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Walkthrough Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey

See the introductory video, move to the right using the arrow keys. Jump onto several ledges until you see the cracked earth.

Walkthrough Macrotis: A Mother's Journey

The game consists of four chapters.

Chapter 1

If you run on the ground, it will collapse, and Bilby will fall down. In the first case, you can jump in advance to overcome the cliff. But in such cases it is best to hold down the Shift key and go slowly. Climb a little higher and do the same to go above the water. If you suddenly fall into the first pit, then press the key Y to start the puzzle again. It can be restarted through the pause menu.

Go ahead, jump over the pit of water and grab the stone by pressing W. Move it to the left, jump over and follow further. Gnaw the tree roots holding the stone. To do this, jump on it and click on E. Push the stone to the left and move forward. Go down, push the stone to the log and climb inside. Go to the other side, but you will not be able to climb the hill. Jump on the log and move left. It's being held by roots on the left. Gnaw them, and then push the stone through the log. It will help climb higher.

Прохождение Macrotis A Mothers Journey
Walkthrough Macrotis A Mothers Journey

Go to the right, hook on the rope by pressing W, and go up, holding the arrow in this direction. Slide even lower, climb up another rope. To do this, jump and simultaneously press on W to grab onto it. Pull up, hold Shift and slowly go to the stone. Move it to the left to go even higher. In the end, gnaw the roots, hold a huge stone.

Get to the stone above the water. Gnaw the rope to make the stone fall to the bottom. The water level will rise slightly and the log will float higher. From it - you can jump on the ledge on the right. You need a good run-up.

Прохождение Macrotis A Mothers Journey
Walkthrough Macrotis A Mothers Journey

Go to the right and find a cobblestone and a few small stones. Pull the cobblestones on yourself, but do not rush. With it, jump on the hill above, run to the right and see the first collection item (book). Climb up the rope to the top and push the stone down. Push it to the right to jump up from the rock and pick up the book.

lkthrough Macrotis A Mothers Journey
Walkthrough Macrotis A Mothers Journey

Go back down and go right, make your way (E key). Go down and jump up, kick off the walls. Jump onto the cobblestones so that the platform collapses. Push the stone to the left until you can climb up. After rising, slowly walk along the platform and jump onto the rope. Scramble above and go left. There will be another platform with a stone and a rope. Accelerate from the ledge on the right and jump onto the rope. Climb up, face down the stone. Follow him and push even lower and then left to climb the ledge and get to the new part of the location.

Прохождение Macrotis A Mothers Journey
Walkthrough Macrotis A Mothers Journey

Go down, jump onto the wall to the left and push off to the platform above. Jump over to the log. If you hook on the upper platform, then just press "down" and "left". Push the log, go down on it and jump onto the rope. Climbing up on it, get out of the room to the left.

Move forward until you find a turtle. Push her into the water. She will start to swim. Need to act fast. Go back a little and jump up the platforms. Jump over the top to the left, until it stops, and then get down on the turtle. Having done this, wait for you to float to the left so that you can jump up, kick off two walls. Climb higher, jump from the wall to the left on the platform even higher, and then - also on the ledge. Go down. Hold Shift and go left, because there are so many pieces of cracked earth. Go to the end, release the "left" key, and then - Shift. Wait for the turtle to swim, and jump onto it.

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