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Walkthrough Life is Strange – Episode 4: Dark Room

After simple actions bring Chloe drink. To do this, take the glass from the table and give it to a friend. Find the disk inside the table under the TV, and then put it into your player.

In the morning go to the second floor where is the bathroom and inside the cabinet on the left side find the morphine. Talk about all the parents of the girl. Go back to the girlfriend and inject morphine. Take a photo album, which lies on a pedestal on the left side. Go to Chloe.

When Max will take the photo and then focus on it. To do this, hold down the D key and wait for the flash to happen. Next, hold down the left mouse button to see another list. Perhaps, instead of pressing A or D will need to hold down the arrow key or the "Left" or arrow "right".

Everything will return to normal. Take a look at the board and then move to the garage. Inside are locked cabinets. Take the crowbar lying on the table, and pick the lock. When you have the information, simply rewind time back. Go back to Chloe.

The next destination - the hospital where is Kate. Search the room and talk to Kate about Victoria. Leave the room and go with a friend at the hostel. You have to get into the room of Nathan. In the courtyard is a girl Brooke standing near the bench. Ask her where is Nathan. It turns out that it is not in the room.

Along with Chloe go to the hostel. When you're on the floor of the boys, then look for a room at No. 111, where he lives Nathan. Note scratch, search the sofa and see the cache. You will find the phone. Go back to Chloe. During the call will be Nathan. Warren would stand up for her friends. Stop the boy, that he did not fight with Nathan.

You'll go to Frank. Talk to him to get a list of its customers. Return to the house of Chloe and look at the board with evidence. Match them to find out what Nathan with Rachel went to the old barn. When it became clear where exactly he drove Rachel, you go to the crime scene.

Entrance to the barn located on the left side. Climb inside and look for clues. Look at the ground in a shed. Find the secret passage, which has a lock. Use the rope on the pole on the right side. Climb higher rewind time back, to return the goods to the place. Tie it to the other end of the rope and drop down. The lock is open, go down and search the secret room.

You will find yourself in an abandoned bunker. There is armored doors. Go to the left side of the panel and enter the code 542. Look at the computer, take away in the closet and find the folder with the girls. Look at them and get a photo of Rachel, Kate, and another folder of Victoria, which is empty. Follow the dump.

Soon, you look for the corpse. You have to deal with Nathan. Chloe want to kill him. Go to the party and at the entrance, meet Warren. Talk to him and go inside the club. Find the zone VIP, which you will not pass. Walk around the pool to the other side and find another entrance. Meet Victoria, try to warn her about the threat, but she did not believe it. You will see Chloe. Together with his girlfriend leave the club.

Read the message and learn about Nathan's desire to get rid of evidence. Once again ride the dump. Move over Chloe. In the place where the corpse was found, nothing. Look at the cut-scene, from which the person will learn the true psychopath.

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