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Walkthrough Octave

Use the mouse to control your character. Click once on any point on the map, to order the character to move to it. Double-click to get your character to make a breakthrough. Take a subject from on the ground - just cover cursor on it and click the left mouse button.

Light the candle on the ground by going to the next screen. Go to the next screen in the middle of the locations get another candle between the barrels. The third candle will be between the other barrel, left or right. Only then you can go further.


Walk through one location without the candles, the next one will be a candle. Light it. Another candle is left, at the beginning of the location, next to the barrels. It is hidden behind a tree - just get active point and interact with it.


Interact with the girl on the right location.

ATTENTION! If you do not set fire to at least one candle on the last location, instead of the girl will be a monster. Do not go to him, and go to look for a candle.

When will light a candle in the hands of a girl, the monster will appear. Run away to left, to right. The monster will appear with the one or the other side. In the end, you will need to run to \ right and go to the next screen.

Follow through two screens and find yourself at the river. Light candle near the river.


Navigate through the water, avoid the black hands. When the hands fall on the water, then you need to run through the place where they are.


There are four or five such places with these hands. Get out on the new screen. Try to light a candle on the railing of the bridge, but you fall down.

After the fall

Come out of the river and climb up the mountain, go to the new location. Get to the building and light a candle. The room will be light.

Click on the button located on the destroyed wall from a candle.


After the grill is risen, go right. Climb the stairs to the man. You will see a monster. Run away to left, to the wall with the button. Wait, when the monster is near the pass, where there was a grill. Click on the button that the grill is killed the monster.


Once again, open it and go to the place where the man was. He disappears. Become active candles on a pedestal, which was about a man. You can extinguish them in a certain order. There are 8 candles. Above them there are 8 characters. There are the same 8 characters above the locked door on the left - four on both sides. It is necessary to solve the puzzle.

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