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Walkthrough Nevermind

Patient first. Prologue


First, there is a learning system. You will learn how to take the first steps in the game. Come to the cloud councils, which will be highlighted in blue. Read what you have to do, and look for pictures. If you do not want to be trained, you can right-click to skip it.

Go down the hallway and open the door at the end. You have to get into the garden to the house at the other end. There are three doors on the right side. Move forward and you should see a wooden stand on which you found pictures appear with memories. Below stand should lie first picture (1/10).

Take a few steps back to the house and get on the ground a second photograph (2/10) lying about a toy horse. Go to the middle door of the three on the right (left if you stand back to the house), and go through it in the woods (puppet).

Puppet forest

You can find a picture after entering the right side (3/10), which lies on the stump. Take it.

Go ahead and will soon see the first puzzle to be solved. You must insert the pebbles of different colors in the eyes of birds. On the left - white stone, middle - blue stone, right - pink stone. Take the following picture (4/10).

Move through the other door to the creepy doll forest. At the end of the forest will be the fifth photograph (5/10), not far from the tips, "For a moment, stay."

The Way forward will bring you to the door, through which you will be able to leave the forest and go back to the cottage. Open the left of the three doors. Go through it to get to another part of the forest.

Forest (labyrinth)

There is a labyrinth that can vary. Please follow the left side of the statue of an owl. There must be a table with a plate, and shortly before it - the bread rolls on the floor. Lift the bread and place it on a plate. The lights go out and the labyrinth has to change.

Turn around and this time go to the right side. There is a statue of a rabbit. You must again find the bread and place it on a plate. Once again, the labyrinth will change.

Take the direct route, until you see a statue of proteins. Find the bread and put it on a plate. It will snow.

Find a headless statue of a rabbit and bread nearby. Next you see the altar with a statue of a frog. Snow pass, you have to go on the road ahead, until you see the suspension bridge. There is six pictures in the column on the left before the bridge (6/10).

Head over the bridge, in the middle of his seventh locate photo (7/10), this time on the right column.

The path will lead you to the gingerbread house. Before you enter into it, get in the picture eighth picture (8/10).

Go inside the house.

Gingerbread house

Move forward. Dodge from the teeth and spines that can appear out of the ground. At the end of the house, you should see a fireplace, inside which is a photograph. Click on the fireplace and teleport you there. Click to the next active area, and you teleport to the next location with the boat.


Here you can find another photo, which was visible in the fireplace (9/10). Get in the boat and enjoy the short ride to the other side. There you will get to the hut. Some stand with the photographs should lie on the ground last photo (10/10).

Diagnosis and treatment

So you went back to the bench with all the photos. Click on them. You need to find five regular photos that match the background of history. The solution to this problem is:

  1. Number the two rows as follows: the upper left, from 1 to 5, and the bottom left, from 6 to 10.
  1. Select the photo: №2, №7, №10, №6, №3.
Как расставить фотографии первого клиента.
Как расставить фотографии первого клиента.

Below you can see the 11 objects that suggest what the psychological trauma was applied to the patient.

You can find the boat at locations with the cottage between loaf of bread and a toy horse near the cottage, right on the trail:


On the door of the cottage hangs a note: "


When you get to the forest in a terrible place with puppets on the trees, you can find a skull with a knife at the foot of the third tree.


After you follow the steps near the statue of an owl, you can find the red grand piano with symbol G. Press any key.


Again in the labyrinth when you get to the suspension bridge, you can see the downhill to the left. There is a wide area below. You have to find a skull on the right  lying on the ground.


Under the suspension bridge you can find another bridge over the river. Cross the bridge and see the house. Walk up to it and look at the door.


Once you walk on a suspension bridge, keep left and find a cake in a cup near the bones. Pick him turn and look drawing of red hearts.


Before we get to the gingerbread house, you have to find a huge tree diameter on the left side. It stuck the ax.


When you get to the gingerbread house, do not go inside. Go to the left and find the feather which leans against a tree.


Inside the Gingerbread House in the third cell on the right is a cookie in a pool of blood.


At the end of the Gingerbread House is a table on the left. On it is severed piece of meat (ham).


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