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Walkthrough No70: Eye of Basir

Chapter 1

You are in the bedroom of the terrible house of the protagonist. You leave the room and go down to the hallway, where near the front door you find a plaster bust with a clock arrow. Take the object and return to the bedroom and set the arrow in the corresponding groove on the clock that stand against the wall. Then again you go to the hallway.

After descending, you suddenly find that the entrance to the living room is opened, so you go into the room. On the spot you find a similar bust, in which you select the second arrow of the clock. Also there will be a wall cabinet near where you find a wrench.

Insert the second arrow, the clock suddenly moves to the side, and behind them you find a key unlocking a small cellar, which is located at the end of the corridor on the first floor. There you find a cleaning agent for the glass in the trolley. Wash the mirror in our bedroom. So you get the code to open the mysterious door in the room. You will see its backwards in the reflection on the wall.

The door leads to another part of the house. When you will be in a dead-end, you will notice a small closet in front of the beam with a large gear. Take a fuse out of the box. Then you return back to the basement, where you install the missing fuse in the switchboard. From this moment in the house some terrible things will start to happen. Get out of the basement and go up to the second floor, you are surprised to find that all the doors are locked.

Therefore, you go down again, where the door is opened near a toy rabbit. There you find a strange mechanism. You need take the gear from the secret part of the house to activate mechanism. Start the mechanism, you return back and go into a certain research room, where you select a strange lens from the table.

You are trapped in the room. Task: get the key that is inserted in the door on the other side. Well, first of all you take a piece of newspaper from the floor near the lying portrait, and put it under the door. Further on the bookshelf that stands on the left side of the cabinet (in relation to the view of the exit), you find pliers, by which you pull a nail from the right wall near the door. Then you insert it into the keyhole, and after that you drag the newspaper with the key.

Unlock the door, you return to the stairs leading to the first floor to the living room, where you are blocked by the model of an old house. Go and transfer to its current version. Once on the street, you study two notes (one attached to the wooden beam on the left and the other to the mailbox) and interact with the tripod.

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