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Walkthrough Nine Parchments (2017)



Do not forget the swimming trunks

Go to the right, deal with enemies. Find a chest with experience bottom right and then move through the bridge from above. Cross the bridge, kill several more exploding crabs, and then pick the first feather near the wall from above (it's hard not to notice).

Move on; kill the monsters until you see a second feather in the center of the stone circle. Take it and deal with enemies. Go to the bridge that appears and take one more feather.

Break through the enemies, and find the fourth feather to the left of the stone circle under the pink palm.

Scroll 1 - Who will the seafood? (Boss Big Crawfish)

Go along the only path until you are on the platform, where you are attacked by the Boss Big Crawfish.  You must avoid flying poisonous shells - on the ground will appear the points where these shells fall, and also the fire beam. Just stay in constant motion. Poisonous puddles on the ground will explode in their interaction with fire, so stay away from them.

Attack the enemy with all the spells you have. Note that there is no animation that would demonstrate that Crawfish is taking damage. Look at the boss health scale in the lower left corner - you will see how after your attacks it decreases. The first scroll is found!

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