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Walkthrough Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade Episode 1

Episode One. The first day of the Decade

It is not known what will happen next, but the walkthrough of the first episode of the game "Leviathan. The last day of the decade "there are not any difficulties. The only thing that can draw attention - at some points, which affect the receipt of certain achievements.

At the end of the first episode, you can get one of two achievements: either "Almost holy" or "Evil generation."

Achieving the "sound of coins"

When you with Holyfield meet with bullies, you must first keep silent (interactive branch with three dots) and then choose "to rummage around in your pocket." In your inventory will eleven coins, a knife and a potion of intelligence. Next, select "get the knife." Grof will beat Oliver, but the hero will remain coins and potions.

When you talk with Darina and talk about her hat, then select the option to "cool hat." Next, select the phrase "this is terrible" that affects the reception of achieving "almost a saint."

On the other hand, you can rip the hat from her head to get closer to achieving the "evil generation."

Finally, to achieve "sound of coins", in an interview with Darina do this: Open your inventory and click on the blue crystals for communication. You need to call Master Korteniks and ask about the mysteries. The answer to the first riddle - a fishing hook. You get seven coins. As a result, you will have them eighteen.

When will clash with Grof, and when you chat with Darina, then Oliver returns to his home. Look at the active items are located in the living room. Try to go to his room. Oliver stops and says he does not want his mother to see him after a fight with Grof.

Open the inventory and click on the bottle with a green cross. Inspect the bottle and click it again. Oliver tries potion received from Darina. Climb up to the second tier.

In his room, Oliver lie down on the bed. Soon, the boy wakes strange sound. Click the green button to answer the phone call. Talk to Kel. Open the box, take out the head of an old woman, a note of the dead and the powder medicine man. Pull out the drawer of the dresser and pick up three coins. Look for a book on the shelf and remove it from the page scroll. Open inventory review this scroll to learn more about the ritual. Then take away the beggar's head and select a phrase from the beginning of the ritual.

One note ofdead stick on the chin, and the second - on the forehead. Pour the powder into the eyes of the beggar. Monster will come to life. Call Kel, but first look around the room. Inside the skull get seven more coins. Open inventory, click on the blue crystal from the left side and select Kel Domian. Kel says that you should re-read the scroll.

Open the inventory, click on the scroll. Bend the corner there and explore the hidden text. Again, call Kel. Oliver says that he must promise Vargul what he wanted during his lifetime. Kel will tell you where he found the head. Look at the photo you send Kel. Click on three points. After viewing, select "indifference of the people." So Oliver subdued Vargul.

Choose any name. Ask Vargul tell about themselves. Ask about Joel. If you want to get the achievement "almost a saint," then select the answer "do not" to give up the murder Gorfa. Otherwise, to achieve the "evil generation", agree with the murder. From the hallway noise is heard.

Leave the room. Oliver will listen to the conversation of mother and strangers from the bedroom. You will learn from the mother that the father arrived, who was tired and went to bed. Oliver should come down. Try to open the door to the parents' bedroom and sisters, but they will be locked. Go down, ask around her mother everything. Vargul appears. It is not necessary to inform the mother the truth. Answer "with anyone."

Listen to the conversation and Edna's mother about everything. Pay attention to certain phrases. Take a look at the clock, open them and take away the key. Climb up and click on the door to go to the parents' bedroom. Soon the room will be a mother. She takes Oliver, she will bring him out of the room. Again, you will be Oliver's bedroom. Click on the book on the table. Oliver will read some things concerning the history of the land of the Leviathan. Select "Decade." Read the description and select a new chapter. Learn the history of the temple of all the gods. Close the book.

After crying of mother ran out into the hallway and go to the parents' bedroom. Listen to what you said a stranger. Soon Oliver orders Edna to kill everyone.

Boy listens to what he says the stranger. In hysterics, you'll get the achievement for the passage of the first episode of the game.

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