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Walkthrough Lost Horizon 2

Prologue. Dresden

Living room: take blanket.

Bedroom: take blanket from Inventory. Give to daughter.

Living room: use door, open door by pulling on doorknob.

Living room: take lamp from mantelpiece.

Combine matches with oil lamp in Inventory. Use door on right hand side in the hall: use key with keyhole, turn key, turn doorknob.

Room: click on chest of drawers and push to left.

Bedroom: take children.

Bedroom: take photo of mother from bedside cabinet.

Room: hand over photo to children.

Chapter One: Behind Enemy Eyes

Port Said

City wall: examine upturned cart, use knife with axle sleeve.

Turn right, go to wall: take loose planks, use with knife.

Work table: use planks, sleeve, screws and knife in this sequence.

Wall: climb up right column, go to left.

On the column: combine extended plank with column in front of the wall.

On the left column: use the ledge.

On wall: when the guard is not looking, creep right, along wall to the window.

Tower: use radio receiver city, set correct frequency (right 6 o’clock left and up 10 o’clock).


In front of bathhouse: take jug, cut water hose with knife, use canteen with motorcycle, combine canteen with oil with lock on iron gate, use lock picks with iron gate, use unlocked iron gate.

Cistern: turn wooden wheel and run across bridges as far as back left.

Rear wall ledge: shave off moss using knife, block up hole in jug with moss.

Front path: Fill sealed jug at the water pipe, examine hole in floor, use the jug with water hole in the floor; keep wooden wheel.

Cistern: use wooden wheel on the first platform with steel with hole, use set in wooden wheel to lower bridge, follow bath to bathhouse.

Bathhouse: go to Tamer’s corpse and search him for the code card. Take cloth  and use it with wash basin.

Headquarters: take hook.

In front bathhouse: examine car, use hook with boot, take items from the boot.

Bathhouse cellar: use hook with a ladder in the ceiling, inspect bottle and use hose from the gas bottle with ladder.

Bathhouse above: inspect door, use water hose and wet cloth with door gap, connect water hose with gas hose, fix hose connection using sticky tape.

Bathhouse cellar: examine valve, use spanner to turn valve anticlockwise to open it.

Bathhouse above: use door.

Radio room: combine code card with radio and tap out the barcode that is on the code card Washroom: use bathtub 2x.

During the flight out of city use the overplayed buttons at the right moment.

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