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Walkthrough of Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition

Walkthrough of Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition

Tip 1. Avoid the enemies of a higher level. The level is indicated at the left side of the scale.

Move on. Press the C, to cause the horse and ride it faster. Climb up onto the ledge, double-clicking on the "Space". When enemies appear, then attack them by clicking the left mouse button. You need to avoid their attacks (press ALT).

Dark Fortress

Move on the stairs, go through the fortress. There will need to kill the enemies that will emerge from the ice blocks. You can attack them in advance, while those still frozen. Run along walls, jump on them. Overrun on the left wall, and then - on the right wall to a ledge. Climb up and jump to the hanging beam. Climb around and then press the Shift to deviate from the beam in the opposite direction. Now hold down Shift, click on the "Space".

Follow on, kill enemies and climb the vines. Jump to the left, where is a large area.

Frost giant

Now you have to fight with the first boss of the game. Combat is simple. Attack his, press the left mouse button and then dodge in time by clicking on ALT. Before the attack, the giant slowly raises his hands behind his back. Then dodge! After you win, walk inside the fortress.

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