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Episode 1. Isla Sorna

Hop into the helicopter immediately after the end of the previous storyline.

Workshop of Eddy

Fix the three machines.

You play for Ian Malcolm and Eddie Carr. You need to fix the three cars. At first, shoot at two targets in the background. The wheels fall down.

The secret. Do not rush to roll the wheel to the car on the right. On one of them roll to the left, where there is the same rack as the right front of the car. Set here the wheel, turn the handle and pull out a mini-suite.

Roll both wheel to the car from the right. Go to the car in the center, near the gate. Let Eddie repair with a wrench - ready.

Now go to the far left corner. Solve the equation, play for Ian Malcolm. You will need to repeat pressing the quarters in the same sequence as you showed your computer. Next, collect the parts. Mix red and yellow paint to get green. After the jump on a stand between the car and table with colored bulbs. This is the pump. The car is painted, and the job is done.

Complete assembly of the field laboratory

Nick Van Owen join to you . He is an expert on hacking doors. Go right and open the first door. There is a mechanism for the conveyor. This mechanism lowers the elevator down, but to lift down, you need to move the mechanism to the wall. Break the lock on the door more to the right, you will repair computer using the tool of Eddie. Next-of-arms of Eddie shoot the three targets on the three suspended boxes. collect the handle on the valve from LEGO pieces, then turn it clockwise. This allows you to scroll the conveyor and elevator will run.

The secret. How to climb, go a little to the right and in the background to see the padlock. Cut it by tool Nick and take a mini-suite.

Go right, break another door and go down. There is its roof to the right of the mobile laboratory. There are three boxes to the right - destroy them and collect the parts of the ladder. Let Eddie up the stairs to the computer, repair it, and then activates the crane. By controlling the crane, move it to the cover of the working field laboratory. When the lid is lifted, then drag it onto a trailer. Task completed.

In search of Sarah

Go to the creek, fight with small dinosaurs and breack the pass with tool of Nick.

The secret. Here you will be able to shoot at a target at the top left. There kill all three of the blue ball, you get mini-suite.

Go into the cave by Yan, who has flares. Jump up with the help springboard the mushroom. Divide the items to build an anvil, which will lower the vine branch for other characters. When you will have three, then any two characters jump into two hanging vines. The third character climb over an inclined log. Lower the ladder for his friends left, hit it (key H). Shoot a gun of Eddie left the target - will fall LEGO parts.

The secret. There is also a second target. Shoot it to burst 2 of 3 blue balls. One more and you get a free mini-set.

Next, collect the parts of the device. Jump on it to break branches in the aisle. Go there and pick up the evidence by Eddie. Follow to the trail and find LEGO parts. From parts and collect the trampoline two characters hooked on the bar above, jump on this trampoline. Jump on the hill. Go to the left.

The secret. Shoot from gun of Eddie at a target and smash last blue ball. Pick a mini-set.

Hack mount about a log by Nick's  tool, jump on the beam itself and take three shots at different locations (Nick photographs only). Watch the cut-scene.

A herd of Stegosaurus

You need to fight with the stegosaurus. The meaning of fight is simple, but first on the other.

The secret. there are three objects on location  that glow orange. You must stand beside them, forcing Stegosaurus tail beat in their direction and break objects. When smash all three objects, you will get dinosaur DNA (6/20).

Construct a cell from planks in the bottom right corner. Climb into any character. When Stegosaurus tail hit the cage, inside of which is a character, the dinosaur stuck. Quickly go to his face, stand up to the specified location and photograph. These operations must be repeated three times - each time cells are in different locations. Watch the scene, the final episode.

Episode 2. Arrival In-Gen

Follow the specified route. By Nick jump up the ledges on the left. Dump down the boulder with scrap . Go down and collect three columns for the crossing from LEGO parts. Jump to the other side, go ahead, shoot from Eddie's gun at a target on top of a pole placed on the other side of the ravine. With vines move to the other side. Switch to Sarah and check bunch of litter left. Collect items found in trampoline and jump on the hill. Go forward and start downloading episodes.


Head right to the cage, fight with the enemies in battle and Nick go to the cage. Sarah check dinosaur droppings. Now it needs to be cured.

Cure dinosaur

You need to find ice cream, mushroom and banana, and then bring it all sick dinosaur. Go right, fight with the enemies and go to the camp. Immediately check Sarah big pile. You will find ice cream. Give ice cream dinosaur.

The secret.There is Lego parts in the cell with sick dinosaur. Climb on the cage, jupm from the car, stand on the right side. Collect the parts of the mini-kit.

Go back to the camp, go to the fire and fight with enemies. Make the mechanism from the details. By mechanism turn the boiler and extinguish the fire. Take the mushroom and bring it to a dinosaur.

Again, go to the camp in the far right corner there is a locked container - open it with the tools of Nick and collect a banana. Give fruit dinosaur - now he's a member of your team.

Run to the right and break amain the cracked object. There will be a massive explosion. Fight with the enemies and break the second cracked object. Of the remaining Lego pieces collect stage and climb up.

Help dinosaurs

Fight with the enemies by Sarah, jump on the bar near the cage on the right. Stegosaurus is free. Go to the center location and break Stegosaurus object with luminosity. Dinosaurs go. Sarah go to open a small cell, where was baby of Stegosaurus, and search the litter. You will find the key. The key open the cage with the other dinosaurs. These dinosaurs break two objects with a glow. Of the remaining parts construct two devices. Watch the cut-scene.

Mobile Laboratory

The secret. In this part you will try to get through the mobile lab upstairs. On the roof of the mobile lab has dinosaur DNA (7/20). To get it, you need a character who can jump high. At a time when the mobile laboratory is lifted, it will lie under the object (by which the hunter can get on the trail). You also need to switch to any girl. In the right part of a mobile laboratory (the side which we see on the screen), closer to the front, there are protrusions. In jumping character who can jump high, it may cling to the ledge. Thus, the climb to the roof of the mobile laboratory and collect amber.

By Jan rise on the rope. Items will drop. Dodge them in hand, holding key A or D. When the water begins to flow, then switch to Eddie.

The mobile laboratory is lifted. Go for it, pick up the evidence and move on the trail. Collect the device for towing from the excavated parts. Hang the hook of the car for a mobile laboratory. Get in the car, move it to the left and right by pressing on the keys A and D. It is necessary to keep the car in the middle of the scale in this area. When the mobile laboratory will fall back to the ground, then switch to Jan, and continue to climb higher.

The next time you have to understand the role of Eddie with small dinosaurs, and then repair the tractor unit on the car. Once again, get in your car and level the mobile laboratory. Jan rise above. The episode will soon be completed.

Episode 3. Prey

The secret. Immediately tell you about how to obtain amber with dinosaur DNA. You need to save all five mercenaries. For this you get amber with dinosaur DNA (8/20).

Move forward on the specified route. The path is blocked by an object, which can only beat the dinosaurs. There is one of them to the right . He is sick. You need to treat it and bring this ice cream, mushroom and banana. Please dig in a pile on the right and give the banana dinosaur. Then go to the other side where there are rocks that can break Nick. So did they. By Ian enter in the cave and pick up ice cream. Give ice cream dinosaur. Finally, near the cave (to the left) is the skeleton - and destroy it from the bones collect swing by Berk. Stand with any character on the bottom of the swing, toss up any other at the top. Divide the mushrooms and collect the toadstool. Toadstool give dinosaur. Dino destroy the object in front.

Follow on, Nick break rocks and climb to the top. Get to the tents and go inside. The story begins.

The attack on the camp

Just run away from a Tyrannosaurus.

The secret. At the end of the road will have to jump to get the mini-kit.

Tall grass

Go ahead, destroy objects, help the first mercenary from a raptor. Go on, jump into a pile of manure by Sarah and find LEGO parts. Build one mower that will make a way for you further.

Follow the path, fight with dinosaur and open passage into the log with a tool of Nick.

The secret. Go in log and make a couple of steps to the left. You will find a mini-suite.

It is further to the right, slip one of the two girls under the skeleton. Fight with the dinosaurs, break the boxes and construct of them a device that will break the skeleton of a dinosaur. Move to the right, Nick open cockpit, which will run from small dinosaurs. Walk a little further and see how the dinosaur attack the mercenary. Take a picture of it from this point. The second mercenary of the five saved.

Go ahead, two dinosaurs surround by two mercenaries. Go away to the left, check a bunch of Sarah and collect the parts of the car that will distract the animals. The third and fourth mercenary safe now.

Go ahead, destroy LEGO glass in the car by daughter Jana. Assemble a huge ice cream for dinosaur from parts that will distract him. Follow the path and take a picture of a dinosaur, who attack the mercenary. Go down the hill and complete the episode.

Episode 4. Communications Centre

Go ahead on the route, the girls break the glass in the building on the right, go inside and turn the crank to open the gate. Go to the specified point.


Divide the items at the gate to the right and build them from the bar.

The secret. Destroy the objects of the left and build parts of the mini-kit.

Sarah climb over the fence at the bar, go forward past the car, turn left and jump into a pile of manure. There you will find a hook. Go back to the car, trailer hook to it and drag it to the gate. Engage the hook out of the gate, activate the device in a car. Now run by Ian to the team.

The secret. Destroy the objects in the right lower corner (right and below the car), collect one sign. For all the collected signs you get a mini-set.

The secret. You need to come back in free play mode. Select velociraptor, go to a building without light. there is a cloud of smell around the building . Smell it by dinosaur and find LEGO parts. Collect a target weapons with electric charges from parts . Shot of such weapons at the target (Barry). Now switch to the character with conventional weapons and shoot at the usual target of the sign on the right (just above the entrance to a dark building). Take amber with dinosaur DNA (9/20).

Enter the room with no light, play for Ian. Activate the generator. Go out into the street.

The secret. Opposite the entrance will be immediately roll the details of which you can build a second sign.

Go right, break the glass, play for Malcolm Kelly. Inside break objects and repair the parts of the generator. Start the generator. Go out, go to the column, fight with velociraptor, then tank up the car. Get in the car and see what happens.

The secret. Here lying parts for the last entry. Remind that for all the collected signs you get a mini-set

The secret. Turn by Ian and go into a dark alley, which is a mini-suite.

Divide the objects near the door on the left and go into the building.

Radio tower

Go to the skeleton in the left rear corner, take a picture of a dinosaur from the camera by Sarah, to flush out the animal. Smash and grab the skeleton key. The key unlock the closet next to Ian, holding the door. Rise up, jump between colored walls. Come on, break the objects and build parts of a bridge. Go over the bridge and jump to the hanging chain. The second half of the bridge will be omitted. Switch to another girl and walk across the bridge. Construct a ladder that rises to you friend. Then one girl toss up another, but the pipe breaks. Construct another tube of the details, climb up, go right and take a picture of appeared dinosaur. Walk along the narrow visor, destroy all the objects and collect trampoline from parts. Jump higher.

Jump on the crossbar, between the walls up. Kelly break glass and assemble parts of the platform. Go a little further, destroy objects, drive away the dinosaur and collect the remote from parts for the lift. Press the button on the remote and watch the cut-scene.


Slide down by the rope.

The secret. Destroy the objects to the right and collect of these mini-set.

Destroy the objects of the left, collect from them columns. Jump on the bar in another building, go around it and go up the stairs. Remove the three tiles to throw down a dinosaur. Climb up, break the antenna and raise the handle. Apply the handle to the device to lower the satellite antenna below. Jump up on the satellite antenna, which acts as a springboard. Slide down and run to the helicopter to leave the island.

Episode 5. San Diego

Just get in the helicopter.

Docks in San Diego

You play as Ian and Sarah. Go left and help the journalist to get out from under the fallen cargo. This is the first of the three journalists. Construct a pillar of the destroyed parts of the edge of the dock, jump on the column on the other side. Break the objects and choose a red pen. Place the handle on the crane and turn it clockwise to break the suspended load. Construct bridge from cargo.

Follow Ian on the bridge, enter the darkness and go upstairs. Destroy objects and built from parts stairsand climb into the crane. Turn the valve so that the container lift, under which is the second journalist. Go down, run to the left, jump to the other side, use the container on the water.

The secret. Go down the screen, here you can jump on the columns. Jump, then climb the ledges to the left and you will find a mini-suite.

Smash objects and construct of them escape. Go up, take out the enemies, break objects and make from  LEGO parts the springboard. Jump higher, open the door to the cabin and kill enemies. Solve the equation and open the second door on the right. Go down, destroy the box with purple piping. Construct one crossbar. Let Sarah will move over the crossbar in the cage and get out by another bar. Sarah move box to Yang joined you. Kill enemies.

The secret. There is an open container without light to the left of the cell. Go there and take Ian amber with dinosaur DNA (10/20).

Go follow, destroy objects and go to the last journalist.

The streets of San Diego

The secret. Hit three times into the jaws of Tyrannosaurus and get a mini-suite.

Just throw the legs in the enemy. The subject of the "Lost World" will be passed.


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