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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Night in the Woods

Walkthrough Night in the Woods

Use keys A and D to move. Click on the button C to interact with anything.

Go left and chat with the master. Select the first option. Go back to the right side and interact with the vending machine. Pull the arm up and press on W and C keys to take a bottle with a drink. Go back to the master and talk to him to give drink. Go outside.

Move to the left. You can interact with the dialog windows to listen to several monologues of the protagonist. Go to the next screen.


Go down and go up the hill on the left. Go right along the branch. Stand on the edge and jump by the SPACE key. A branch will break. Then move to the left, jump higher and higher, and then click the new location.

Go left to the dead end - the path is blocked by a high wooden beam. Go back and jump onto the structure with a steering wheel. There are two tables with the numbers "2" and "3" on the right. You need to run and jump three times. You must get to the cabinet "2", and then - on the pedestal "3", and jump on the branch (press and hold the Space).

Climb up, jump on the rope and follow to the left. Drop down and see a policeman.


Talk to the father and climb to the top floor by stairs. Interact with a bed to sleep. In the morning go down and talk to mother. Select the first answers. Go outside and start your first chapter.

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