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Walkthrough Light Fall


Just stand and wait for the cut scene.

Welcome to Numbreu

The first part of the level will be accompanied by prompts. Move to the keys A and D, use either W, or "Space" to jump. You can jump, clinging to the walls. Use this to climb higher and higher, run under the falling ceiling, holding Shift, and avoid all the pink crystals.

Until you hit the cube, which teleports you to a strange room. Go forward and stand between the two low walls. Jump to any key and click on the arrow “down” to create a cube. Jump up and create a cube again. So you can do up to four times in a row, which will allow you to climb to the top.

Continue walkthrough the level using the new ability. Nothing further will be difficult. In the end, you need to run along a long corridor with a falling ceiling. Jump over crystals and other obstacles.

The Way of the Gods

Here you will learn a number of other mechanics. First, you need to beware of laser beams and bats. Secondly, if you can jump over mice, then lasers will have to be blocked. Create a cube by clicking on the "up" arrow, then move it to the laser source using W, S, A, D. Press "up" again or wait until the time has elapsed to re-control the main character.

Later, you will also learn about the collapsing platforms, if you stand or hang on them. Also you will learn about the possibility of destroying ice blocks by the "left" key. Finally, at the end of the level you will need to create a cube ("up"), send it to the specified place and use the "left" and "right" keys to turn the mechanism so that you can go forward.

To be continued...


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