Walkthrough Lucius III

Lucius III

See the introductory video, follow Jack and jump over two holes and go to the trustee. Climb higher after the cut-scene and walk along the path up the hill. There is a place with a stand and a map on the left. Examine the bench and collect bobblehead the little devil figure (collection item).

Walkthrough Lucius III - ShowGamer

Climb higher and break the tree. Aim at it, hold the LMB and tilt the object. Release the LMB. Go upstairs with the help of the bench. Walk along the lowered tree and tilt the other tree trunk. Jack follows you.

Walkthrough Lucius III - ShowGamer

Continue further, move the beam to the right-above from the dam. A large stone will fall. Use it to move to the other side and see the city on the coast of the lake. Go down the path, jump over two cliffs. Move along the wooden stairs. Jump down to destroyed wooden structures and go to the broken fence on the edge of the rock to the left. You find the figure of bobblehead on the ground.

Walkthrough Lucius III - ShowGamer

Climb to the ledge and go on. Go down the stairs; do not go to the very end. Pay attention to the platform before the last flight. You can jump on it. Having done, go to the bridge. You need to destroy it. Concentrate. Then hover the «light» on each of the two ropes and clamp the LMB to set them on fire. Then, jump down. Do not rush to move lower, but go upstairs to find the figure of the imp.

Walkthrough Lucius III - ShowGamer

Get down below until you find the entrance gate. Open them to see a party of locals.

Walkthrough Lucius III - ShowGamer

You will be given a camera and you will need to take pictures of the guests present. Get to know them. Go to the two women on the left to find out that the children of one of them are called Samantha and Derek. Their home is near the beach. Come and take a picture of a drunken man – James Morgan on the right side. Also you meet a young guy named Banter. He owns a a motel, and his sick mother is also there. Take a picture of the preacher Cooler.

Take a picture of Gabriel, who was met on the road. Mayor Jackson will say that he will be happy to see Lucius in his house. Finally, apply the camera to Robert Williams, standing next to the barbecue.

Walk to the right of the house and chat with the children. Kill the crow, and then take away his heart, lying on the ground.


Pass into the room to the left of the detective and inspect the photograph, which lies on the cabinet in the left distant corner. Take the notebook to put all the collected pictures into it. There is a toy robot on the shelf next to the bed. You will need a screwdriver to open it and pick up the batteries. There are many costumes in the wardrobe closet. You can change at any time.

Walkthrough Lucius III - ShowGamer

You leave from the room and follow into the hall through the double door to the left of the kitchen. There is a figure bobblehead on the cabinet to the left, next to the chair. There is a family photo in the same closet. Go to the far room and pick up the Sacred Scroll. Watch the video, and then return to the nursery.

Walkthrough Lucius III - ShowGamer

Chapter 1.

Waking up and go to the bedroom of Jack. Take a bobblehead from the bollard on the right. Next, go to the kitchen to meet Jack. Eat breakfast off the table and go to the exit. Now you can to navigate the map.

Look at the school, to the right of the front door (inside). Take a bobblehead on the floor. Talk to the teacher; look at the note on the drawer in the far left corner to find out that Freeman’s children are liked to stamps.

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    You can acess the evidence room in the police station anytime you want. There is a window in the evidence room that is open.

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    Im guessing it has something to do with the «freeman Boys», but im not really sure.

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