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Walkthrough Life is Strange – Episode 2: Out of Time

The episode begins in the room Max. Once you will pass control, climb out of bed and check the room. Pour water into a faded flower, then take the makeup and go into the shower. Here you will be waiting for Kate, who you helped earlier. Say hello to the girl, and at the moment when Max will bathe in the shower will be Victoria. They chat with Kate, and then Victoria leave address at the mirror where you can view a video.

Erase this inscription on the mirror and go into the room Max. Dress up and find a book. Give her Kate, who is in her room. Talk to her and put a book about handbags. Next, look in the phone. Chloe waits Max in a cafe. Go to bus stop and sit down on a bus to get to the cafe.

Go inside, but Chloe would not be here. Sit down for a table on the right, talk to the waitress, who. She is mother of Chloe. Order food and wait. Chloe come soon, who asks Max to demonstrate their abilities. Tell us what is in your pocket Chloe. And there are seven pieces of cigarettes, parking ticket on the morning 10-34, the key fob with a panda, 86 cents.

Demonstrate Chloe that you know how to manage time and can predict the future. Here you will need to predict several events. Start with the fact that the trucker has to drop the cup, a police will cause for radio, with team-mate go without him. Then Justin and Trevor will to fight, and Joyce will try to separate them. Finally, the machine go mad as soon as there would be a cockroach.

At the time, when you try to leave the coffee shop, you will hear a call from Kate. Do not pick up the phone if you do not want to hurt Kate. The girls go to the dump, to frolic. Find the five bottles and give it Chloe. Help Chloe aim at the bottle. When a girl is shot, then Max will flow from the nose blood. Soon you will see a guy with Rachel's bracelet on his arm. At the moment when Max took aim at him, shoot is not necessary. The gun will be taken away.

When girls have a rest on the rails, Chloe can not rise because its leg stuck. Go to the top of the house, pick up a crowbar and broke down the door. Inside the locker on the right in the room, find clippers and follow the to the board on the railroad. Cut the red wire, and then move the arrow.

Max will be in the academy. Locate Warren, which is located inside the laboratory and try to help with the experimental work. Further move in art class. Near the office chat with Jefferson, and then move to the desk where sits Max. During the lesson, the class will be a guy. He said that some of the female housing can be something to see. Run after guys. And the picture is the following: , there is Kate on the roof of the building. Slow down time, quickly run to the roof and talk about everything with Kate to dissuade her from killing.

When you talk with the rector, then Max asked if she knew anything about what happened. Tell that the chief of security is guilty, and then put your signature on the documents.

In this walkthrough Life is Strange - Episode 2: Out of Time is completed.

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