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Walkthrough side quests Fallout 4

Walkthrough jobs Heath

Express delivery

You can take this quest in a settlement called "Bunker Hill" at Edward. The task will not be easy and it is possible to have someone to fight. By the way, you can ask the reward before he will offer the work. And the reward you can claim only if you upgrade eloquence. Edward gives you a tip where to go to get the job done. Cabot House is located in Beacon Hill. After a conversation with Edward, you get the basic task and sub-task to him, the main task - "Express delivery", sub-task - "Talk to Jack Cabot."

When you go the houses, go to the intercom and activate it. When you see the response frame, select the replica, "Jack Cabot." After that you can go inside. Inside, you will find again, Edward, and he will tell you to follow him - follow his orders. Soon you meet Jack himself, which is whether a scientist, or a historian - is unclear. In any case, soon you get subtasks: "To talk with Edward." Although all dialogue with Jack a little strange - this is also part of the job. So, to the north of the city, Jack has a complex and somewhere he loss a very important cargo which you have to find. Start searching about the psychiatric hospital under the name "Parsons". Edward says it's their building, so do not be afraid of this place. They think that their carrier launch attacks. By the way in the hospital you will have a talk with Maria - Head Protection psychiatric hospital. Your new sub-task: "Talk to the head of security." Go to a psychiatric hospital.

Once you get to the psychiatric hospital, talk with Maria at the entrance. Tell her that you had sent to her by Edward about the cargo. Maria introduces you to the very valuable information. It turns out that she seems to know who killed Ben (courier). The killers escaped in a oil mill "Parsons" in the northern part of the mental hospital. So you get subtasks: "pick it up". Besides Maria will tell you that this is certainly the raiders. In any case, go to the oil mill. You see mercenaries in the backyard of a mental hospital. Kill them.

Then take some "mysterious serum", you will be a new sub-task: "Classify serum in Cabot House." Now you can go back to his employer, because the serum is the package. Upon arrival you will hear Jack arguing with his mother about his sister. Edward quietly ask you, have you found what you were told. If you have a high level of eloquence, then when it will go on the serum, you can lie and say, allegedly did not find nothing, or it is no more. But note that if you do not return the serum will not get the award, although it is not so big - 50 caps Quest + 100 caps.

Imogen and her lover

Quest is taken immediately after the task: "Express delivery". All at the same Edward. In any case, your first subtask to this quest, "To talk with Edward." Follow Edward. During the conversation, you will know that girl from time to time runs away from the house with another lover. You need return the girl back into the "family nest".

So you get the basic subtasks and more: the basic - "find Imogen Cabot " sub task - "Ask in the" third rail "about Imogen ." In addition, if a girl does not want to go home, then you can not beat her, so you need negotiate with her, keep this in mind.

Go to Neighbourhood. Find the "third rail" and go inside. The bar is necessary to talk with Magnolias, as only she knows anything about Emodzhen. If she sing, then you have to wait. There will be three replicas, and the success of each will depend only on eloquence.

In any case Magnolia tell that in a bar ever came preacher. From Hank do you know that the preacher lives in the "Back Bay". During the conversation, Hank you also give the leaflet.

This place is located in the north-west of the Neighbourhood. By the way it is about the corporation "Hallucinogen." You need do to "Charles View." Then you see the missionaries, talk with his brother Thomas. He says that today Imogen unhealthy and therefore she did not accept, but it is somehow strange, because it all seems to be more on the prisoner. You have a choice, because there are two replicas threats "intimidate" and "family friend." And a replica of bribery, "offered 500 caps."

But keep in mind that any replica requires eloquence, but you can also kill all the missionaries. Select only you. If you kill him - search the corpse of Thomas and free the girls themselves.

As soon as you enter the room, you'll see a gray-haired girl - this is Imogen. It turns out that the serum, which was stolen raiders, slows aging. She began to take it to 32 years old, so that's what is the secret serum and everything connected with it (you can elicit from their employers, but only if you will be transported eloquence). In any case, Go to the house of Cabot. Go back to Edward's house Cabot.

Jack do you know that Edward was trapped. In the old psychiatric hospital "Parsons" (where you were) attacked by raiders. Tell that found Imogen Moreover, start new job: "Mystery House Cabot."

Mystery House Cabot

Quest you get after you have made the task: "Imogen and her lover." You will learn that Cabot research base was attacked. Research base is still the same psychiatric hospital. So you get the job, "Mystery House Cabot." Your first sub-task "Meet with Jack at the psychiatric hospital" Parsons ".

You can convince Jack to tell you about the serum. He will tell you that the serum slows down the aging process. Jack and his family had lived for more than 400 years, ie, due to this vaccine! But this serum, there is also a side effect. If the serum is not diluted (as raiders, apparently, did not do it), it increases the security and strength, with many times.

Source of serum - Jack's father, Lorenzo. So far, the artifact is with him, he becomes more and more crazy. He is in a psychiatric hospital. After the conversation, you can go to "Parsons".

→ Tip: Before you go to a mental hospital, "Parsons", recommend to prepare well. For example sell things. Buy a few medicines.

Near the hospital find Jack. So you get a new subtask: "To help Jack get to the office." Come inside hospital. Inside, you'll see the raiders, kill them. On the second floor you'll see the legendary raider, which shot down, begin a mutation (health will be restored). Take a powerful weapon, ran up to him and shot at close range, with desirable head (do not forget about the regime «VATS»).

In the end, you get to the office. There you see Edward. In the office you can learn something else about this whole situation. Jack can see that Lorenzo can not just live a long time and has a lot of damage with great protection, but also because of the artifact can be moved at a distance, so he must be stopped. So you get a new subtask: "To help Jack get to the basement." Follow further Jack.

Once you get to the new room, continue to follow Jack and kill all enemies along the way. Raiders will be very much. Soon you will get to the service elevator, which will go down even lower. When you find yourself in a lab, then you will see Raiders, they want to free Lorenzo. Jack wants you to stop them as quickly as possible. So you get subtasks: "Prevent raiders free Lorenzo Cabot."

The first thing you need to keep in mind - there is left-handed inside. It is something like the boss and he is extremely dangerous. But the first you need to kill ordinary foes and use boffaut to kill them. Against left-handed is better to use some powerful melee weapon. It may be either some shotgun, or any powerful bit or sword. You can even lure the left-handed in the tunnel through which you get to the center, and shoot all there. Then you will have a sub-task, "Kill or free Lorenzo Cabot."

If you free him, then Jack will go home, and you get subtasks: "Go to the house of Cabot." Lorenzo will punish all and even try to punish you.

If you decide to kill him, then you will need to pull a few levers in this room. After Lorenzo dies, you have a sub-task: "To talk with Jack." As a reward you will get more than 500 caps. After a conversation with Jack the job will be done.

Troubled Water

You can take the mission at a place called "Greygarden." Look for the Management Wyatt and talk to her. During the conversation, she talk about water. And soon to ask you to help her in the same case. The bulk of the water they get from the old station, which is located in Weston (in the south side of the Greygarden), but now there were problems with the water - it is spoiled. Wyatt wants that you visit this place. So you get the job, and immediately the first subtask "Inspect the sewage treatment plant."

Your destination is: "water purification station " Weston "." By the way, there are a well-armed super mutants on the water purification station. You need upgrade and kill them.

→ Tip: Super Mutants can not just sit and shoot at you from the station nook, but they can come and to cripple you in melee. So be constantly alert and move more!

By the way, remove the enemies you can try and stealth, but it will only do if you have a well-bled stealth. First kill super mutant with a rocket launcher.

Once you mop up the station, carefully inspect and search it. There are many useful things. In any case, go inside this station.

Inside, it is better to sit down (or advance). Crawling quietly inspect the room, find enemies and, eventually, get to know the place. Inside you need to look into the elevator and go down on it.

The first panel

On the lower level you see the turret, you can turn off it by the terminal on the roof or break it. There are more two of the turret in a room with the right side (top and right). In any case you get a new subtask "Drain sewage treatment plant." You need get rid of these wastes. Go to the left panel and pull the lever ("pump control"). Go to the next lever.

The second panel

Thus, the station has not drained until the end, so you have to get to the second panel. On the stairs, go to the door on the left side and kill two enemies. Just near the second panel you will attack enemy and top turret (be warned). Kill them and pull the lever.

The third panel

Then, you need go to the third panel. Kill enemies and pull the lever.

The fourth panel

You need to hide. There are many turrets and they immediately start to shoot at you. Destroy the turrets, go to the room (it is inside lights). Along the way kill enemies.

Pull fourth lever, finally you get a new subtask: "Restart the main pump." Next you need go to the pump. There, too, just pull the lever. Pull it and you get a new subtask: "Back at Wyatt ." By the way, there is the room with elevator, so you can quickly get out into the fresh air. It's time to go back to Wyatt. As a reward you get a lot of vegetables, fruits and 100 caps.

Pull the plug

This job you can take in the place called "Pit Ticket." You can find a normal guy on the territory of this place, about the trailers. So, the name of a bearded man in a fur cap Sally Mathis and he asks you to help him in a case.

The pump is not working. You have a new task - "Pull the plug," sub-task - "fix the pipe (0/3)".

Thus, firstly, find the bubbles no problem. If you will be on any hill near the quarry, immediately notice everything bubbles. Second, you have to dive into the water, and it is dangerous because of the radiation.

The first valve

Save the game, of course, is not have perk that allows dive in the water (do not get radiation or radiation is reduced). If it upgrade - problems will not be. Dive into the water, you will get a maximum of four RAD. You need pull the valve, then you have repaired one of the three pipes.

The second valve

The second valve you will find the opposite to the first - in a corner. And yet - if you are afraid of radiation, either received too much radiation during the first ducking - get out on the ground. Heal and back dive (and the best go to the key places and just jump into the water).

The third valve

This valve is already in front of the second - in a corner. The guide will be the stairs. Look at the radioactive pool, no doubt, you will see all the places where there are bubbles.

After repair your subtask updated: "Talk to Sally Mathis." Go back to the man, and told him everything. The conversation was short. You have a new sub-task. Sally asks you to press a button on the pump. After the start, the subtask change back to the "Talk to Sally Mathis."

Now, attention! After start you suddenly see enemies. The enemies are very serious, so if you are not well prepared, did not recommend to press the button. In battle, try to shoot monsters in the head, not in the shell. To do so they were face to you. The same applies to the regime «VATS», because the shell shoot just useless, try to shoot the torso or head. After the fight, you have to talk to Sally and get your reward for the work.

Your order is accepted

Quest you can take sneak of Trudy (location is called "Snack Drumlin"). When you get to this place, at the entrance to meet Wolfgang huckster and his girlfriend. After talking to him, Trudy must give a lot of money for drugs. Mother of guy not want to give money for this stuff. There are two scenarios: a skirmish or negotiation. If you have chosen the way of negotiations, then you will have a sub-task, "Talk to Trudy."

During the conversation you can try to scare her or not. She will ask you to kill Wolfgang and pay for this 100 caps.

But we can agree to help and Wolfgang. If you agree to help Trudy, then you get two problems: "Kill Simon" and "Kill Wolfgang." If you are going to help huckster, you will have to kill Trudy and her son. Decide only to you.

Human factor

Quest you ca take in a small village called "Alliance". But go to this town is not so simple. The fact that it is surrounded by a concrete wall with turrets, and the old man sits at the entrance, who holds the test. Only after the test, you will to go inside. The test is very simple. Simply choose the friendly and peaceful responses, showing no aggression. Here, for example, one of the options: the first question - "Science", the second question - "processed an infected area," third question - "accompanied him to a safe place," question the fourth - "Football", the issue of the fifth - "I'll give her that -nibud in exchange for his life, "the sixth question -" shall open the lock, "the seventh question -" Surgery ", the eighth question -" to change with it, "the ninth question -" incapacitated toilet. " After answering all the questions, you can go to the village.

As soon find yourself in town, go ahead and soon will hear a conversation Honest Dan and one settler. Talk personally with Honest Dan.

So, Dan agreed with Stockton that he would find his missing caravan. But the task was not so simple and, because he found only remains near the border of the city. The last stop of the caravan was just in the "Alliance", so he came here to restore the picture of what happened. If you agree, then you, so, take the job: "The Human Factor". And have the main sub-task - "Find the clues in the Alliance", an additional sub-task - "Inspect plundered the caravan."

After go to the northeast part of the "Alliance". It was in that place is what's left of the caravan. Then, you will find a pile of corpses. Pay your attention to the blue box, which will be there. In it you will find a "Lemonade of Dizer."

Lemonade Dizer issued only in the "Alliance" and it was people from the caravan. The caravan was in the village and the people in the "Alliance" is really something to keep back. By the way do not forget that there is one survivor of a caravan (that Amelia Stockton), and so he recommended to look for clues in the barracks of the village.

Come on in this business you can in two ways: to get to the barracks, or talk with Penny.But , you need to have an average break locks to get into the barracks, and upgrade eloquence to talk with Penny - . If you are not this, then come back to this task later.

I recommend everyone to try to immediately get into the house. In the house are three doors: the central door, the door on the right side and the left side of the door. The best way to sneak into the house through the door on the left side, because there you will sure no one will notice.

As soon as you find yourself in the house, immediately go to the bedside table near the front door. There you should take: house key "Alliance" and the note "Password Jacob." There is another cabinet between the distal beds. Take note "reminder of the Alliance." Note is very strange, but after reading it, you get an additional subtasks: "Elicit Dan Cynthia."

In any case, now you have a password Jacob (chief of "Alliance"), you can go to his house and use his computer (do not forget to close the door). On your computer, choose the option: "Report of the Fisherman (draft)." Well, this note is very rich in information.

→ Note in the draft, "Mr. Huntley five times canceled trips to the complex because of the fisherman (name unknown), who was near the pond Mystic Pines. Mr. Huntley said that his new "favorite fishing place 'is directly above the entrance to the complex...

After reading the draft, you get several new sub-task: the first sub-task - "To find out the secret location of the complex," optional second sub-task - "Talk to Honest Dan", the third sub-task - "Find The complex alliance." The first sub-task you perform on the place, as in the draft indicated plan complex.

At the exit of the "Alliance" you will meet Jacob, and will offer 100 caps for silent - you decide. In any case, you have to send in the complex (if you have not sold for 100 covers, of course). If you talk to Dan, he will stay around the complex. If you do not need help, then you can immediately go to the complex.

So, if you want to talk with an honest Dan, then be aware that he is very far away. Dan will be able to talk to Banner Hill. At the entrance to a woman tell (if you were not here) that you single.

Entrance to the complex is the "Alliance" you can find in the middle of the tube. You have to jump into the water and pick up radiation. There is collector at the entrance to the tube - you need go there. Inside you there is a new sub-task "Find the survivors." Ahead is Dan (if you previously went to him and talked about everything).

A little forward on the tube you see three people and a turret on top. Do not even try to approach them and talk as they immediately attack you after the words: "Do not you have to come here." Try to choose any comfortable position, because it spotlights that there are will greatly interfere in the fight.

When the fight is over, do not forget to take the key one of the corpses. Without the key, you can not open the door to the complex. Inside you will find a lot of enemies, so try to be constantly on the alert. In any case, gradually moving to the key point. In narrow areas, be extremely careful, because there are turrets.

After all, in any case you will meet with Dr. Roslyn Chambers. If someone else does not understand what is going on, then I explain: "Alliance" has done research on the detection of synthetics and the test that you were at the entrance to the town - the same experiment "Alliance". So, Dr. Roslyn Chambers says that daughter of Stockton is a synthetic. In general, for detection of synthetics was created «SAFE» Then you have to choose: to give Amelia torture or prevent it.

I chose to rescue the girl. If you choose to rescue Amelia, then you will have a sub-task "Save Amelia Stockton." In addition, you have to kill the doctor. Go to the terminal to free the girl and open the corresponding camera (the first one). After the opening of the chamber, there is a new sub-task: "Talk to Honest Dan." After talking with Dan, he sends you money for work - 300 caps.

In fact Roslyn Chambers was more than mad, because test not gave normal results. Persistent torture and kidnapping - did not justify its purpose.

Clean the northern area

You can take this mission in Bunker Hill from a trader named Deb. Choose version of "Working". Deb will tell you about the northern road that walk through a very old army training ground. So, there are wild ghouls. Clean the training ground.

Silver Cloak

You will come on that part of the continent, where is the town Diamond City. Soon you will see note in the upper left corner: "Found signal: Radio Silver Cloak." Switch to the radio, you will hear a message. So you get a job and subtask to it, the main task - "Silver Cloak" sub-task - "Talk to Kent Connolly."

Kent Conolly you will be able to speak only in a town called "Neighbourhood". But on the way to this place you have to kill a lot variety of enemies. In any case, when you find yourself in this place, look for a "House of Memories" - there is Kent. This is a reasonable ghoul.

He wants to create a superhero, who would have struggled with the evil bandits and saved people. Of course, he will pay you. The superhero is based on series "Silver Cloak", you will need to go to a place where they filmed the first series - in "Hyubris comics." You get a new subtask "Find suit Silver Cloak."

→ Tip: In "Comic Hyubris" you will need a lot of crack. Almost every door is closed. Moreover, inside there are a lot of different caches. The building consists of several floors.

Once you find yourself near the "Hyubris Comics", go inside. Inside are feral ghouls, and quietly kill them does not work, because the next will be a mechanical monkey that "will burn" you. In the same room on the first floor, find the cash register. There will be key to the warehouse "Hyubris Comics." Once fully inspect the ground floor up to the second and get ready for the fact that there will also be feral ghouls.

There will be four floors and necessary thing (suit) is at the top, on a mannequin. In addition, on the fourth floor you need kill the monster. When you kill him, do not forget to search the body (there will be a lot of useful things). There are so many usefuland necessary things in this buildings.

Once you take suit "Silver Cloak" will be a new sub-task: "Give Kent suit Silver Cloak." Come back to your employer.

Return back to Kent, you can give him and the gun "Silver Cloak." If you bring extra things "Silver Cloak," then get an additional cash consideration. Kent offers you to transform in hero. By agreeing, you get a new subtask: "Listen to the radio station" Silver Cloak "in the neighborhood".

View gallery Pickman

Mision you can take from Hancock in "good neighborliness", if you ask him about work. He instructs you to go in gallery. So you get a job, "Pickman Inspect the gallery." As usual, you can bargain with him and beg for more money. There are three levels of difficulty. For each completed level, the amount of remuneration increases each time for 50 covers.

Once you go the desired location, inside you will see a large group of raiders. Inside, kill everyone and examined every room, you find the body, which will have a note entitled "Message to Jack." Take this piece of paper, you get subtasks: "Back to Hancock." As soon as you reach back to the Neighbourhood, go to the Hancock house and talk to him inside. After talking, you get a reward, and the job is now considered to be fulfilled.

Road to Freedom

"Do you hate Institute? Follow the path of freedom, brother "- so begins this task. In a place called "Neighbourhood" walk any vigilantes, you automatically get the job. Your first sub-task: "Follow the path of freedom."


Quest you can take in the town under the name of "good neighborliness" in the shop of some Daisy. She can give you a job to clean up the library of Boston, which was captured by Super Mutants. She wants to clean this place from the monsters. As usual you can demand more and more money. There will be three levels of difficulty: yellow (light), orange (medium) and red (difficult). Each success increases the amount of remuneration (the original fee is 200 caps).

In addition to the main task, Daisy asks you to take back into the same library a book. The book will be a library. Your first sub-task in the task: "To get to the Boston Public Library."

Clean warehouses in good neighborliness

You take the job in "good neighborliness" by the robot Charlie Uaytchepel. He will offer you a job for which you need normal guy for very dirty work. Blood on the pavement. Corpses on the ground. You will need to clean up the three points, and no witnesses. The problem is that all three of the key points are located in old warehouses, so Charlie can not use their guys. So he asks you to do this thing. The starting fee is 200 caps. There will be three levels of difficulty: yellow (light), orange (medium) and red (difficult). You get a job, "Clean warehouses in the neighborhood".

The first - the locks. To get to the warehouse is not as easy. They will be locked, the locks will be red, which means that the penetration is illegal. Inside you will have a few marks. In addition, first sit down to avoid being noticed. In any case, you will see gangsters, kill them.

On the other warehouses, in principle, still: wade, clean and leave. The main thing be careful that you are not seen during the breaking open doors. Once you clear all three warehouse from gangsters, you will be a new sub-task: "Go back to Whitechapel, Charlie." Return back to the robot, you get money and experience.

House of memories

Quest is taken in the house of memories from some of Irma. It turns out that Irma the seller of memories. During the conversation, she will offer you to back dip into your memories. Then you have to choose: to bribe or convince. But to convince you need good oratory.

So, Irma will tell you that the easiest way to work with the memories that are associated with other people, or the recently past event. You can tell the wife (or husband) and your son (but the memory is in any case the same thing). In general, at the end of the conversation, Irma tells you to sit down in the chair, to plunge into the memories. So you get a new job and the first subtask to it - the "House of Memories", sub-task - "Take the capsule of memories." Sit down in a capsule of memories from the left side and get ready to plunge into the events of the past.

You find yourself in the "Vault 111". And in the time of those events, when your child was stolen and killed her husband (or wife). Your new sub-task, "relive their memories." There you can see for yourself in a cryogenic capsule. It turns out that it was all planned. Either in the "Shelter 111" was a traitor, which is specifically allowed to kidnap people, or so it was originally intended. But to find out what to talk about these unknown - will not succeed. When you return to reality, you will be a new sub-task: "To talk with Irma." Get out of the capsules and talk to the woman.

By the way, Irma also help you with the kidnapping of the son and murder of the wife (husband). She will bring upon a person who can help you in the case. It will recommend to turn to Nick Valentine - a detective who works in his office in Diamond City.


This task can take in good neighborliness. You will need to go through the alley between warehouses. There you will see Bobby. He will offer you a job. First, he offers you 50 caps, but you may need more, up to 200, but if you have good eloquence. He's working on some big project, but it is all that. In any case, if you agree on this mission, you will be the first sub-task "Meet with Bobby."

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