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Walkthrough Mad Max

Feral Man

Mad Max game begins with the fact that for Max hunt bad guys, and in the end, he finds himself face in the sand. Our hero took away the car, he was left without water and weapons. But he had a companion – dog.

Run across the sand to the green marker to find water. Drink, then run to the next marker to find the dog. Here you will find mechanical Chumbucket, who watched Max and says that our hero – the driver of the god. He frees the dog and offer it to stop bleeding, while Max will collect parts for buggies. Eat a little, to heal, and then go in search of spare parts – the marker.

On the way to the goal you will encounter enemies. Use the shotgun, then kill the rest of his fists. When finished with them, collect parts. Before leaving, collect two metal in the area. One – to partially burrowed blue container. Climb the hill and start to run, to jump on the container.

Max (on the way back to the mechanics) sees a mysterious man, expiring on the ledge. You’ll see it. Now you with the mechanics and the dog can go to the intelligence point. In the camp you will find that your car is broken into pieces, but Chum promises to show you something better.

Magnum Opus

Climb up into the buggy along with the mechanic and go to a shelter. There’s Max can stock up with water. After that, the mechanic will tell the hero of his new car – Magnum Opus. So far it’s just a pile of scrap metal, but your new friend have big plans. To start the car body is needed.

Ride in the direction of the cemetery and stop at the first small camps to collect scrap metal, and then take out the enemies in order to gain access to the fuel. Fill the machine, another put the canister back. Its use to blow up the gate at the cemetery. If you suddenly do not get to blow up the gate on the first try, the canister will be in the first camp.

Camp Buzzard in Mad Max crowded bombs, some of them you will fall under the wheels. Circle those bombs are still falling, and those that have already fallen, will soon explode, so it’s better to stop and wait out in front of them. Heroes get to the machine. Max has to run through the tunnel and climb to the top of the platform. Along the way, collect scrap metal. Also there you will find the flashlight.

Finally, it’s time to choose housing for the machine. They differ only in appearance, so choose the one that you like best. When Max drop the body down, attack enemies. When finished with them, lower the bridge, back to his car and drives off. Avoid missiles from enemies.

Righteous Work

Talk to a mechanic in the shelter, to start the next mission Mad Max. You will need to collect five pieces of scrap metal to the mechanic could build a harpoon. Then run to the bed of mechanic. Talk to a mechanic – redirect you to the menu of the garage. Construct a harpoon and grille ram. Now it’s time to take nitro-acceleration.

Get out of the shelter and bring down three frightened by a ram or spear. When finished, collect scrap metal. Then head to the observation point, inspect the camp through binoculars. Now get in the car and attacked the camp. Remove sniper, hook the pipe by  harpoon and ram gates.

Once inside, immediately kill the War Crier. If you do not have time, then the enemies under the influence of his songs will become stronger. Sand the area and collect scrap metal in the container, there would be a relic. Another part of the scrap is a dysfunctional machine. Now break out the door and get rid of enemies. Then collect another piece of scrap metal from the ledge, climb up. The storm will slow down Max, but not harm him. Destroy Scrotus Insignia (1/3), go around the corner and collect scrap metal to the wall.

Cross the bridge and climb the stairs. Exit the room and collect the shotgun shells and scrap. Go back down the stairs, then up the stairs again to another floor. Again, collect scrap metal, run on the road on the left. You will find yourself in a hole – destroy Scrotus Insignia (2/3) by shotgund and collect scrap metal. Go back where you came from, go down the stairs. Max met again that strange man after a roller run further.

Before you destroy the oil pump, kill enemies in close combat. Then run around the pump and collect scrap metal, destroy Scrotus Insignia (3/3) from the pump to the right, climb the stairs to the right and pick up the scrap there, then jump into the shack to the left of where you were originally. There will also be scrapped. Destroy the pump via the canister and return to the car.

Drive to the marker to meet Griffa. Here for the first time will be able to show their skills. Get out and call a mechanic use a flare gun. Get into the car and set menu nitro double garage. Test the acceleration, and then delete the two prime enemies.

Into Madness

While Max and his friend will be discussing the car engine, shelter will attack. All begin to explode. Jump with a friend in the car and leave. Now you need to find a new shelter. Ride to strengthen Jeet, stop at roadblocks to uncover all the objects on the ground and to find supplies and scrap metal.

When you get to strengthen, Jeet will let you inside. He knows your mechanics, but not really loved him. Jeet thinks that Max is real madman, just wants to get to Gastown, but still deals with him. Resources will be available to our hero if he would reduce the impact of Scrotus in this area. At first, Max will have to look at the Jaw.

Now you need to build a sniper rifle. Collect the trigger, then test their new weapons. Drive to the Dead Barrens Pass. Kill the enemies on the way to reduce the impact on the territory of Scrotus Jeet. Kill the two snipers on the lighthouse, go to the door. Before you come out from the machine, a mechanic will hook harpoon building. Climb to the top. When you’re on the main platform, turn right and climb up the ladder. Collect scrap, return to the main path. Before you turn right, go down the stairs to the left of the figures with skulls on the container to find scrap metal. Go back and continue your way on the structure.

Get ready to kill a few enemies. There will be an enemy with a shield, dodge from his attacks and strike back. When you kill him, take his gun and kill his comrades. Right from the site through which you entered, there is scrap metal. In the back room to the right – a relic of her right there is a place with water. Behind him – in a corner from the structure, standing face to the road, there is scrap metal.

Run up the stairs, climb up to the point of inspection. When get into the building of the lighthouse, climb down to find another piece of scrap metal. Climb back up to find The Jaw. Now go back to the mechanic to finish this mission Mad Max.

A Wasteland Classic

Now you need to improve your car. Talk to Jeet, to start the mission. Travel outside the area marked on the map, and take away the body of the machine. Continue to reduce the rate of anxiety in the territory of Jeet.

The camp kill enemies, collect materials for the project and scrap. Take the case and enter the garage menu to set improvement. Now drive to the strengthening Gutgash. The mechanic will start to panic and Gutgash will mock him. Max take control of the situation and propose a deal. Gutgash will have several conditions. Gather the necessary material for the mechanics, then you will be able to make the necessary upgrades to unlock Jack. Jack – the first angel in the game, that is, the new configuration of your car.


To begin this task will have to clean up the camp of the enemies, and little is pumping. Setting is taken in the fortress Bryuhoreza.

We find the right group of machines, we need a center. If there is no ammunition, the easiest way to pull out the driver’s harpoon. Pick up the scrap and on the hood ornament.

Black magic

For this job, too, will be certain requirements. Set grompun on the car and learn to use it. We’re going to pass a dead wasteland and pass the gate.

Inside investigated with machines and installations Boom. Now for the gate – mouth. We destroy the loop and pass inside.

Clouds of smoke

Are investigated with a group of Legionnaires garbage trucks. Then destroy the three catapults. First you need to open hatches harpoons, for then a shotgun blast to blow up the plant.

We go inside the fortress and overlapping fire tube (need to find the two valves). Climb up and drop the bridge by throwing a spear at him. The same can be cast aside spears appeared opponents.

We rise even higher and type of water. We walk around and go in the fortress itself. After the movie we understand with a group of soldiers garbage.


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