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Walkthrough Lumo

Choose the difficulty level of the game and the main character - a boy or girl. Go inside house and run to the far right-hand side. Here on the table is a broken appliance, because of which you will find yourself inside a computer game.

Go to the door and automatically move for it. In the next hallway are two doors, but three areas. One door is locked and you need a key, and you can go through the far door on the right or the left, where it does not have a door, but where the red arrow.

Go first to the left. There will be a box. Go through the next door. It will be necessary to avoid the water, move on moving platforms, and so on. In one of the rooms will rotate the device, which produces four fiery tongues. Be careful. Then you will find yourself in a room with green glowing gizmo. There is a brown round button to left from it. Stand on it to start the lift. Go to the lift and went upstairs, touch the green luminous object.

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