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Walkthrough Nelly Cootalot The Fowl Fleet

After an introductory video, click the left mouse button on the mop with a bucket. Next, click on the Captain to talk to him about everything. When he disappears, you will be able to explore the room.

Rip off the label, which hangs at the top of a large wooden box. Take the label from the letters on the shelf to the wall to the right of the box (slightly to the left and above the mop). You should stick this label to the box. But it is not all so simple. Go left and see a knife in the paper. Take a knife and duct tape next to it. In inventory, combine the label with the letter and the tape. Now apply all of this to the wooden box. To open the wooden box, use the knife on it. Click on the open box and Nelly hides inside it. Apply on a wooden crate the knife to make holes.

Talk to the woman. There is an office in the background, but the door to it is closed. There is an open hatch on the roof, but Nelly wants not to climb. Go to the left of the pier, while in the foreground, in the lower left corner you see a sailor. Talk to him, and then take away the piece of wood around it.

Go back to the office in the background near the ships. Apply a piece of wood on the roof. So you can get in the office. Inside the office you need collect all the pieces of wood. Then grab a stool and put it on wooden parquet right. Parquet lifts in the center of the room. Click on it to open the cache and Nelly found soporific pills. Next, examine the log on the table, and then click on the table top. You need to place the correct position all the competing crews.

In the left column from top to bottom to choose the following signs:

* The Wild Assertion.

* HMS Twobyfore.

* The West Biscuit.

In the right column, from top to bottom, select the following answers:

* The Guttering Howls.

* Scurrilous Docks.

* Port Mustard.


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