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Walkthrough Obcuritas

The arrival. How to get to the house

Start a new game and see the introductory cut scenes; you will see the location of a key to the front door. Once you arrive to the place, you need to move forward. To move, use the keys W, S, A, D. To run, hold down the SHIFT key.

Walk up to the gate, which will be for the bridge and open them by clicking on the E key (chain with a lock must be lit in red). Look around on the territory of the house. Go to the main door. Try to open it. We need to find the key. If you want to do it yourself, then I give the first clue: the key is in one of amphorae (tanks, vessels, pitchers, vases) that are placed around the yard. Do you see them?

So, if you can’t find the key, then stand facing the front door. Go to the left and right side at the mansion, you will see a passage, similar to the arch. Move there. Once in the back yard, walk through the fence on the right. Move to the end of the house. There is the pitcher (vase) in the corner of the house, on the right side, behind a bush. Take the key.

Chapter 1. Inside an old country house. Riddle with candles

You will find yourself in the lobby. There are two doors, excluding the front. Lower door is open. That door at the top (need to climb stairs) is locked. There are switches on the walls that you can use to turn on the light. Move forward along the corridor. On the right side will open room. Inside there is one door but it was locked. Next door on the right side of the corridor, is lock. Next door on the right side is open. Walk down the hall and see a turn to the right (as well as the front door). Turn right and see that the doors are lock.

Go back and go right to get to the end of the corridor. There is another small door on the right side from the last door. Enter the room. In one of the previous rooms, on the bed, you can see the battery. They cannot take because you do not have a flashlight. In this room, they also have on the shelves on the right. There are two boxes of matches on these shelves. Be sure to take 10 matches. You need to interact with two boxes at a time (5 matches). It is noteworthy that if you take a match, you will be able to find them here in the same amount of 10 pieces.

Be sure to pick up all scraps of uncle of our heroine in the rooms with furniture. These notes look the same - a big brown-orange leaf. In one of the notes uncle tells of how surprising may be the light from the fire. Do you have a match, and in the house you have seen the candles. So it is the tip.

But first, go through the far door on the corridor. You will find yourself in the living room, where the furniture is covered with white sheets.

Go back into the hall (the first room of the house) with a ladder. Turn off the lights. Below find three tall candlesticks next to each other. There are three candles in each of them. But you can set fire one a match exactly one candlestick. Set fire all three candlesticks. When they burn, and then go up the stairs to the locked door. You will hear a strange sound. Turn around and look down towards the candlesticks. You have to see about each of them in a digital mode. Code will be 420 (possibly in each case it is different).

BE CAREFUL! You need in this case is not the code itself, but these actions. That is, you have to burn the candle, and then go up to the screen to see a small white flash. Then look at the numbers on the floor near the candlesticks.

Only then move into a back room on the first floor corridor. Find the key on the sheet.

Go back down the hallway to a small white door and open it with this key. On a table by the window get a note from your uncle. Read it. You will find another key under the note in the same place of the table.

Go into the first room on the corridor (the first from the hall to the stairs). There is another door in this room. Open it by the key. There is a picture left on the wall. Move the picture. Click on the keyboard to the safe (interact with key E). Next, enter the code 420. And you will need to press the corresponding number keys on your keyboard. Then, pull out of the safe flashlight. Read the note:

"Dear Sarah! If you read this note, it means you could find the answer to the first riddle. This key will lead you to the next part of the house. "

You need to find answers to the various puzzles to get access to the following parts of the house. Remove the key from the safe. Go to the only remaining door in the hallway that was locked. This door consists of two wings. Open it by a key.

Parlor. Riddle with vases

Go through the door ahead. There are three doors in a small hallway. The yellow door on the left is locked. Perhaps it was a noise from it, when you came here. Go through the door opposite the one through which you have just passed. There is a doll of the girl in the room on a chair in the corner. Nothing interesting here is not; therefore, go through the door on the left.

Go the corner of the corridor and see a few doors. Enter the door on the left. You find the key on the table in the room with skin of bear on the floor. Go back into the corridor. Two doors in front of this and at the end of the corridor are locked. Go to the place where the picture with horse is. There is the vase. Take it!

Go back into the corridor with three doors. The door of yellow color on the right is locked. Go through the door on the left. You find the second key on the shelves. Make it easy enough. Do not be quick to leave the room. Go to the far pedestal with a few vases. One of these vases, like a large bowl, will be interactive. If you take it, it will automatically leave in its place the jug, they found earlier.

Get out into the corridor and go through the door opposite the yellow, because now you have the key. You can find batteries (or matches) in this room on the table to the left. There is a picture on the far wall opposite the door. Use a flashlight on it. Note the location of items (pots and vases) in the room opposite. Do you see the similarities?

Return to the front of the room, where there are vases. Bowl put on the stand on the left side of the stone. The vases (found in the hallway with a picture with horse) put to a second position from right to left thumbs. But if you are careful and studied the picture, you will understand that it is not enough wooden box, which should stand on the left edge of the stand, close to the set just on the bowl.

You have one more key. Get out into the corridor, where you find a bowl (where is the picture with horse). Open the door on the front of the room with a bear skin on the floor. Open it to get the rest key. The shelves on the right locate the box and take it with you. Go into the room with vases and leave the box blank to a position on the left edge of the long tables. Go into the room with the picture, which has a hint (for the yellow door) of the location of objects. Under the picture opened a secret niche. Take out the key. The key open the door at the end of the corridor, where the picture with horse is.

Study. Riddle with figurines

You will find yourself in a long L-shaped corridor. There are several doors. The first white door on the left hand (right on the turn) is locked. Go through first through another door on the left side. You will find yourself in a room with the candlestick. There is another door but it was locked.

Return to the hallway and go to the door opposite. In the room with a fireplace you can find batteries. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the statue of the sitting beast above the fireplace. You can pick up the head of the beast. Now it is a horse's head. Remember this room with the statue, which originally is a horse's head.

Walk down the hall and open the door to the right. Look, get batteries or matches (perhaps they will not be here, depending on the difficulty level of the game). Look at the front door to the kitchen. There is a white cabinet with two doors to the right. Open the right door and take away from the battery shelf. Try to open the left door, but nothing happens. Go to the door of the kitchen, when suddenly you hear the creak and rattle. This is the door of left the cabinet and fell ironing board. Look again into the closet and take a key.

Get out into the corridor and open the last door double type. Turn on the light. There are aquariums with spiders on both side of the room. Go to the back of the room, light a candle on a candlestick in the far corner. Examine the table. There is a statue of a beast with wings on the table on the right side. The body of the animal resembles a griffin. But there is the head of a lion.

Statuette, which you found in one of the rooms of the main corridor, over the fireplace, resembles the body of a lion just the same, but with a horse head. Take the head of a lion and go into the room with fireplace. Install a lion's head on the statue above the fireplace. You will remain head of a horse, but it can’t come to the body of a griffin.

Anyway, back in the back room with aquariums and spiders. You can see the broken aquarium the right side. Inside, find the key.

Go back into the hallway and open the far white door on the right hand, if you go from this room. Inside, find the statue with the body of Pegasus and the head of a griffin. Instead griffin head, set the horse's head (initially it is on the statue in the room with a fireplace, above the fireplace). Take the head of a griffin and take it to the back room. If all three heads you have placed is correct, you will see a secret niche in the same room at the table. Take out the key.

The key unlock the door located in one of the rooms in the corridor. Go through and climb the stairs to the top. Go down the hallway and open the next door. Loading.

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