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Walkthrough Life is Strange – Episode 3: Chaos Theory

The third chapter of the series will start with the fact that Max is in his room and do homework. Look at your mobile phone and read a message from Chloe. Leave the room of the girl and go to to the exit. Pay attention to the open door of one of the rooms. It is Dana. Talk to the sitting girl. After talking with her, you'll learn about the insidious plans of Max searched the room of Victoria. Go back to the hallway and go into the room of Victoria.

Inspect the room and read the entries in the notebook. Now go out. Go to the campus, and near the exit from the yard you will see drunk rector. He try to open the door. Carefully go past him. When you meet Chloe, you'll see that she's got the keys to the Academy. You have to go in Blackwell. Near the entrance to the Academy you will meet Jefferson and Victoria. After the meeting both men will go in different directions.

Make your way into the building and go to the office of the rector. The door is locked, and Chloe has not keys from it. Examine the board, where all the keys, but here they will not appear. Max contact with Warren, who will talk about how to blow the door with the help of bombs. To manufacture a bomb, it is necessary to find a tape, sugar, sodium chlorate and a soda. So, start searching for the ingredients.

Inside the machine, you can find a soda. Then go to the room of the chemistry and take sugar in teacher's desk. Note cabinet with different chemicals. Find sodium chlorate. Now visit the office of Jefferson and find the scotch. After collecting all the necessary means to return to Chloe. Max make a bomb with which explode the door to the office of the rector. Activated fire alarm. Quickly select into account and rewind time in the opposite direction. So you're in the office of the rector!

Inside the cabinet inspect dossiers of students and teachers. Read carefully. Then, talk about everything with Chloe, she will find something interesting in the computer. Finally, a note on the envelope with the money. It is best not to take them. Next Chloe said that she want to swim in the pool. Move to it the sides and near the entrance to the pool check the locker room.

Light in the pool is not. Follow in the control room and pull the switch. After a swim in the room will be a security guard. Do not fall into his eyes. Carefully hiding, select from the room to the pool.

When Max wakes up, then get up from bed and move in the direction of the chair where the girl's clothes. The girl said that she did not want to wear those clothes. Chloe says that clothing is inside the cabinet. Go to the closet and try on the clothes Rachel. Go down and talk to the mother of a friend. Choose breakfast and sit down at the table.

Browse photos from album and take one of them, which will give you a woman. After breakfast, you will meet with Chloe, which go down. While she distracts mother, you need move into the garage and find a laptop there. Unfortunately, you will need a password. Search the garage to find the password. As a result, you should find a family date 11-27-08, which is the password. Look at the laptop, and then go back to mom and Chloe.

Appears stepfather. Talk to him about everything and go after Chloe outside. Girls go to the cafe, which is located near the trailer of Frank. Chloe wants to look inside the trailer, but the door is closed. You must find the keys from him. Go inside the cafe and talk to Frank.

Next, talk to Nathan about Rachel and Frank. Then you need to communicate with the police officer. Ask about that dog and then go to the Fernku and talk with him about animals. Hevguess that Max wants to gain access to the trailer. He would get the key. Take the keys from the table, and when Frank wants to take them, simply rewind time back. He did not even understand what happened.

With keys move to Chloe and climb into the trailer. Take a knife and open the grille, behind which you can find notebook. Inside the book you can find emails and photos from Rachel. Go to Chloe and chat with a friend. You will go to the academy.

At the moment when Max examines the photo that gave mother of Chloe, she moved back into the past. On the day when the dad will go to Chloe's mother and gets into an accident. Chloe and her father cook breakfast. You will hear the phone call. This is Chloe's mother, who asks William to come after her. Max wants to save his father. You must make sure that he could not find the key to the car. Take the keys on the table under the hat, and throw them in the sink with water.

William could not find them, so go to meet his wife, mother of Chloe, on the bus. Max returns to the present and see that things have changed. Warren is now meets with Stella, and Chloe's stepfather works on the bus. Sit on the bus and go to the house of Chloe. Knock on the door and you will see William. He will call Chloe and see that girl sitting in a wheelchair.

In this walkthrough Life is Strange - Episode 3: Chaos Theory is completed.

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