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The Long Dark: Episode 1 – Wintermute

Chapter first

Day 1

You appear next to the debris of trees and a fallen plane somewhere in northern Canada. The first thing you do is extract a piece of metal from your hand. Go up to the cave. You can grab the pieces of cloth lying on the ground, sticks and examine the first-aid kit. Now you need to kindle a fire. You can do this from the quick action menu (the default is the SPACE key). You also need to apply a bandage to the bleeding wound using the same menu. After that, the Main Hero, will lie down to rest.

Day 2

Main Hero dies of dehydration. Walk out of the cave, collect fuel for the fire. Along the way, inspect the containers from the wreckage of the aircraft. You will get a small bonus if you cut cardboard and break wooden boxes. As soon as the fire is ready, you need to melt the water. Be careful, just melted water is not suitable for drinking, it needs to be boiled. Drink the water and now there is a risk of infection. Choose an antiseptic found on the street and apply it to the wound. Hero again goes to bed.

Day 3

You need to collect firewood for the whole night. Go on street, we collect fire wood and sticks, we break boxes, we plant fire. You can find four books if you break the second drawer to the left of the cave. Hero proposes to warm up by the fire, so as not to freeze. During this time, you can melt and boil water, not at any time in the game you can build a fire, so it's better to make some reserve.

Day 4

We leave the cave, climb the fallen tree upward. Then take your time, activate the suitcase Astrid, you will see a video from which you will learn how Mackenzie got into this situation. There is the carcass of a deer on the right. Try to climb onto the ledge. Hero will fall and dislocate the ankle. Collect the dog-rose to make an anesthetic. In the "Craft" tab, the dog rose must be prepared before brewing the tea. Prepare meat to eat. While hero is not full enough - he does not go to rest.

Day 5

Rise again on the tree. Get there, from where you fell yesterday. Climb up until you see a crashed plane.

Chapter two. Traces of Astrid

Go it and watch the movie. Hero proposes to follow the trail Astrid. Examine the place of the plane crash, take all that is necessary and move further on the location. Find the first piece of Astrid's clothes, move straight to the second shred.

Go a glade of rabbits, climb up, at the deer’s carcass roll on the right and reach the cave. It is not very dark in it, search the corpse, and move into the depths. Examine all the galleries, perhaps you will find something useful. Go to the exit from the cave.

You will see a wolf. It eats a carcass of a dead deer. Walk wolf without drawing attention. Sit down and move on the right side of him.

Go on the road. There is a dead end on the right, move left to the bridge. CAUTION. There is a wolf near the bridge. If he noticed you, sit in the nearest car and sleep an hour. Don’t go on the bridge, walk around it on the road to the right. Turn to the right of the bridge and follow the road. After a while you will see how the wolf kills the rabbit. It is better to sit down and go around them on the left along the lake. Go out on the road and head straight. You will see a trailer, inside of which there are many useful things, besides you can relax here. Leave it and turn left. Continue straight ahead, you will rest against the old church, which also has several wolves.

Search her, prepare for the next journey. Before you leave the church, it is best to make a torch to scare off wolves. Go out, move towards the bridge. Move from car to car, scaring wolves along the road.

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