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Walkthrough Memoranda

Walkthrough Memoranda

Click on the three photos and read the history. See cut scenes and then take away the scissors from the columns and the player on the right. Place the mouse cursor and click the left button to do this.

Take orange juice from the table near the cat. There is a stool to the left on which the map is. Take it.

Go outside. You can open a map by TAB key and click on the image of the fountain. Go to the bakery in the background. Take away sweet donut (bun) from the basket. Return to the street and follow the lane to the left. Talk to the woman in the window, look at the dog and go to the house on the right. Talk with Jack, he holds a cup of tea in his hand. Look all around, and then go up the stairs to the second floor.

Examine the door with six maps in it. Click on the maps. You can click on the bottom of the screen prompts. There are three tips.

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