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Walkthrough Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 1: The Order of the Stone

As it became known, Minecraft: Story Mode from Telltale Games will consist of five episodes. In turn, each episode consists of six chapters. Below you can see the passage of the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, entitled "Order of the Stone."

As in all games Telltale Games, you can choose different actions, as well as replicas in dialogues. And if most of them does not affect the plot, some of your decisions can be important.

Chapter 1. The contest "Enderkon"

The list of objectives of the first chapter:

  • Collect items in the room.
  • Get out of the house through the hatch.
  • Perform the sequence QTE-action pressing Q, E, W, S, A, D.
  • Interact with a stand №5.
  • Perform the sequence QTE-action in the construction of the exhibit.
  • Drive through the forest until you find the dark cave.
  • Go inside the cave and exit it on the other side.
  • Find Ruben, hiding in the bushes nearby.
  • Use your wooden sword to fight with zombies, mutants.

After an introductory video collect all the objects in the room: a wooden sword, flint and steel scissors. Wooden ыword will automatically be in your inventory. Scissors are hidden inside the chest (in the background under the window). There are the flint and steel (flints) in the chest wall to the left. Then get out of the room, use the hatch. When you find yourself on the street, go forward together with Olivia and Axel. At one point, you'll need to choose actions. Go episode of QTE-action as Jesse collects materials. We continue walkthrough Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of Stone on showgamer.com

The main characters of the game (left to right): Lucas, Jesse, Olivia, Peter, and Axel.
The main characters of the game (left to right): Lucas, Jesse, Olivia, Peter, and Axel.

Once you are grouped, then chat with other team members. Select the name of the team and go to the exhibition. Come to the stand №5 and start chatting with friends. After a while you get acquainted with Peter and Lucas. Follow the QTE-sequence to complete construction.

Soon Aiden, a member of the enemy team will push the block, because of which will flow lava and take fire Ruben. Your team will attempt to defend the building. Decide how to proceed: in a group or alone to seek Ruben. Once in the forest, go through the three sections before you can find the cave. In the first you can find a carrot. Before the cave you will see smoke. Examine the burnt part of the costume, but Ruben would not be here.

Go inside the cave, look at the dark hole on the left and go to the far end. The cave is small and soon you will find yourself outside. The following locations inspect one of the bushes to find Ruben. There will be zombies and other enemies. Fight against them, by using a wooden sword. Hit the left mouse button, and the other key is used to move forward and back target selection to the right or left. The sword will break and there will be a huge spider.

Run! I'll distract them!

If you select this option dialogue, Ruben will run away. But it is not necessary to be afraid of! Ruben will return to you in the third chapter, when you find yourself in a butcher shop.

Stay close! I will not give you offense.

Selecting this replica and Ruben stay near you in this and subsequent chapters. When you find yourself in a butcher's shop in the third chapter, the Ruben disappears. Repeat the same situation as in the case of the previous elections.

Dangerous spider, one of the most common monsters.
Dangerous spider, one of the most common monsters.

Decide what to do with Ruben, then watch to see how Peter will save the heroes.

Chapter 2. Introduction to Petra

The list of objectives of the second chapter:

  • Make stone sword.
  • Fight the enemies on the bridge or jump with him.

This chapter is very short. You and Petra have to go into the cave. Select several replicas that do not affect the course of events. Here you will learn what it takes to build a stone sword. Open the chest to get all the necessary for crafting items. Here is a field of 3 to 3. You need to put two stone block in the middle row of squares - namely, the upper and central. The lower square of the middle row, place a wooden stick.

Go to the bridge to meet with opponents on both sides. It is time to make a decision: either you stay on the bridge and fight the enemy, either you jump off a bridge. In any case, in the end, your hero still jump from the bridge down.

Chapter 3: The Awakening dryer

The list of objectives of the third chapter:

  • Meet with the trader in an eerie, dark alley.
  • Talk to different people, when you move through Enderkon.
  • Tear Ruben from the hands of a butcher.
  • Talk to the controllers.
  • Talk to the lady which sell the mucus to get eight cores of mucus.
  • Talk with Lucas to get the ninth nucleus of mucus.
  • Make mucus block of nine cores.
  • Break the glass and release the chickens.
  • Pull the lever in the library.
  • Perform simple QTE-action to escape from the Iron Golem.
  • Make a decision: to help or talk to Lucas Gabriel.
  • Leave Enderkon and head to the temple.
  • Open the portal.
  • Choose someone to save - or Peter Gabriel.
  • Enter the portal.

Together with Peter and friends talk about everything. Then follow in the dark and spooky alley with Peter. Expect merchant. Talk to the mysterious man. Peter soon to be available.

The opening credits to the game Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone.
The opening credits to the game Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone.

Now you can walk through the exhibition in different directions. Explore a variety of booths and interact with people. You can communicate with the controllers, Lucas and a number of other persons. Talk with Axel, and then - with Aiden. Finally, go to the silhouette stranger which standing back. Unfortunately, that's not it. Here you have to hear the squeal of Ruben. Go to the butcher shop (a man with a black mustache) and talk to him. Do everything possible to bring back Reuben back, threatening to butcher sword. Follows.

After you talk to Olivia, you'll see Ivor, which takes place in the hall. You must release the chickens from the left side to go for the controller. Go to the back of the screen, where the guy jumps on a green block mucus. Take a look at this picture, then go to the booth with mucus, which is a girl, you are confused with Ivor. Talk to her to get the eight pieces of mucus. Then everything hang out with Lucas, who will give you the ninth piece of mucus. To find it, move to the forefront of the screen - the guy is on the right side. Construct block mucus from all this (place all nine cores in nine squares) and use it to break the glass. This will allow you to scare away the controller and get into the hall. The jump will need to click on the first block of mucus, and then - in the block of glass, behind which are chickens.

Stealthily go into the room and follow for Ivor to the library. Go into the screen, talk to Peter. Go to the left to see the intricate potion on the stand. Look at him, Axel will take a bottle. In its place he put another bank. But you will see a lever. Pull this lever to discover a hidden area. Behind the wall is the soul and the sand box. Take a look inside the chest to find the skull. When you hear the sound, then hide behind the chest on the right.

Ivor eventually catch you and create the Iron Golem. In the main hall your team decides to save Gabriel, but you can give up and go on their own first aid Lucas.

I'll go for Lucas.

Selecting this option implies a return to the library, where you can find Lucas, who is hiding in a treasure chest. Distract Golem. To do this, lift and turn the head to the right. Take a bottle and throw it into the far shelf walls. Now Lucas will follow along with you. Go back upstairs to see how Ivor coming to Gabriel.

Let's go together to Gabriel.

Such this decision allow you to pass through the crowd to speak to Gabriel. After a few short phrases appears Ivor. Lucas back as soon as you find yourself outside.

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