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Walkthrough LEGO: Jurassic World STORYLINE Jurassic Park 3

 Episode 1. The landing place

Get in the boat.

Landing area

The secret. Let's start with the search of the first episode of the mini-kit. Run to the right until it stops, there will be a post with a rope tied up. Alan cut the rope and rise up through it to pick up a mini-suite.

Then run back. There is a house in the background. There is a hook located above the stones (right from house). Throw the rope on the hook, play for Paul Kirby. Pull the rope. Billy Bennigan can climb the walls - do it. Go right and climb he other wall. Run on top to the right side, break all the objects.  There will be a post in the end - break it and support the fall.

Switch to Paul and throw a rope to the ring (built into the top of a fallen pillar). Rise above. Alan dig up the ground and from the found bones to build a bridge. Switch back to Paul, go over the bridge and repair the generator. Start the generator and can go to the left. Go Alan and cut the bushes on the tree.

Paul throw the rope and jump to the other side. In the background there is a structure that can be destroyed using a rope of Paul. Build the ladder with steps from parts.

The secret. there is dinosaur DNA (11/20) in the background . To get it, you will need to go through an episode in free play mode and choose a hero, able to jump high (it is mostly women). Jump on the colored wall and push off to the floating amber.

Divide the objects to the left of the stairs, move itself and climb up the ladder.

Escape from the Spinosaurus

Run away from the dinosaur.

The secret. It will be possible to collect three mini kit. Two are on the road (at the same need to jump), and the third you get when destroy three unique object.

Episode 2. Spinosaurus

Run forward, Paul tilt the pole on the other side. Go to the other side and cut bushes, play for Alan. Go ahead and start a little episode.

Spinosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus

Two dinosaur are fighting. Break all the items, go to the right.

 The secret. there is a ring on the tree. Pull it with a rope, and the floor will find a mini-suite.

To the right is another ring (you have to collect the object). Pull him and threw a duck to Spinosaurus. Switch to the Tyrannosaurus and defeat the enemy.

Again, you need to distract the Spinosaurus. Destroy all the objects, make the bridge over the river from details LEGO. You will need to dig into the pile by Alan.

The secret. You can build three nest with eggsand get a mini-suite. Find the items to build the first nest before crossing the stream.

Go to the other side, have built the object with which distract Spinosaurus. To do this, shoot a character with a weapon at a target on a tree, take it as red handle and walk on the trail. After finding parts, build the catapult and the load for it. Charge the catapult and cut the rope, play for Alan. Spinosaurus defeat for the second time.

 The secret. You can also build another nest.

Go to the right, destroy objects, pull a rope behind the ring and build from all bones the swing. Any character stand in the center, toss another character. You will fly further. Destroy all of the items here.

The secret. Because parts can be built third nest and get the mini-kit.

Pitch the knob and turn it to distract the monster. Defeat Spinosaurus. Run between the two dinosaurs forward.


Switch to Udeski, go left and shoot at the target. Build the crossbar on the tree from parts. Switch to Amanda Kirby, jump on the bar, and from it - to the ledge on the right. Follow on, jump on the poles, will find the first part of the aircraft. Break objects to the right of the tail of the plane, build a track of them and release the tail of the aircraft down. Jump to themselves. Build the swing from LEGO parts of the tail of the plane. Alan stand on the left side, toss any other character and Alan gets up. Alan cut the rope to lose weight.

The secret. Raining down on the hole and you will find a mini-suite.

The secret. Now stand on the swing by Udeski, drop any other character. Jump on the posts left and shoot at the target. You beat the first nest. If you break all the three nests, you can get a mini-suite.

You will find the evidence in the cargo. Switch to Udeski and move to the right. Pitch level of items found in the tree. Switch to Billy and go upstairs. Take a parachute. Jump to the left and re-press the J, to soar through the air with a parachute. On the other side down to reset the object, another character collect details of his fans, and fly up on it.

Switch to Paul and pull the ring. Billy climb up, fly over with a parachute on the other side, build a bridge for friends.

The secret. When you cross the bridge, then switch to Udeski and shoot a gun at a target on the left in the background. Still need one nest.

You need to cut the bushes by Alan to go further.

The secret. To take the amber with dinosaur DNA (12/20), you need to return here in the free play mode, switch to the character who can climb in the litter. There you will find details of which collect the crossbar. To get to amber, you will need to play for a raptor that can cling to the crossbar.

Go right, deal with the dinosaurs.

 The secret.  there is a third goal in the background- to shoot a gun and get Udeski reward mini-set.

Pull the ring, take Udeski lifejacket (missing boy) and go on the trail. Make camera from items and view the cut-scene.

 Episode 3. Incubator

Run forward on the specified path, Alan cut the bushes to the right of the gate. Switch to Amanda and slip under the bottom. Drag the hook from the machine and attach it to the gate. Start the machine. Move on, switch to Billy, break all the objects and climbed up on the ledges.

Break the blue barrels on the right, make one device. Switch to Paul and throw a rope to the top of the ring. Other characters will now be able to climb on top of the rope. Next, you need to cut the bushes, and then Paul throw a rope to the ring on the left of the gate. Switch to Udeski, pick up the subject and go on the trail. You will find the key. Open the gates that key and go forward. Starts a new episode.

Center "Ying-Gen"

The secret. Enter the building on the right, shoot a gun of Udeski all four targets and you get a mini-suite.

There are the gates in the background(in the same room). To the left of them has a wardrobe with thickets. First, cut the bushes by canine of Alana, then switch to Amanda and shout to break the glass cabinet. Switch to Udeski, pick up the subject and go on the trail. From found items collect the mechanism then turn the handle and open the gate.

The secret. Go down the screen in the room, where there were four targets. There is a table to the right . From the table, jump higher and grab the ledge. This should be a woman, who knows how high to jump. Take the beams so as to extend into the screen. Climb the stairs and go up the stairs on the right. You will find amber with dinosaur DNA (13/20).

Run down the hall and find yourself in a spacious hall. Go down in the background has a mechanical blue arm . Fix it, play for Paul Kirby. Hand raise the part of the bridge. Switch to Billy, back up the stairs and go into the background. Jump in the direction of the raised portion of the bridge, hold the jump button again to fly back with the help of a parachute. Go to the end and push the square box. Switch to Paul and throw the rope to ring the square box. Pull-down box and collect from it a second mechanical arm. It will fix a springboard.

Jump up, go down on the right side of the hall. There are three flasks in the background. It is necessary to raise level of the liquid in the medium flask so that it broke and fell therefrom bone. Turn the valve on the right bulb. Run down the screen, Alan cut the bushes on the right. Repair the unit by Paul. Pick up the valve and place it on the left flask in the background of the screen. Turn the valve and the average bulb to explode. Collect bones of the ladder and climb up. Walk around the wall and go down (towards the bottom of the screen). There are positions for photographing. Use Billy, that he took photographs. In the process of photographing the flask Velociraptor begin a new episode.

Escape from velociraptor

Here everything, as usual. Episode passed.

Episode 4. Eric Kirby

Run on the specified route, the way forward is blocked by a dinosaur skeleton. Nearby there are plenty of land - dig in her by shovel of Alan and find details. Collect them from the bar. Let Amanda jump over logs using this crossbar. Go forward and left. Divide the objects and collect them from the jack. Turn the handle to raise the skeleton. Switch to Alan and thrust bushes in front. Walk a little forward. Starts a new episode.

Asylum of Eric

Run to the right, the front is a raptor. Switch to Eric, hold down K, to disguise himself, and go past the enemy. Divide the objects and build one machine to divert the dinosaur. Switch to Eric, cut the bushes at the front of the car and pull the hook to the ring on a rock. Turn on the system. Switch to Eric and crawl into the hole at the bottom of the cliff. You will find yourself at the top. Smash objects, collect stairs from pieces of LEGO and Alan will rise to you. Switch to Alan, cut bushes by his fangs and jump on the vine and move to the other side.

Go down, select and activate Eric's disguise. Walk past the turn, which is backed by a dinosaur. Charge generator all the usual way and the dinosaur escape. Go to the other side, where was a dinosaur and climb into the hole, play for Eric. Discover gate for Alan, turn the handle.

There will need to be cured of a dinosaur. The first thing to do is switch to Eric and jump into a pile of manure to the right of the dinosaur. You will find a banana and find out the cause of animal diseases. Give him the banana, run to the right and in the background to see a vending machine with thickets. Switch to Alan and cut bushes, then hit the machine and take the chocolate. Give chocolate dinosaur. Go towards the bottom of the screen to the left, closer to the gate, you will find a small pile of earth. Use a shovel to Alan, to dig up carrots, and give it to a dinosaur. The animal recovered.

Defeat velociraptors, play for a dinosaur.

The secret. Divide the object with an orange glow in the background and you will find the alcove in a mini-suite.

Go through the broken gate, jump on the column and find yourself on a small island.

The secret. There is a pile of earth. Take control of Alan in their hands and dig out the details of LEGO. From details collect the scarecrow. Break the scarecrow. You will see another pile of earth. Repeat and break the second bogey. Finally, divide the third bogey and a get a mini-suite.

Break the three boxes on the right and build the bridge from the parts of LEGO. Go to the other side, cut the bushes on the truck and watch the cut-scene.

Walk into the screen, switch to Eric and throw in a bunch of dinosaur thing. Scaring animals and collect a springboard from bones by Alan. Jump up, cut the bushes to the left and crashed parts of the structure to build a bridge to the other side. Cut the bushes on the right, go ahead, defeat the dinosaurs. Switch to Eric and throw in a bunch of dinosaur bone. Switch to Alan with and dig up the details of the piles of earth at the bottom of the screen. Collect the ladder from the parts and climb up.

The secret. Run to the right and climb Eric into the hole at the bottom of the mountain. Disguise yourself and go past the dinosaur. At the end you will see a mini kit.

Get back on the hill there are dinosaurs around hotspot. Eric throw them a bone, hoisted the boy by Alan.

The secret. Switch to Billy or another character with a parachute. This can be done only in the free games. Go to the edge of the left (which is left with a pile of droppings). Jump with the parachute and fly to the other side. Female (any) jump over the fence on the left, where there is a purple bar. Switch to the velociraptor and jump onto the container, cling to the bar. You will open the container, inside which is amber with dinosaur DNA (14/20).

Jump in a pile on the left and  collect the ladder from parts of LEGO by Alan.

Episode 5. Birdcage

Run to the specified point. Switch to Amanda and jump to the platform on the left. Turn the handle to remove the first bolt from the gate. Go down to the right of the gate there is a broken gear. First switch control to Alan and thrust bushes. Then switch to Paul Kirby and repair mechanism. Go inside the building.

Nests of Pteranodon

Run forward, cut bushes with the help of canine Alana, switch to Billy and run to the right. Jump over the gap, use a parachute of Billy. Divide the items and make of them a bridge to the other characters. You will see the bar, which can jump by Amanda Kirby.

Break all objects on the other side and built the lever from LEGO parts. Turn it counterclockwise to make the bridge for friends. The way forward will block of Pteranodon. Switch to Alan and cut the rope on the background to relieve the load on the flying dinosaur. Then let Mr. Kirby throw bones by running hook with rope in the ring in the background. Switch to Alan and build a bridge from the bones of a dinosaur. Go to the other side.

You will see the objects that can be broken. In addition, Paul can throw the hook with a rope on the ring and pull over. From LEGO pieces collect the pump. Jump to the right-hand side. Push the pump three times. It will blow a dinosaur.

The secret. To jump to the roof, pour a bunch of relevant character (just left of the yellow container and slightly to the right edge of the roof from the grid). This can be done only in the free games. Grow a flower. Use it as a springboard for a girl. Run by the same Billy left and climb up the wall, using the tabs. Run along the roof of the left and take the amber with dinosaur DNA (15/20).

Switch to Billy's there are tabs on the wall behind the background - scramble them up. Jump over to the right side, using the parachute of Billy. Push the thing down on the track. From the bones with the help of Alan collect a trampoline and jump to the top. Go ahead, break things and make one another springboard. Billy has to jump from a springboard and fly it down.

The secret. When you fly down, then fly through the circles of the coins. In one of these communities will be a mini-suite.

In the end, you will land near Eric Kirby.

 The battle with the Spinosaurus

Break up all the items and construct of them two seats. Behind them, there are plenty of land surrounded by small dinosaurs. Disperse them, throw the bone, play for Eric. Switch to Alan and use the shovel  to get lego parts. Finish gun from LEGO parts. Jump into the gun and shoot a little to the left and below the dinosaur.

Switch to Paul Kirby, jump to the right and climb up onto the platform with the house. Upstairs there is a ring - to throw the rope and pull the stand from the barrels. Barrels will fall into the river. Switch to the other character and shoot the guns directly into the barrel.

Construct a springboard at the house, jump on this trampoline by Paul and climb into the cab of the crane. Move the arrow clockwise to the barn with barrels. When the barrels are on the boom, then move it counterclockwise. At a certain place work automation. Barrels discharge in water .

The secret. Do not rush to break objects around the crane. With their help, jump to the ledge on the right, collect items from shrimp and wait until she falls into the water. In response, you will get a mini-set.

Shoot the barrels of guns and watch the cut-scene. The storyline is completed.


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