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Walkthrough LEGO: Jurassic World STORYLINE Jurassic Park 3

 Episode 1. The landing place

Get in the boat.

Landing area

The secret. Let's start with the search of the first episode of the mini-kit. Run to the right until it stops, there will be a post with a rope tied up. Alan cut the rope and rise up through it to pick up a mini-suite.

Then run back. There is a house in the background. There is a hook located above the stones (right from house). Throw the rope on the hook, play for Paul Kirby. Pull the rope. Billy Bennigan can climb the walls - do it. Go right and climb he other wall. Run on top to the right side, break all the objects.  There will be a post in the end - break it and support the fall. Switch to Paul and throw a rope to the ring (built into the top of a fallen pillar). Rise above. Alan dig up the ground and from the found bones to build a bridge. Switch back to Paul, go over the bridge and repair the generator. Start the generator and can go to the left. Go Alan and cut the bushes on the tree.

Paul throw the rope and jump to the other side. In the background there is a structure that can be destroyed using a rope of Paul. Build the ladder with steps from parts.

The secret. there is dinosaur DNA (11/20) in the background . To get it, you will need to go through an episode in free play mode and choose a hero, able to jump high (it is mostly women). Jump on the colored wall and push off to the floating amber.

Divide the objects to the left of the stairs, move itself and climb up the ladder.

Escape from the Spinosaurus

Run away from the dinosaur.

The secret. It will be possible to collect three mini kit. Two are on the road (at the same need to jump), and the third you get when destroy three unique object.

Episode 2. Spinosaurus

Run forward, Paul tilt the pole on the other side. Go to the other side and cut bushes, play for Alan. Go ahead and start a little episode.

Spinosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus

Two dinosaur are fighting. Break all the items, go to the right.

 The secret. there is a ring on the tree. Pull it with a rope, and the floor will find a mini-suite.

To the right is another ring (you have to collect the object). Pull him and threw a duck to Spinosaurus. Switch to the Tyrannosaurus and defeat the enemy.

Again, you need to distract the Spinosaurus. Destroy all the objects, make the bridge over the river from details LEGO. You will need to dig into the pile by Alan.

The secret. You can build three nest with eggsand get a mini-suite. Find the items to build the first nest before crossing the stream.

Go to the other side, have built the object with which distract Spinosaurus. To do this, shoot a character with a weapon at a target on a tree, take it as red handle and walk on the trail. After finding parts, build the catapult and the load for it. Charge the catapult and cut the rope, play for Alan. Spinosaurus defeat for the second time.

 The secret. You can also build another nest.

Go to the right, destroy objects, pull a rope behind the ring and build from all bones the swing. Any character stand in the center, toss another character. You will fly further. Destroy all of the items here.

The secret. Because parts can be built third nest and get the mini-kit.

Pitch the knob and turn it to distract the monster. Defeat Spinosaurus. Run between the two dinosaurs forward.


Switch to Udeski, go left and shoot at the target. Build the crossbar on the tree from parts. Switch to Amanda Kirby, jump on the bar, and from it - to the ledge on the right. Follow on, jump on the poles, will find the first part of the aircraft. Break objects to the right of the tail of the plane, build a track of them and release the tail of the aircraft down. Jump to themselves. Build the swing from LEGO parts of the tail of the plane. Alan stand on the left side, toss any other character and Alan gets up. Alan cut the rope to lose weight.

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