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Walkthrough Lethe Episode One

Walkthrough Lethe Episode One

Read the Subtitle. Use the key E.

Use the keys W, S, A, D to move. Please go to the house, which you can see from the shore.

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Inspect it inside. Use the key E to open the door. Eat all the food that you see. So you make up for your health. Exit through the back door, but be careful - on the ground set a bear trap.

Climb the stairs on the left side and look at the panel on the right. Press the right button (one here). Pull down the lever on the middle panel (right of the first two). The crane will lower the platform. Jump on it and move to the other side of the fence.

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Go forward and pull the lever to the left. Follow along the grille and open the door. Look to the right. This is the entrance to the mine, which is blocked by boards. Go to the building and go inside. Turn both red gates, go back to the lever and pull it out again. Trolley and will destroy the board.

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Walk into the mine and turn left. On the right side is a door with a red light bulb. Now you can’t open it. Move forward and go through the bars. Do you see the radio on the table? Interact with it.

Climb the stairs on the left to find canned food and fill the reserve forces. Walk through the bars with a green lamp, and then - through the metal door.


Go forward and jump down. Jump to the ledge and open the grate in the far left corner with the barrel. Light the lantern. If you go right, you will find a door with a red light bulb. It is closed.

Move forward until you find yourself in a room with few doors and red lights. There is a ladder to the right. Climb on it and follow the narrow plank. Get down and go through a hole in the wall. Jump down; move toward to the other door. There is a pedestal with a lever to the right of the door. There is a trap! Pull the lever, and then go through the door.

Ahead you will see a wooden wagon. Walk around the wagon and turn right. Continue straight to the next cart to find canned. Turn right and walk to the end of the tunnel. Jump into the hole in the floor. Go to the cabinet and pull the lever. There is also a trap.

One door is closed, so move through the other. There is a lever on the left. On the right you need to open the grate and see what came back to the room where the three doors were locked.

Return these. Go through the door on the left, where there is a ladder by which you raised earlier. Follow the right path. Go through the door and open the bars on the right hand to pull the lever. It will raise another grill. Follow ahead, get the red gate and rotate it. Go deeper to find a room with a lever. This lever should be lowered. Go back and open the grille now with a green bulb. So you have to get to the room with the radio receiver.

Along the way you can pick up a first aid kit - red metal mine. Total of 5 can carry first-aid kits. To use them, press the key Q. There is a first aid kit the back room on the left. Go through the door and turn right. You will return to the room with the three doors that were previously closed, and stairs. Follow through the open doorway ahead of where you were.

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Pull the lever. Go back down and enter into a metal cabin to go down.

Run the titers.

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