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The Long Dark: Episode 1 – Wintermute

Cross the bridge and you will get to Milton - an abandoned city. Hero notices the smoke from the chimney of one house. First, search the cars and go to the bank in front of this house. You will find the key in the bank branch that unlocks the banker's house. After that, go to the house, from the pipe which was smoke. After entering, look at the cutscene. Talk to the blind woman. She suggests information in exchange for wood. There is an ax in the shed, behind the house.

Chapter Three. The Gray Mother

From that moment, a search or selection of items described in red font will be a theft. If you done this, that you will lose confidence in this NPC. Walk around the surrounding houses. Inside you can find a lot of useful. Cabinets, bedside tables, chairs - all of this can be broken down. Take this to the woodpile in front of the house of the Gray Mother. When it is full, go into the house and watch the cutscene.

Now you need to find a meal, a total of 10,000 calories and put it in the refrigerator. If you followed my advice earlier, then almost collected the right amount. You can go to the gas station, or you can kill a couple of wolves that live in the city. After completing the assignment, we communicate with Mother and watch the cutscene. She tells us some facts and says she's tired. We do our business, we return to dialogue in time.

This time we have to inspect the tunnel leading from Milton and tell the Gray Mother what happened there. We store food, repair clothes and go. After you leave the house of the Gray Mother, turn left and drive to the end of the road past the gas station. Find the case at the prison bus. Watch the cutscene. Return back to the house of the Old Mother, only this time there are several wolves at the gas station and in the city. You can to fight, or to run away. On the way back, try to pick up sticks and mushrooms Reishi from the stumps of trees. They can be exchanged for points of trust. We go into the house, watch the cut scene. The Gray Mother is upset that the tunnel through the mountains is busted. She tells you to come back later.

Return and look at the dialogue of our heroes. If you did everything correctly, you already found the code from the bank vault. It lies in a house, the door of which can be opened with a key, which we found in the bank, as soon as we came to the city. The path lies on the farm, get out of the Gray Mother's house. Turn left and at the crossroad to the right. The farm will be at the end of the road. Be careful, there are wolves on the street. Use tactics of movement from home to car, or from house to house. If necessary you can rest in the shelter for one hour.

Go to the farm, in the hangar will be a wolf over the corpse. Search the body. You will find the key to the safe. The key from the farm itself is in a blue pickup on the dashboard. Enter the house, turn into the room to the right. There is an urn above the fireplace. Search it. Go to the bank, search the cell and find there stolen items of the Gray Mother. Go to her house.

She asks that you return to the church, where there are a lot of wolves and take the decoration to the cemetery to some Lily. Go to the side of the church. Go to the cemetery. You will see the scene, as Mackenzie will put the decoration on the grave of Lily. Return to the Gray Mother. She will tell you a story about her daughter Lily and she invite you to take her outfit to go on her way to the Undisturbed Windmills.

Chapter Four

It is better to wait for the good weather. During this, you can stock up on provisions and fix clothes. If you are ready, leave the house and move toward the gas station. Turn right before petrol and continue straight to the mountain park. In the park you take the right to get to the "place for picnics". Here you will need to use the climbing rope on the ledge.

A ledge for descent. "Place for picnics"

Hero will fall to the ground and receive one or more bruises. Keep to the mountains on the left side; get to the next climbing rope. You need to empty the backpack from the trash and sleep to scramble up. After you climb upward, move to the left side to the broken tree, along which you can move higher, to the other side, where you will see a waterfall.


Go to it. Walk along the path past two waterfalls to get into the cave. Go through it, you can rest here and prepare for a further trip. When you get out, look at the cutscene. The end of the first episode.

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