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Walkthrough Narcosis

Episode 1. Once Upon A Time

You will have to undergo training at the beginning of the game. Go after your friend until the catastrophe will happen.

Episode 2. Just a safe place

Move through the gorge, and you will see your friend on the right. After the stage of intimidation continue to walk through the gorge. A steam from the pipe is not dangerous.

Soon, you will see a station with oxygen in an open area - restore its reserve and continue to follow.

Inside the cave there will be small spiders. A little further will be a huge crab spider. Do not approach it, otherwise you will die. Pull against the wall on the left, and then shoot the signal rocket in the direction from where you came from. Light will attract the spider and path will free.

Episode 3. Step by step

In this chapter, you will need to use the Space key to navigate through huge ravines and jump over rapids. A little further it will be necessary to follow the pipe, which will begin to break down.

Hint. Do not hold the Space key too long. If the scale gets to the red zone, then the recharge will last longer.

When a cuttlefish attacks you, click on the LMB several times to cut it. It will have to be repeated three times, after which the animal will swim away.

Get to the entrance to the "Compass I" and go inside.

You should see a sparkling point to the right- this is one of your buddies, namely Benjamin Isra. Take oxygen and Benjamin's personal file.

Episode 4. Outside

Open the door; use the panel on the right. It will be necessary to use it twice, confirm the manual opening of the gateway.

There is an oxygen cylinder in the first room on the right.

There are two doors - the left door leads into the pantry with signal rockets, and the second - into the corridor. Walk along this corridor and pick up the balloon on the box to the left, where the doors work. Turn around and, not pay attention to the spacesuit, go around it and go on.

Open the far door after the room, where the passage to the right is blocked by a crab-spider corpse. Take the personal file of Liang Shizsin, whose body hangs from the ceiling. Take the oxygen bottle.

Follow the back and go to the aisle with the spider. The animal will drop, and you will be able to go further. When you are next to the active door, first search the corpse a little farther, on the right - take the personal file of Peh Don Su.

Enter the room with the spacesuits. You need rotate the camera in one direction until the corridor appears. Follow it. As soon as the vision stops, turn around and approach the corpse at the very end. Take the personal file of Pallavi Mital-Kincaid.

Go into the room, and from there - into the room on the left. The download will begin.

Episode 5. To a normal life

Follow through the open door on the right. There will be a training hall on the right hand, barred by glass. The door is closed, so open another one. Look into all the rooms, where they will try to frighten you. Go through the door at the end to get to the toilet. Here you can climb to the second floor through the pipes. Go forward and use the hole on the left. It will be necessary to apply the jump, so as not to fall back down.

Open the next door and enter the pipe. Go to the right, and go left at the intersection. You should see the corpse at the grate. Search him and take the personal file of Stella's Pattern.

Go ahead and activate the panel with a blue light bulb in the hall. Stand on the elevator and run it, but before that you need to take the personal file of Lyle Tyson from his corpse.

At the top go through the door. There will be another red door on the right. Follow on until an earthquake occurs. Jump on the chairs and tables located on the side walls. This way you need to get to the opening and closing door. After you go above and have to repeat the procedure. It turns out a zigzag. If you fall lower than the door ahead, then you need to turn around and repeat the route. At the very top, go through the door.

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