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Walkthrough New Doom 2016


New Doom 2016. Walkthrough

You are on the operating table. We pull up, pick up a gun and then shoot from the monsters. Go to the panel by the door and look vision.

Take suit in the next room. You can read the report of the demonic threat on the right screen. One of the power units at our plant is not working properly, because this is not working satellite. We hear the message from the daemon.

We go in a large hall, kill monsters. Enemies are very mobile, and often they need to catch up to kill. You need go in the center and destroy a strange circular installation of demons. We pass into the large gate, sit down in the elevator.

Chapter 1

Doom 4 (2016). Walkthrough

Objective: You need reconnoiter the situation.

We went out on the surface of Mars. You are fighting with several kinds of monsters. After the victory, we need to find a blue map, take it from the human corpse in the corner. We pass through the cave, go to the other side and open the door to the next area.

We pass between the columns. Ahead we can activate combat drone. Clean the territory and enter in the building, press the button.

Chapter 2

We clean the area around the freight elevator. Open the door on the right. We reach the control panel in the corridor and restore power satellite communications. Go back to the elevator; go down to the floor below. We went into a side room, take a chainsaw.

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