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Walkthrough 3

Walkthrough Mafia 3

Walkthrough Mafia 3

The game starts with an introductory video. Father James talks about Lincoln. New Bordeaux, Louisiana

1968. February 27 Mardi Gras Festival

The action takes place in some barn. We find the keys. Сome out of the barn through the door to the left of the truck. We sit in the truck and go to the Treasure house. You can see the route right in the bottom corner of the screen.

Upon arrival, we go inside the building. It is necessary to unload the bags of money. We carry bags in the basement. Along the way, you listen the dialogue guard and George. In the room with the stove, you need to kill the guard quietly. Use Q key to silent eliminating.


Giorgi opens grid and press key X, to get down. We pass into the room with the guards and press the left Ctrl, to escape. Kill the first guard unnoticed, then sneak up to another and kill him.

Pick up weapon of guards. Go to the store and open the safe. We pass and see a lot of money. Move the truck with the money, Lincoln touches the alarm accidentally.

The next task is protected Giorgi, shoot at the cops that come running at the sound of the alarm.


Next, we go to the armory. George can’t open the lock; take scrap into your hands. The cursor should be in the green zone, and then you click LMB.


Take the shotgun off the table, and look in the medicine cabinet, which hangs on the wall.

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