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Walkthrough Little Nightmares

Walkthrough Little Nightmares

Go to the right in the darkness until you notice the outline of the lantern. With a light, set it on fire to see the place. Slide the door to the right and climb inside. Drive through the narrow shaft and get out. Do not turn around; continue the way, go through the hole in the bottom of the wooden boards.

Jump on the bed, and from it - in the window above, to get into the next room. Move the chair to the door to the right and use it to reach the handle. Open the refrigerator door, climb up the shelves and run to the right along the roof. Avoid leeches, get to a small room and pull the lever in the background (on the wall) to open the shutters on the right. Jump over the precipice and enter another room. Break the board at the bottom of the boarded doorway and follow it until you fall through the floor.

Run to the right, without stopping, so that leeches do not catch you. Push the board in the aisle and jump to the other side. Climb up the board in the background and run to the left along a thin bar. Go above, run along the bridge towards the bottom of the screen, jump to the right and follow up the stairs. Go along the narrow path and turn the handle with the rope to open the passage on the right. Go back a little and use the new passage. To do this, do not run along the path, but shorten the path by jumping over the abyss on the right.

Open the door in the background in a room with a fan. An unknown dwarf will run. Run after him through the hole on the right, climb up the long rope from the white sheet and open the door in front. Do not rush to the pipes on the right, because they are supplied with electricity. Close the door to the left, where you came from, to see the switch on the wall. Pull for it - so you turn off the electricity. Drag the drawer under the lever with toilet paper. Walk safely to the right.

Here you need to go through another energized grate. You need to lower the same lever, and then as soon as possible run through one lattice, through the whole room and through another grate.

Climb onto the swing and stand on the right edge to return to the room on the left. Accelerate and run to the top of the left, from where you jump on the curb at the left wall. Go through the square hatch to the previous room. Use the lever, run to the right through the whole next room.

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