addition to coins, you find a place to dig.  Dig this place by Alan and find a dinosaur bone. Hold down K and collect the skeleton of the third dinosaur from bones . As a reward you get a raptor claw.

With Helen climb the hill, jupm on the skeleton of a dinosaur. Break the right thing and gather from it a ladder for Alan. Alan go up, break everything you see.

The secret. The left side of a hill in the destruction of one of the items you will be able to build another castle.

Restore vibroseis

Go to the guy near the cliff where the load is suspended by a rope. Use claw of velociraptor  to cut the rope. Jump up and run to the right. Get down on the right side of the clearing, where there is a girl. She keep vibroseis and it is broken. We need to find a rudder and the wheel. To the right is a car - break it and get the wheel. Take the wheel and set to the vibroseis.

For collection of coins in the right quantity to fill the spiral at the top of the screen, you get the title of "expert on survival."

The secret. Next, destroy the items placed slightly to the right. One construct will allow the third lock (3/4).

There is a thicket of green in the corner. Walk up to they and Alan press several times the key H, to cut them with a claw. Pick up the rudder and take it to the vibroseis. Climb the vibroseis and navigate locations jump on stone slabs. Under one of the plates you look for dinosaur bones. See a small cut-scene with the arrival of Professor.

The secret.  you need to enter the cave on the left to take amber with dinosaur DNA (1/20). This must be done in free play mode by character with a torch (for example, Zach).

Switch to Helen and go to the truck, hanging on top. Jump on him to all objects with the body fell down. Alan build a ramp from the bones of a dinosaur. Jump on the trampoline, press again the key J (button "Jump"), to jump up high on the hill.

The secret.  There is a tent on the right side behind it are overgrown. Cut the claw by Alan and find a mini-suite.

The secret. There is also a trailer on the right . Smash objects in front of it and collect the fourth lock. Over the past collected lock you get a reward - a mini-suite.

Episode 2. Jurassic Park

You're in Jurassic Park. This location is free to move on the one hand. On the other hand, you will not be available until all zones. There are also secrets, as in all other locations.

The secret. If you want to skip the next few episodes, then take the monorail to the right of the helipad. So you can quickly complete the game, but is there any interest in this?

In the story, get in your car and drive. If the machine not drive, do not worry - just run. You will stop in front of goal. there is a broken panel to enter the code on the right . Divide the object by Alan Grant. Rummage in a pile of manure by shovel and find items. They help repair the panel and enter the code for the professor.

Drive forward, see the cut scenes. Move further along the blue point to the next gate. You need parts to repair mechanism of the gate. First jump by Helen to the platform on the left and break the three boxes. Use the parts to repair part of the gate. The right of the goal by Alan Grant cut the rope on which hangs the container. Switch to Helen, jump onto the fallen container, and with it - for larger containers. Break the three boxes and use the parts to complete the repair of the gate. Get to the center of science and log in.

Yard of velociraptors

You play as Robert Muldoon and Barry. Run to the right, break the two small cells and build them into a single larger one. Pick precipitated panel, go on the trail and you will find around the paddock with the truck and cow parts LEGO. From parts and repair the panel and enter the code. Switch to Barry and charge generator on the left side of the car. Jump on a cow and ride on it to cells. The cow should begin to eat.

Shoot a gun of Owen  at a target on the crane to lower the ladder. Climb the ladder and move the crane so that it was necessary cell with a cow. Next, move the valve to the yard and watch the cut-scene.

Treatment of triceratops

The secret. In a dark cavethere is a mini-suite in the background . You need a character with a torch to get it. Also, you need to pour a bunch of down to increased plant (buds on which you can jump to the cave). Return here in the free play mode.

Cure dinosaur

Inspectdinosaur droppings to the right, playing for Ellie. Switch to Jerry, pick up the subject and go on the trail until you find a small pile. Play as Ellie again and pour the pile by pressing K. Crawl up by the plant and jump to the right. Rummage in a large pile of manure and find ice cream. Go to the dinosaurs and give him ice cream.

Go left and find another pile with droppings. Ellie could find carrots in a pile. Give carrots dinosaur.

Pour a small bunch, which we will describe in the paragraph above with a secret. Climb to the dark cave, switch to Jerry and shoot at the target from above. Climb on the vine up, shake and jump to the ledge. Destroy objects from left, collect a bunch of them and pour it. Divide the apple tree, pick the very apple and give it a dinosaur.

The secret. Playing for a triceratops, run to the stone wall to the right. To do this, hold down the H. destroy it, you will find a mini-suite.

The secret. Destroy the two stone cube. When destroy another, which will be in another part of the location, you will get for this mini-set.

Going through the story, destroy a log, blocks the way to the car. Run up and hit the tree trunk. Now Elli and Jerry can get to the other side, but still need to take care of triceratops. Construct a bridge, cross to the other side and in the role of Elli pour pile. Among the plants will be built crossing.

The secret. Dino break the third stone cube and get a reward mini-set.

Break by dinosaur lying log, collect the parts of the panel and enter the code, playing for Jerry. Go to the corral, shoot a target from the weapon of Jerry, climb up and go to the other side of the gate. Run to the right, Ellie has to jump on the container and throw him a box of parts. From parts assemble sleeve. Turn it and you will open a small corral. Inside, there are plenty of litter. Search the handle and you will find it. Take the handle to the mechanism of the gate and turn it. Switch to the triceratops and destroy by him the wall.

The secret. The wall is necessary to break through the story of the game. Thus for the action you get dinosaur DNA (2/20).

Episode 3: Disable

You need to overcome certain segment of the Park to start this episode. Walk on the specified route, and go down to the corral. Help worker hanging on a branch, cut the rope, playing for Alan Grant. Go back to the platform and collect remote by Ian Malcolm (it is important) and call the triceratops.

By Triceratops break passed, and then defeat the three dinosaurs. You lower the ladder. Climb up, run to the left, by Alan dig a small pile of garbage and find details. Because details make the hammer - the working break the barrier. Run in the same direction until you find the station where you can order the car. The station will be on the right. Get in the car and drive to the gate. You need to drive right up to the gate to start a new episode. If the front of the machine will be someone else, just come round it.

Corral T-Rex

Walk around the dinosaur, cut the bushes and break the cart by Alan . Take the red wheel and mount it on the mechanism to the right of the neighboring tree. Turn the valve and drain the ditch. Lying in a ditch parts - collect one surprise for the dinosaur. While the dinosaur eat the bone, run right to the car with the children. Alan dig pile to find the items. From parts assemble the jack. Jump on him to lift the machine. Further help the girl out of the car. Go to your car, choose a girl and hold down K, to activate a cry that will break the car window.

While Ian distracts dinosaur, collect parts of your vehicle unit "tractor." Bring a rope to drowning in the mud vehicle, hook it, and then pull the device. Help the boy named Timmy get out of the car. Unsuccessfully.

Help Timmy

The secret. Go immediately to the left on the other side of the tree hanging a pig of pressed vines. Cut them, playing for Alan, and get the mini-kit.

Dig in a little heap nearby, pick up the gate and go to the unit from the wall to the right. Install the valve and turn it.

From the bones collect swing. Stand on the blue spot, let a girl throw up by Alan, who falls to the left side of the swing. Meanwhile, the girl will fly higher. Playing for her, throw a baseball at a target holding down H and sights. Take by Alan higher jump on ledges, trampolines, shoot at the target. In general, all the same way. In order to climb up between the two walls of color, you need to switch to a girl and just jump. Alan cut the ropes. Save Timmy.

Next on the car you will drive from the Tyrannosaurus.

The secret.  You need go to a dinosaur on the left side of the road. You will find a mini-suite.

The secret. You need to hit three times in the jaws of a dinosaur to find dinosaur DNA (3/20). And it must be done in a row, starting with the first throw attempts. When the three get, you can simply set the key A, to go along the edge of the left (left of the screen). You need drive by car to the right

You need to throw three Fire monster's mouth.

Episode 4. Reboot

Walk along this path, switch Timmy and goes through the hole near the moat. Turn the valve on the side to make a bridge over which the other two characters wander through the ditch. Alan rummage in the heap, make projections on the wall and on them climb the hill, pressing J.

Follow further, jump in the bushes in the water. Switch to the girl and throw a ball at a target. Jump to the other side with the help of hanging vines. Follow along, from the bones, which you can find in the pile, playing for Alan, collect ladder. Rise above your way through the thickets, using a knife, Alan, and then begin a new episode.

Racing with dino

Basically, I moved away from the computer and did nothing. Characters run from dinosaurs themselves. Setting is simple and short.

The secret. When you run, make sure you collect coins, do not forget to jump. You can get a mini-kit, but you must be sure to jump.


Go down the corridor.

The secret. At the fork you turn right and in the role of Ellie rummage in the heap. You will find dinosaur DNA (4/20).

Continue your way to the left, there will be a door with a lock. Go back a little and into the screen. Break all objects, Robert take evidence and move the footsteps. In a pile you'll find the key. Pick up the key, go to the locked gate and open it.

Walk to the left, switch to Robert and shoot at the target from above. Fall pipe. Collect the parts of the platform on which you can climb to the pipe. Go to the other side. Go through the first section, where periodically hit the hot steam from the pipe. Jump by Ellie on the crossbar switch to Robert and go to the gate. Turn the valve until the end of attacks to shut off the pair in all three locations.

Follow on until you reach the billboard. But first you will need to disable another pipe with steam. Shoot a gun at a target Robert to do this. Climb over the fence alley, jump on the bar. As a result, it should rise protective flap generator. On the floor will fall items, from which you need to collect the device to the end.

Error. If you suddenly fell details disappear, you will need to make to the game some changes. Go to the main menu, go to Settings and lower the image attributes to a minimum value (including screen resolution - up to 800x600). Restart the last episode, go to the right place, jump over the fence and immediately hooked on the bar. Smash objects in front of it is undesirable!

Watch the cut-scene.

A flock of velociraptors

Move forward to the hill. Smash objects, switch to Ellie and pour a pile of earth.

The secret. There are four target in the jungle . Shoot them and find knots. If you find all four knot, you get the mini-kit. This tree is the first target - shoot at it.

Go up the hill by Ellie, jump on the bar. Destroy the plant, pour a pili and Robert will be able to join you, climb the vines grown. Follow on, shoot at a target. You will see a hanging vine. With it, jump on the other side. Go ahead, take out the dinosaur.

The secret. In the distance there is a target - shoot at it. It remains to find two more and get rewarded with a mini-kit, as described above.

A little further there are two targets. Rummage in a pile of manure, collect their items found a bridge and go through it. There are stones further. But first fight with Velociraptor. Smash objects, make the lever, jump on him by Ellie. This will push the stones. Go down, go on the trail by Robert and go on the trail of claw. Next fight with Velociraptor. You need to raise the blocks and throw them into one of three bushes. Dinosaur moving in the bushes, stirs them. Velociraptor remains in those bushes that stir last.

Episode 5. Visitors Center

Move forward along the path, the path block the gate. You need a gold key. Go back and see the barn with colored shutters. There is a computer on the right , and the left - a mechanism which does not have enough grip. Switch to the girl, hold down H, away; sight up the house and get the target on the roof. Throw the ball back. Top fall the handle . Pick up the handle and turn the mechanism to the left of the barn. Tommy go inside (it has night vision) and pick up the gold key. Open the gates and go forward.

Escape from the kitchen

Move to the left, switch to the girl and throw the ball into the target in the background. Dinosaur like the fan. Go left and down the screen. Turn right, Tommy climb through hole, then turn the gas stove on the left. Switch to the girl and throw the ball into the appeared target. Walk around the dinosaur and go to another series even further. Go left, let the girl will throw Tommy upstairs. Climb through a hole and find yourself on the other side of the kitchen. Go down and push the cart with dishes that you could pass a sister. Go to the right, destroy objects, make the bar on the door and open the door, hanging on the crossbar. Inside should enter Tommy, because there is no light. Destroy the two crates and construct of them bait. Dinosaur neutralized.

Go left, by Alan open the door. Pitch device from LEGO parts, turn it counterclockwise, and depart. Second dinosaur will be sent to a knockout. Go through the door.

Facilities Management

Divide the items on the right. You need make the track for plug from the details LEGO. Move the plug in the socket. Go to the computer, play for a girl and start hack. You need to move the cursor along the path to a new icon. On the new icon to click button H. As a result, this computer will not help.

The secret. There is a closet with LEGO-glass on the left rear corner of the room . Break it with the screaming girls and get dinosaur DNA (5/20).

Next to this cabinet has a hole for Tommy. Go down, go right and see a diagram with a blown fuse. To the right there is an alley with no light. Go there, break all the objects and pick up the fallen guard. Place the fuse in the circuit. Activated by a second computer. Girl start hack the computer. You need to click on the LEGO elements in the same sequence as you show on the screen. With each step the complexity increases. The last stage will be a sequence of five different components - red, yellow, green, blue and purple.

The main hall

Get down, cut the rope. Move to the left, break the flower bed near the lattice through which the velociraptor put his face. Pour a pile to grow vine and will clamp the dinosaur. Tommy climb through a hole near the enemy, break the truck, then break the objects lying on the ground. Construct one bridge to the other characters.

The secret. Select one of the female characters, jump through the grille, slip under a different grille and in the corner of the cabinet locate the mini-kit.

Go back and jump on the spine of a dinosaur and watch the cut-scene.

When you fight for the dino, then press the indicated key on the screen. When a raptor is the first time unconscious, go to him by Alan and cut the ropes. Once again he will be unconscious, throw a ball girl appeared in the top target.


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