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Walkthrough LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Level 1. Sand Central Station

After the opening scene you arrive in New York. You are on the square directly in front of Central Station. Follow Hulk prearranged plan, begin to destroy everything around.

Minikit 01/10 (archaeological site)

Somewhere on the right side of the road find the point where you can use a character with a shovel. For example, they can be Wolverine. Find the LEGO parts and collect them. Use this attribute and get to the first Minikit.

Minikit 02/10 (destroy three mailboxes)

Jump from the left side of the road and break the two blue mailboxes. Climb back up and go to the right side, to find a third mailbox and get a second Minikit.

Minikit 03/10 (electricity, finding hot spots, spider webs)

On the right side of the square is a store called "New York Comics» (NYC Comics). On the side of the building there is an electrical panel. Apply it on the Torah (or another character with electricity). The panel is activated. Now the shop shutters are open.

Spider-Man and other characters that can find "hot spots", get two hidden lever with which you can interact. Pull them to open the door. Go through them and find the third Minikit.

Minikit 04/10 (Cracked wall)

On the left side of the scene there is a building with a large illuminated sign. You can break his character, to break the cracked wall. For example, it Torr. Inside you can find the fourth Minikit.

Hulk destroy the cars in the way or use abilities Iron Man. You have to get to the semi-trailer destroyed (this is the front of the starting point level). You can blow up the hydrants from the LEGO-parts by rockets of Iron Man. From the ground the enemy will begin to appear. The best way to deal with these weaker opponents - melee attacks Hulk and Iron Man.

On the side of the trailer, you can see a huge green crevasse, which can be broken down into the Hulk. Behind it you will see two large green handle. Pick up these items Hulk to throw a trailer far away. Blow up the further passage of missiles Iron Man. You may need to fly up to the sky and to direct sight on the wall as a place to get problematic. Collect the green handle Hulk. Dispose of debris.

Ahead will be QTE-sequence, where the Hulk fights with the enemy. Finally, the characters will appear in the next room.

Gold Brick

On the balcony on the left side you can see the broken window. Use a flying character (Iron Man), to get to him and help. For this you get a gold piece.

Minikit 05/10 (gold barrier)

Use a character with a fiery weapon (Human Torch) to melt the gold barrier on the first balcony on the left side. You will find five Minikit.

That destroy a giant hand Sandman you have to find some silver LEGO-pipe, which can destroy Iron Man. Behind them seem to handle green for Hulk. Grab them with your bully. Pick up trash, aim and throw hand Sandman to destroy it. Repeat with left side.

Minikit 06/10 (search for hot spots, golden barrier, sand)

After the destruction of sand creatures that arrive by train, you will see an information kiosk in front of you. On the right side there is a place where you want to put the character, ability to search for hotspots. Use a premonition of Spider-Man to find a gold valve. This valve melt by person controlling the fire (Human Torch). You'll see a little bit of sand. Use the character, control sand (Sandman), to become an excavator and remove unnecessary rocks. Below them, lying sixth Minikit.

From the ground it will be a wall. By rockets Iron of Man explode silver detail of LEGO at the information kiosk. You will see a water gun. Build it, jump and shoot water into the wall. There will be a green surface crack. Hulk break the wall.

Minikit 07/10 (gold barrier, telekinesis)

Use a character with fire (Human Torch) to melt the gold wall. You will see a switch and an object that can be built. Use a character with telekinesis (Jean Grey), to drag himself closer to the seventh Minikit.

Destroy silver items by Iron Man, by Hulk collect all pile up and throw into the wall with the green crack to get to the roof.

Minikit 08/10 (telekinesis)

Once you're on the roof, then to the south to see the purple statue. Use telekinesis of Jean Grey to activate it, and to find the eighth Minikit.

Minikit 09/10 (gold barrier, destroy five air vents on the roof)

Use the Human Torch to melt gold ventilation holes on the left. The second ventilation is on top of a small office on the right. The next three ventilation are located on a large open space where you will carry the electrical machine. When all five ventilation will be demolished, then you get a reward ninth Minikit.

It is time for a classic battle with a giant boss. But first, the heroes have to get to him. Two generators on opposite sides of locating supply power to an electric wall, blocking the way forward. Iron Man must destroy the silver wall at the left of the generator, and Spider-Man - find the hidden lever and pull for him. So you turn off the first generator.

The second generator is located on the top of a small office on the right side. Use a premonition of Spider-Man to find an area where you can climb up the wall. Upstairs you'll find another lever, which is necessary to pull. The tower will fall down to the second generator. Of items you can create a strange edifice, which with the help of Hulk should push towards a second generator. Wall turned off!

Go to the big purple letter A. Apply at her Spider-Man to find two hidden lever. Destroy a makeshift bridge.

Boss Sandman


Sand rocks (the first phase). Sandman throws sand lumps in the place where you were during the throw. It is easy to dodge. One hit - minus one heart.

Beat (first phase). Sandman beats hand on the ground in front of him. Just move away. So Sandman covers itself - to attack pointless. One hit - one heart.

Crack - during the first phase of the battle the boss creates a crack, which is aimed at the destruction of controlled character. Just avoid it.

Hammer Time (second phase). Sandman creates a huge hammer that smashes into the ground and moves in the direction of the hero that you manage. Get away from it to avoid damage. One blow - minus one heart.

Dual crack - during the third phase, the boss creates two cracks, which are aimed at the destruction of controlled character. Just avoid them.

The first phase of the battle with Sandman

During this battle, you can not attack Sandman straight punches. Even Hulk. Instead, you must use different devices, water-based, so that he cured. Once Sandman turn to stone, then you will be able to hurt him. The first device is the water on a small hill on the right side. Use Spider-Man to fly up right to the top. There, you will create a good rope to the platform.

Transform into Dr. Banner's Hulk, to climb on the web. Up again to turn into the Hulk and interact with a green object. After destroying it, create a water gun and shoot at the Sandman water. Destroy enemy gun before it manages to harden completely.

Minikit 10/10 (ice)

When water gun will be destroyed (at the end of the first phase of the battle with the boss), then on the left side you see a puddle of water. Use the ice man to turn water into ice hill. Slide down on it down to get the ten Minikit.

The second phase of the battle with Sandman

After the destruction of guns boss to relax and put his hand on the ground. On the ground, there will be green crack. Hulk can smash them. When the fight resumed, the Sandman raise his hand in the air. He will attack a certain place on the platform of sand, on the left side of the square.

Use attack of Hulk to smash the green crack on the top panel. From parts assemble the device with green handles. Throw this product in the Sandman. He puts down his hand on the ground. Run and attack the green crack using the Hulk.

The third phase of the battle with Sandman

Sandman will add a new type of attack. Water gun directly at him. Take advantage of Spider-Man to pull the web of the lever on the left side. Pull the lever, switch on Iron Man and destroy missiles silver details on the right side. Pull the other lever. Finally, use a premonition of Spider-Man to find another handle with spider web and pull it to the final defeat Sandman.

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