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Walkthrough Livelock

Walkthrough Livelock

VERY IMPORTANT! Use melee characters.

1-1. The machine is running

Goal. Examine the research base.

Use the keys W, S, A, D to move. The left mouse button is for the main attack, and right mouse button - for added attack. SPACE key - to make a breakthrough. Clutch SHIFT - run.

Move through the location. Attack the small enemies. Destroy larger robots that appear, destroying the wall. Behind the wall is a blue box - open it to get useful items. Get to the checkpoint, which is the first key.

Go through the passage and destroy bots. Below there is an audio recording. Pick up and listen. Follow on, search the corpse to get a sphere.

Goal. Destroy the forces of Abaddon.

Fight with all including a liquidator. There you will find a blue box. Go to the luminous aisle and hold the F key, to leave the complex and complete the mission.

1-2. Contact unit

Go on the location, kill enemies. Soon, a new target will appear.

IMPORTANT! From now you can use a protective barrier. Click on the button Q to create a panel. It will run up to 15 seconds and removes the portion of incoming damage.

Goal. Destroy 35 Abaddon.

Just kill all targets. When will pick up an object like a "pyramid", you get acceleration. All of your combat skills are improved. Kill enemies.

Get to the outpost, kill all the enemies and interact with the communication unit. Protect communications center, kill all enemies.

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