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Walkthrough Nine Parchments (2017)

The detailed walkthrough of the game Nine Parchments (the first part): the levels - "Witch's Exam", "Sand in the shoes", "Do not forget the smelting" and the boss.

Witch Examination

In the beginning of the game Nine Parchments you move to the right side through the bridge. Along the way, you can learn the available spells – there are three pieces. Switch between them with the Q and E keys. Click the LMB to activate the spell.

Council. Opposing spells are vulnerable to each other - fire and ice, life and death, lightning and steam. Go right and down and pick up the first writing letter of the Academy. This is a collector's item - there is only one pen at this level. Examine the huge sphere on the chains - here you can to discover new skills using the skill points.



Move up, jump on platforms on "Space" and approach to a magic broomstick. This is your first staff, but first you need to catch a broom. Use the F key to jump forward and aim at the broom. Only so it can be caught. You can also jump by the SHIFT key. Use the V key to change equipment. Choose a broom as a staff. Go further, jump on the stand at the far end of the screen and hit four targets through fire or ice spell. Jump back and move to the right, and then up the stairs to get into the classroom. Here you will learn about the possibility of attacking with your bare hands or staff - RMB, and also on the left side of the door from the chest you will get your first hat. Unlike the staff-brooms, this hat does not increase any characteristics.

Sand in shoes

Go right to the bridge, defeat the first opponents using magic. If the stock of mana is over, then just run from the enemy until it recovers. After the death of all, the gate to the right will automatically open. Go through them and jump from the ledge to the beach below. Go down the screen to find the first feather under the pink palm on the location.




I do not know how on other levels of difficulty, but on this mana reserves for each spell SPECIFIC !!! For example, if mana may be over using fire spells, just switch to the ice spells and see that the scale of mana is full - kill the opponents. Then there will be two boars - you just need to stay away from them and constantly move in a circle. Boars attack only a running start and they can not change the trajectory of movement.

Move to the right, kill a few more enemies. A blue aura around the enemy is an ice barrier. This means that it is most effective to attack such an enemy with a fire spell. When the ice barrier will disappear, you can choose any spell. If the enemy itself is "icy", then again, ideally, use against it a fiery spell. Go to the right and find a chest with a hat - "Comb ... at a rock on top after battle with a wild boar and the jumping monster ".



Move on; kill fiery monsters using an icy spell. By the way, when you freeze the enemy, you can run for a distance and throw him under the feet of the spell of death (the skull is broken in 15-20 meters from you). If the enemy is in the area of ​​the skull, then he’s losing gradually HP. Climb up on the colored wooden platform, and find the second feather on the right.

There will be an elite opponent with a staff - he does not attack you, but will constantly call his small minions. For this reason I would recommend focusing on it - first freeze, then attack with fire, etc. Next, kill the remaining monsters and go right through the arch. Break through the cave, go outside and immediately at the bottom of the screen, on the beach, find the third pen. A bit further there will be a stone platform in the form of a circle - a place that you will meet at the end of each level.

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