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Walkthrough My Brother Rabbit

My Brother Rabbit

You need to lower the red lever on the right. After that, pick up the purple piece with tentacles in the bowl of an unknown device. You will need to insert a vessel with a red liquid into this device. It is located in the cabinet (it is placed on the wall). Insert it, airplanes will fly out of the device. After that, you need to climb up the stairs, however, you do not have enough ladders. Instead, you need to find something similar to them. We select the "horse" at the bottom of the screen, it will automatically move to the stairs.

We see the cabinet on the left, open it and click on the clothes, it falls, click on the bar for hangers, it will also align with the stairs. It remains to find two more "ladders". You select the key behind the screen; insert it into the lock on the left of the screen. You need to solve a puzzle here. However, for it you need to get 3 laces. Again you look into the cabinet on the wall, select the razor and click on the lace from the ball in the left side of the screen, then along the rope from the kite, which is behind the screen. Open the book with a bookmark at the bottom of the screen, razor cut this bookmark. Now you have 3 laces. You will find the fourth on the right side of the screen. You press on the door below (green). Now you solve the puzzle itself:

Solution it and a passage will open on the right. There is a box on the floor; there we will find a ruler. You need to make the last “ladder” of log. Take a log and put on the machine, turn on the button, and then lower the cutter down, so you get the last ladder. You rise to the top.

Find 9 balls

Find the first two balls here:

The third ball:

The fourth ball here:

The remaining balls are in the location on the right:


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