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Walkthrough Life is Strange – Episode 1: Chrysalis

When the lesson is over, then talk about everything with Jefferson. Leave the class and go to the restroom. Take a picture of a butterfly. Overheard a conversation between Chloe and Nathan. Soon you'll see how Nathan shoot Chloe. A few seconds later somehow time rewind back. Max gets back to class. Repeat the same steps as before, and then again go to the restroom. At that moment, when Chloe and Nathan begin to argue, on the right side on the floor look for a hammer. Take it, interact with the fire alarm button. Chloe seems to be saved.

Leave the bathroom and go to the exit. You need to stop the guard. Then you will meet the rector of the university. Once on the street, on the phone, read a message from Max Warren. He asked me to tell him the flash drive and he wait in the parking lot. Go to the dormitory where is the flash drive.

Near the dormitory you will meet Victoria and her friends. The path blocked by. There is the workroom on the left side. Go there.. Find the valve and turn it to spray water Victoria and her friends. But it does not help. Again, rewind time back and use the paint on the handle of the bucket. Do the same with the valve. The way is clear.

Once inside the dormitory, walk into the room Max. But the flash drive is not here. However, inside you'll find a note. It is clear that the flash drive at Dana. Go into the room of Dana. Inside the room to get you will not. It is necessary to understand the love triangle. Move to the room Victoria. Her room number 221. Take a look at Victoria's laptop and find a letter there. Print this letter and give it to girlfriend of  Dana. You will be able to go into the room.

There is a USB flash drive on the table- take it. Go to the parking lot, where you will find Warren. Here you have to attack Nathan, who had previously tried to kill Chloe. After a run-in with him, Max jumps into the car of Chloe and escape from the scene.

Go at home, Max notice that the camera is broken. You will need to repair it. The room of Chloe inside the box placed under the bed, find a CD with recorded music. Insert it into a music center. Once the music is turned on, go to the garage and seek out small tools. They are located on the surface of the washing machine. To get them, you need to turn the washing machine. So fall down tools down. But first you need to put cardboard under the table to get them to get it. If anything, you know how to rewind the time back.

When you have the tools, then go back to Chloe. Max is can not to repair your camera. But Chloe give Max camera. Soon they begin dancing, but Chloe has to knock her stepfather. You have to hide, preferably inside the cabinet. But before that we will need to move the lamp. Although you can get out through the window.

During a call, you will have to intervene to stand up for her friend. After all this, Chloe will lead Max to some interesting place. Select the window. You will find yourself near the lighthouse, which is seen in a dream. Max lost consciousness and then gets back to the tornado. When she wakes up, she decides to tell everything to Chloe. She did not at first believe to be his girlfriend, but as soon as the snow starts, then sure.

In this walkthrough Life is Strange - Episode 1: Chrysalis is completed.

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