Walkthrough Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Prologue. Awakening

While the credits, you can move the eye. At the request of video skipping.

Nod your head, lift your eyes up. When the doc will ask your name, then select the name. Watch the cut-scene, then select the new face of Snake.

When control passes to you, then crawl to Ishmael, stood at the door. Move on until there will be an explosion. Run in the room and lie down on the ground. Follow the corridor, avoiding the limelight. Go over to Ishmael.

In a room with several screens hide behind one of them, closer to the enemy. When the enemy will check the neighboring bed quickly crawled back to you have not noticed.

Return to the hallway and freeze. When the enemy is gone, then straighten the leg. Go back to the landing and go down. One floor below you will see the last step. Follow Ishmael and soon get weapons. The room glows. Aim and shoot at the specified fire extinguisher. First kill the enemies and move on.

Ishmael distract the enemy. Shoot him in the head, and then scroll through the balcony, without getting up, and kill the remaining enemies. Even from a distance you can get them in the head and killed by one shot. If you notice, the task is simply more difficult. After the cut-scene flee from the burning of the enemy, jump into the wreckage. While all distracted, run to the exit.

While ride on a horse, shoot from the approaching enemy.

Chapter 1: The Revenge

Click on the button to enter the iDroid (in the future will call it Pocket PC). The map shows you the necessary countryside – Gvandai Har. Quit the Pocket PC and open the binoculars. Ocelot will prompt you where to direct your gaze. Zoom and inspect everything carefully. Request intelligence the village Vialo. After this mode binoculars put a mark on the village Vialo.

Ride forward, towards the village Vialo. Ocelot will stop you before outpost. Look at him. There are two guards, located far from each other. Destroy with them. Fasting is captured you will get a reward for it.

Walk up to the village. Ocelot will ask you to find a point of observation. You can go to the neighboring hills and explore the village through binoculars. Using binoculars, you can mark enemies, vehicles and different objects. Enemies are tagged automatically when you move.

Go to the main building of the village, on which hangs a red flag. To get into it, get the open blue gate and go upstairs. The room on the desk check intelligence to find out where Kaz.

Now go to the horse in the main village Gvandai. Along the way there will be another outpost. You can grab it or around it. During the capture of additional award is given as part of the logo. Check the location and mark all enemies. You need to go to the yellow marker.

Walk into the building from either side, and on the second floor in the room look for Caza. Throw Casa on shoulders and ride to the place of evacuation. There will be zombies. Try not to get in their way. But if that happened, just Gallop off to a new point of evacuation.


Go to Ocelot ahead and listen to it. Ocelot will give you a system evacuation Fulton. This device will instantly move the captured soldiers. Ocelot is already based on the attempt to convince them to join the Snake and his team. Shoot the soldiers arrived, and then walk up to him and evacuate with the help of Fulton.

Open the Pocket PC and select personnel management. You will find that the captured officer was defined in a research center. Go back and go to development. Choose weapons and items. Try to create a box. You need to raise the level of research division. Quit the Pocket PC, go to another soldier and attack him in the infighting. Further, it should be evacuated.

Hit another soldier and go to it. Do you see the interest over the icon of the evacuation? This likelihood will take any captured soldier Fulton on base. Everything depends on whether the wounded soldiers, as well as weather conditions. Evacuate him. Again, go to design and create a box. Ask her carriage next to the Snake. After a few seconds to arrive posting. Climb up into the box to try it.

You can go to the next job, and can go up to Ocelot to check infighting skills. Grab a soldier and click several times on the same button, so that he lost consciousness. Interrogate the next soldier, disarm him and evacuate. Now open the Pocket PC and call the helicopter. To do this, go to the advanced tab and choose the jobs helicopter (Rendezvous). Enter the landing zone and climb into it. Wait a few seconds and the helicopter will fly.

From the helicopter, you can select the next mission. It will be available immediately three missions. Look for them below!

Episode 3 – The path of the hero

Choose one of the two possible landing zones. In this case, the point has been selected to the east of Da Shago Kallai. Next, you can choose your equipment and so on. Before the start, specify the time – just six in the morning to six in the evening. As you know, at night you harder to see, but you do not see very well. During the day all the way around. Decide for yourself!

You need to remove the commander of the special forces. Jump from a helicopter, riding on a horse to this point. Inspect the camp, use binoculars. Ultimately, 3 building should go ahead Commander Special Forces. It is easily identified by a red beret. Note all the enemies and start their elimination. To get started you will be examined with the enemy in the building in front of the outpost, a little to the right. You can eliminate the enemy at the farthest point to the right of the village. At the end of the village there is a tower on which the soldiers. To the left also has a tower – eliminate them all.

Then you can kill the commander, or stun, to make the building and evacuated. Now leave the area with enemies. When you’re in the desert, the horse will stop itself and the job will be completed. Call the helicopter landing on the point, which is marked on the map. Climb into the chopper and wait. Start a new job.

Episode 4. Information War

Prepare for the job and select the point of disembarkation (it was alone). On the motives of mission need to find communication equipment. Move to the specified point. So, you will see the base. Climb to the top of a hill and look at the base through binoculars. You have to find three satellite dishes. When they are found, then the first part of the job is done.

Note that you can either destroy the three antennas or find a radio. The equipment is located in a building on top of which is located one of the antennas. This building is closest to you. If you want you can to run in and shoot radio. Then leave the hot zone until Ocelot will not report on the completion of the mission.

Episode 5 – Over the fence

Evacuate prisoner, planning to escape from the barracks Wah Sindh

Barracks Wah Sindh very well protected, but there is one way to get to the hostages without loss. The barracks has two entrances. The first entry is in front of a high tower with searchlights and soldiers. Behind the tower is the main road to the barracks. Another input is located on the opposite side, along the main road barrier.

This path is poorly protected. So first grab the intelligence of the hut with the guard, and then move to the barracks.

You can climb to the alarm station and ducked across the road to get to the watchtower. Climb the stairs and jump from the roof of the cliff near you. Do not worry, Snake jump. Walk around the rock counterclockwise (to the right) to find the prisoner, sitting on the edge. Evacuate it with the help of “Fulton”.

Evacuate the captive engineer

Once you pass the barracks on the way to that described above, move deeper and turn left to the ruined building. To the right you will see this building. Find the stairs leading down. In one of the cameras will be hidden hostage – an engineer. Find it and release. Without leaving the basement, get a hole in the ceiling. Put a hole engineer, and then use the “Fulton”. So you run another job. The ladder on the left side of the stairs (if you go down).

Evacuate SUV

The number if you have the opportunity at this stage to evacuate the vehicle system “Fulton”. Cross-country is at the lower levels of location, leading to the barracks Wah Sindh. Where are the soldiers, mortars, towers and so on. D. If you get to sneak past a dozen soldiers and evacuate quietly under their noses SUV, then it’s time to give you a gold medal. If not, then, as it seems, it is time to frolic freely, sat behind the turret to shoot all the enemies.

Episode 6 – Where are hidden sting?

Grab a system of “Sting”

The nearest airstrip is located quite far from the mission objectives. Be prepared to walk or gallop a few kilometers. When you walk into the territory of the fort, then move to the back, where you will find a cave with candles. The tunnel should keep you down. You will find yourself in a spacious room with a pond on the floor. Go through the door on the left side, go to the back room and look for a system of “Sting”.

 Eliminate the “Skulls” and capture system “Tip” ammunition

When you leave the cave, you will find good old skull. The best way to beat these opponents – to use against them “sting.” Shoot necessary if they are located close to each other. Fortunately, these creatures like the crowd. This allows you to save ammunition. Try to save at least one shell, so as not to lose the bonus achievement of the mission mentioned in the list above.

You can try to kill enemies with grenades and machine. You just need to always be in motion. The third option: try to escape from the field without using the “sting.” For these purposes, it is desirable to use the horse.

Evacuate prisoner

The prisoner is on location Mountain Relay Base. He is hidden inside the machine. He will be transported to the very fortress SMAS. Three soldiers would accompany him to the room where it was stored (kept) “Sting.” Remember that as soon as the soldiers lead a prisoner in a room with a “sting”, then after a minute or two, they would kill him.

Destroy the helicopter

You will encounter a combat helicopter, which will try to block your path to the base. It is unlikely that in your arsenal will be a no arms suitable for fighting with a helicopter. It is best to use the same system “sting” if you do not want to come back another time to re-pass the mission and collect all achievements.

Episode 7 – bloody brass

Destroy or evacuate commanders

The meeting will be held in the village commanders Vialo. In theory, all you need to do is to clean up the village from the enemy patrols. One commander will be here from the beginning. You can kill him as soon as possible. Or taken use the “Fulton”. Now wait for the arrival of two other chiefs. Eliminate or evacuate them. Be careful, because the commanders required to accompany the ordinary soldiers. It is imperative that you have not caused anxiety.

Commanders will arrive on location alone, so you have time.

Evacuate the commander and his soldiers in transport

Look at the road to see the commander and his buddies on the machine. The commander wore a red beret. You need to find a way to stop the car, no casualties. For example, you can shoot a car wheel. As soon as their journey is interrupted, then run up and stun everyone who is there. At present, hardly your system “Fulton” updated to the transportation of goods, so just pull out every soldier out of the car and take turns evacuate with it.

Listen to the end of the conversation the three commanders

You need to wait until all three will be commander in the same tent, then overhear their conversation.

Episode 8 – The occupying forces

Task consists of two parts. In the village Ye Shahris  is  Colonel, which must be eliminated. There needs to find his plans. When you need to destroy all the tanks.

To perform additional tasks from one sign in the first building in the village and free the hostages. Evacuate it.

Around the middle of locations on the second floor of a tall building at the mountain have intelligence. Be careful, because if raised alarm, then this part of the job will not be run. Episode without it can be completed, but still. Open the card and see the red area behind the village. Move back to the Colonel on the tanks went to the fortress. You have to do everything possible so that these tanks have not reached the destination.

One of the best options – use the airstrike, which you can order from the Pocket PC. Remember that the blow must be ordered at the place where over 15-20 seconds tanks arrive. When both tanks will be destroyed, the mission will end. Leave the hot zone, then view statistics and call a helicopter evacuate.

Episode 9 – Help and waste

Destroy the Soviet armored vehicles

It is advisable to top the mission to improve the shelling. The map will appear showing all enemy vehicles. Typically, they will not be more than two. Find a car and go to it, try not to fall on the guard posts. At least, they should be ignored because the amount of time you have limited. Destroy the tanks as you see fit: the shelling, rocket launcher, mines, explosives, grenades and so on.

You have to destroy the tanks quickly while they are still within the area. If they leave, you’ll never be able to destroy them all. By the way, on the instructions you enough to destroy at least one vehicle. If you destroy five tanks, it will fulfill the goal to “eliminate some military vehicles.”

To accomplish another goal, you should ignore the fire support and relief supplies. If your system is “Fulton” updated, you can pick up the equipment and carry on the main base.

 Grab your weapons, transported by truck

At one point, a partner will tell you that there was a truck on the location of weapons. Look for it on the road, or on the basis of supply Yaho Obu.

Evacuate the four soldiers who sought the fugitive prisoner

You’ll find a soldier to the east of the point of “12” (look closely at the map). Ultimately, all the soldiers will split pairs. Use the gun against them with tranquilizers. Try to spend as little time.

Evacuate six prisoners

Prisoners are based on supply Yaho Obu. Some of them are inside the enemy transport that will move through the area. Investigate the area using binoculars to find all the hostages and free them.

Episode 10 – Angel with broken wings

Go to the palace and strip dilapidated building. On the floors there are several hostages, but they are not the main goal. Release of one of them, evacuate, and only then the task will be updated. Ocelot tells you that Malak was taken to another place.

Scroll up cards on the supply base Yaho Obu. Strip the territory of the building. Walk inside the castle and search the perimeter of all rooms. In one of the rooms will keep the door red. Go in there and pull a hostage. This is the desired Malak. Leave the database, call the helicopter using your PDA, then move to the evacuation point. Put a hostage in a helicopter to the same jump themselves.

Now take the additional task “Contact with Emmerich.” In the list of the main missions is not new! Move to the supply base Yaho Obu (about it and dropped). From there the map should rise up, until you reach the ruins of Aabe Shifap. It is worth noting that these ruins until the capture of the mission on the map is not visible.

Episode 11 – The silence

So, you have to shoot a sniper. So begins the mission. You can destroy the silent type, and can just get to the other side of the scene and leave it. Go to the end of the location and the episode ends.

So, if you decide to deal with the silent type, you can even attack it from a sniper rifle. When she did not stay lives, it will move to the middle of the map.

How to neutralize the Silent without a lethal weapon?

In order to neutralize the Silent without firearms and lethal weapons, you have to be cunning. Do you know how to do it? Binoculars are looking for and mark its position on the map. Now call the supply of reserves Snake to the place where it is.

Another alternative: Wait, when Taciturn will jump in the water, bathing in the rays of the rainbow. Run up and put to sleep her by tranquilizers.

What to do with her?

You’ll have to decide what to do with her. Kaz says that it is necessary to kill, Ocelot – leave alive. By the way, if you leave her alive, you will have several advantages. Firstly, she will be your companion, and secondly – you will see the storyline associated with the girl. Why give up the interesting jobs?

If you want to perform all the tasks at once mission, you have to catch the Taciturn without lethal and firearms. Periodically she “swims” in the rays of the rainbow. This is your chance!

Side mission (the plot). A visit to the Taciturn.

If you decide not to kill the Taciturn and took her to him in the squad, there will be a job. Ocelot says he wants to meet you near the camera Taciturn. Open the card, being the main platform and go to the medical bay. The card should be open to put a marker or cause the helicopter. This quest in side missions marked in yellow, as well as “Dealing with Emmerich.” If you remember, the quest “Contact Emmerich” was needed to continue the story.

Upon arrival at the platform of medical leave a helicopter landing pad and find in front of it staircase leading to the basement. Go down and go to the Ocelot. Listen to him. The job will be done. Since then, the Taciturn type can take on the task.

Side Mission. Contact with Emmerich

Without this by setting the storyline does not continue.

Move to the specified power seracs. You need to quietly get to the end of it, where is the red door. If you notice, you will have to break with the battle. While all do not kill, you can not open the door. In the end, open the door and watch the cut-scene.

Episode 12 – The Road to Hell

Go to the huge gate (not accidentally return back to red), kill the two soldiers left. You need to climb the rail platform to the right of the gate and scan all documents. Now you need to go to the camp base in central Afghanistan.

Go back, you can clean up the location of the new, and you can jump on a horse and ride away. Move to the central database. Here again appears the helicopter. And the enemies will become stronger as a whole. You need to find a place where captivate Emmerich. Inside the hangar said you can go only if no alarm was raised, or if after the alarm had been to destroy all opponents. To destroy a helicopter to capture the mechanical robot. By the way, standing robots considered your enemies. Therefore they also need to be destroyed. Only after that you can go inside the hangar through one of the side doors.

Inside you’ll find Dr. Emmerich. Grab it and drag to the point of evacuation. Pre call this place the helicopter. After the cut scenes back to run away and hide from the huge robot. Next, you will need to call a helicopter evacuation to another point, somewhere far away. After that, to this point Ride a horse and jump as soon as possible. Right or left locate the gun and pull it out. Shoot Sahelanthropus to destroy him.

Episode 13 – impenetrable darkness

The home-based call a helicopter and sit inside. Select a new mission. The time has come to leave Afghanistan and go on an adventure to Central Africa.

You must destroy the oil fields. Take the oil base. The path is not close and quite complex. On the base you will need to destroy a huge pot and turn off the pumps. First, move to the nearest marker. Open the grate and see a huge red tank. Throw a grenade in his direction or set explosives (depending on what you have available). After that run back. Follow the yellow marker to the next, climb up and enter the room with a blue door. There will be a console panel. Interact with it to turn off the pumps. When you need to leave the danger zone. Mission is complete.

Episode 14 – A common language

Select the job in his Pocket PC, then ride a horse to the specified point. Calling the helicopter should not be. There will be a suitcase. This starts the cut-scene and start the scene.

You need to save the Viscount. Move to a specified point on the map. Look at everything through binoculars and determine which of all is the translator. Follow interpreter, without raising the alarm. The only way you will be able to reach the hostages, some of whom are desired Viscount. Ideally, you need to evacuate, and the translator, and Viscount. Make sure the translator. He, along with another soldier enters the building. But in addition to them, no one would. The fact that the hostages are here. You can go to the meeting to the northeast. Turn on night vision to see a soldier leading the Viscount. Deal with it and save the hostages. When you can go to the interpreter’s hut, neutralize it and make the street. From the street, the translator can be evacuated.

By the way, you can evacuate the first name of the translator. Ocelot will interrogate him and will tell you what was about to lead a hostage. Can you wait, and you can, again, go to a meeting.

Episode 15 – Traces of ghosts

Select a new mission and move to the specified point. Post a job available with the helicopter.

Move to the abandoned village. You need to find and destroy (or evacuate) robots. Only four pieces. Try to get to the tents to the right of the village. There will be two robots. More are expected to follow the above two objectives. You can use them to kill soldiers and other robots. When all four objectives will be destroyed or evacuated, then leave the hot zone.

Episode 16 – Caravan of traitors

Take the job and move to the specified location to start the mission. Move to the guard post, marked on the map. You have two options. Either you improve Fulton to be able to evacuate the heavy loads, or to deal with all the protection and garbage truck with the right product from the danger area.

So head for the post of 5-6 and kill the guards. You can even make some noise. Inside one of the two dark tents look for information about a truck. The map will be allocated a specific route. Move to the end of it, which is closer to you. In the middle of the route to the airport. Trucks, tanks and armored personnel carriers in the territory. One of the options to accomplish that. Raise the alarm and get away. Technology will move along the route. Stand in the way of technology, quickly run to the truck. From the truck if they stopped, they jump out of the skull. Defeat the skull. Use an armored troop-carrier and a tank. When the skull is left alone, then deal with it is quite simple. By the way, if the skull sword attack, you can counter them. Defeat all sit in the truck and brought him out of the hot zone.

Episode 17 – Rescue scouts

Follow to the nearest point in the middle of the forest. Somewhere hide an escaped hostage. In the middle of the locations look for the icon of “information”. Explore precipitated radio of reconnaissance. He himself is nearby, in the same area, between the stones on the ground. Find it and evacuate. Move to the next point, strip location. There will be a small yellow area is where you want to look for the second scout. Find a location on two cells. Not far from them there is a hole with wooden planks, performs the function of the roof. Go down and find a scout. Tow truck took him to fail. Whistle to horse and go with the wounded scout outside the hot zone. The mission is completed.

Episode 18 – Blood Ties

Move to the specified location to start the mission. You have six goals. All of these prisoners should be killed. Please move to the proximal location. In the end it will be a regular soldier who ordered you to kill. So do it, and then navigate to the new location. Move to the front of the mountain, destroy opponents. Sign into the mine through the grid and find the children. Now you will need to bring children to a place of evacuation. One child was wounded and could not go, so you constantly have to tolerate it. Kill enemies in advance, and then orders the children to walk. By the way, do not forget about the possibility of support from the air. Put all the children one by one in a helicopter.

Episode 19 – On the track

The home-based call a helicopter and select another job. To begin to move to the next checkpoint. Now inspect the base through binoculars. You need to find an assistant major. He, along with two soldiers is inside the tent, close to you. Wait, when the assistant will then scan the binoculars.

Watch out for his car. At some point, he then change to another machine. It was after this and you will reach to the very place where the meeting will take place. Defeat Major and his assistant, or try to evacuate them. If you notice an assistant before arriving at this place, you will need to destroy the enemy helicopter. True, he appears at the edge of the hot zone, and departs from it. It is not known whether it is possible to have time to undermine it.

Episode 20 – Voices

Call the helicopter to the main base, then select a mission. Then go into the specified location. Checkpoint is at a distance of more than one and a half kilometers away, do not panic.

You will need to go through the train station (so-called place, actually the station did not much like). Ahead will grill. On the left side there is a door. Go. Move forward on the road that is as close to that place. Pass through another door, you find yourself in front of the destroyed bridge. Turn right, but as you get to the cliff with a waterfall, then turn left. Get to the huge white building. In the left-hand side there is an open door. Go and find the boy. Watch the cut-scene.

Now you need to neutralize the fiery creature. Get out as quickly as possible from the building, run to the tunnel through which you come here. The tunnel would be destroyed. Then enter into the Pocket PC and call a helicopter to the farthest position from the current one. Follow through the building, where there are several blue water reservoirs. Throw a grenade or shoot the tank, next to which will be in the fiery creature. With these actions you defuse it. But this is temporary. As you advance caused a helicopter, then you should catch him jump and fly. In any case, take out the machine gun and shoot the helicopter huge tanks in the street.


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