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Walkthrough Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Walkthrough Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Level: Junior Detective

Nancy Drew was met at Shadow Ranch by Rowley. Bes and Jess unfortunately did not arrive.

Be sure to check e-mail and attach the girth saddle of your horse.

The first day

Connect with Rowley and check e-mail. Talk with Bes and Jess. Look around the room - bookcase, picture and table. You can read the manual for the novice breeder. You will find the phone number of the sheriff on the refrigerator in the kitchen. Right there is the chef - Sam, talk to him. Go into the street. There is Dave near a coop. Talk to them and take the key. Next, inspect the stables (right of the hen house) and talk with the groom Tex. Take gloves, saddle and hat (Bob) from the barrel. Look and remember the posters on the walls. Again you go to the cook. Open the cabinet by key, which is located left of the chest. There you will find an interesting letter. Take a letter, read the note and take the three levers on the top shelf. These arms must be inserted into the blue box. Under each arm, you will see birds of various colors.

Do you remember the broken clock? A certain color corresponds to the figure. Red lever set at 12 hours, blue for 2 hours and the yellow lever exhibit is 7 hours.


Take the clock from hiding place. Open the clock and you will be available active numbers on the dial: 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. It is no difficult task. You need that all the numbers were down. Click the button if it is pressed, then press another. Memorize the sequence, and the puzzle will be passed. Don’t get out of the mini - games otherwise the sequence will be different. Open and take away the subject, read the letter and diary. Also take the scheme from an envelope with a letter. Look information about Rose in the Internet. Take the newspaper by the fireplace. Now go out, turn around to face the door and take the cart.

Go to the garden beds of sunflower and collect the branches.


Then you go to the front door. There is a branch left of the door. The same branch you find right of the door of the coop, at the truck with cactus, right of the red barn.

Now inspect the firewood. You need to put the first log and pick up a sledgehammer with a wedge to appear mini - game. Carefully inspect the location of logs; it determines the position of your feet. Place the leg just as the beam is located. It is also necessary to see the position of the wedge in the log. If it's in the middle, and the power of a blow is medium. Then take the logs. Take the bucket and go to the red house. Right, you can fill a bucket with water. Then go to the place where the fire is located. Take an encrypted note among the ashes. Throw the paper and firewood. Bucket leave near the fire. Go to the garden beds where vegetables are grown.

You need to understand the information about the harvest. Look in the Internet. First read the name of the vegetable in the garden, and then look for information about it in the Internet. Be careful, if you fall through a green vegetable or overripe, then the job will need to be restarted. After collecting vegetables, take them to Sam and take the basket eggs. Examine it in inventory. Pull the red thread 3 times. Now you can collect the eggs. In the hen house there's a sign on which is written about a dangerous chicken. It is better not to touch the chicken, if she is sitting under a sign. Otherwise, you need to use a second chance. Collect the eggs and take them to Sam, but he will require egg of dangerous chicken. After that, he will give the jar.

Go to the horse barn. Talk to the groom Tex. Go to the horse named Bob. You need to approach to the horse from the left side. Put a saddle on it and tighten the girth! Click on his neck. Click on the seat and answer the questions. We wrote above, that you have examined the posters in the stables and books. There you can find all the answers to the questions:

  • Where's the horse's hocks? back legs.
  • Where's the horse's frog? bottom of hoof.
  • How tall is 15 hands? five feet.
  • What is a Paso Fino? gaited horse.
  • How do you know if a horse is colicking? keeps lying down and then standing up.
  • What is the difference between a bay and a chestnut? bay has black points.
  • What tribe bred the first Appaloosas? Nez Perce.
  • What part of the horse is most likely to be hurt when it founders? the feet.
  • What part of the saddle should be checked before you go out on the trail? cinch.
  • What is a mule? Offspring of a female horse and male donkey.

After that, you can take the horse. This is the main means of transportation. In the paddock you go forward to the gate. Then, the map will open. You need to go in store of Mary. Upon arrival, give her a letter and look around. Turn on the gaming machine. You need to go through three levels of the maze. Then take the prize - a medal.

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