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Walkthrough 3

Walkthrough Maize

Walkthrough Maize

Chapter 1. The Farm

Move forward through a field of corn. Look the door to the right side. Click LMB on the plate in the middle of the door. You will see three holes - the keyhole, hole under the arm and a round hole.


Move on and you will see a table at the meadow. Take English muffin and Welcome Note, 1/75.


Follow on until you see the house to the right side. Go to the farm house and try to get inside. You need a key. Return to the passage, through which came here. Stand up to it (back) and follow left. There will be a field in which there is a statue of a man. There is a wooden stick under the statue. Take it.


Please note that the passage is blocked by orange boxes. Go back to the house and go on the right side of it. There is a bench with a sign to the right. If you go there, then you again balk into the orange box.

Go to the back side of the house, where the stairs into the cellar. From here you can go on a different path. Follow it, and then open the coop to the right side. Inside you need to find a key on the wall. Take it.


Go down the path until you see a toilet cubicle. Inside there is rusty and bent nail.


You can’t take the nail, but you can to apply something on it. But until then you do not have a subject. Inspect the meadow behind the toilet cabin. Take Mediocre Rock, 2/75 from the ground.

Farmer's House

Go inside the house (use found key in the henhouse). Inside the house, go to the room on the left to find another note - Statue Invoice (3/75).

Look for the book Boring Novel (4/75) in another room on the first floor to the right of the entrance. Go to the kitchen, located on the first floor. There is box of fruit on the floor. Take away a Rancid Corn Oil from the table in the corner. There are chopper on the table. You can to apply something on it. Remember it.

You can find bath plug in the bathroom to the right. Apply it on the sink. At the same sink you can apply a bottle of rotten corn oil.


There is another door from the kitchen - in the back room. Go out there and get down by pressing the key C. Do this and click on the panel on one of the shelves. Now click on the shelves to the right to open the secret door.


Go down to the basement. There is a metal box for fuses right on the wall. It is necessary to find those fuses.


Climb up the other stairs and push the latch to open the stairs into the cellar from the outside. But you have not fully examined the house! Climb to the second floor and enter the room to the left. Take a Bobby Pin on the bedside table at the far window.


Go into the room to the right of the stairs. There is the cabinet on the left. Put on the floor in front of a wardrobe box of fruit. Apply handle from a broken shovel for a cabinet to use it as a lever. Cabinet will fall, and you can to get to the stairs to the left and go up to the attic.


There is a Burn Lab Report, 5/75 to the right side. Look for a Mallet on the table and a place where can be placed some object, like an amulet. You do not have the subject.


Go down and go to the bathroom through the kitchen. There is a medicine cabinet above the sink with corn oil. Open it and take away Nail Clippers.


Exit the house and go to the toilet. Inside there is a rusty nail. Apply clippers on nail. Cutters will disappear, but you will have a rusty nail. Go back in the house basement. Apply a rusty nail on a plate for fuses. Pull the lever to the right. You have restored power of the house!

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    Judy Adams
    Dec 16, 2016 8:11 pm

    PLEASE PLEASE tell me when will the walkthrough continue. I am following it to the letter; and I love this game … the graphics are just awesome.

    I keep waiting for the continuation …. when can I expect new chapters to be posted????

    • Harley Quinn
      Harley Quinn
      Dec 17, 2016 10:38 pm

      Sorry for delay. Tomorrow, we’ll add the game completely.

  • Reply
    Feb 03, 2018 6:45 pm


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