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Thus, the walkthrough of Dying Light The Following should start with the prologue of the original game. The head is called "Awakening".

In this chapter, you appear in an unfamiliar room. Get out into the corridor and talk to the soldier. Go to the back of the floor and up the stairs to the floor above. Enter the door on the other hand, go to the boss's room and talk to him. He is Rahim.

At the request of Rahim go to the specified location. The soldier passes you and you will find yourself on the thirteenth floor. Go down to the elevator. Find in this site the survivor. Notify Rahim again talk to Mark. He will ask to bring him alcohol and gauze. There is crafting in the game. So that alcohol and gauze make it possible to create a first-aid kit. On the floor now has a few selected areas. In them you can find a variety of items. Somewhere just yet and will be alcohol and gauze. In the refrigerator get alcohol - this is alcohol. In the bathroom, inside the wall cupboard is gauze. All this in two different places.

By the way, if the selected site is no longer any items to craft, the yellow jacket disappears.

Go back to Rahim, talk to him. Find clothes in the specified location. All clothes from supplements can be used anywhere, but not in the prologue. Climb into two tiers above and exit to the roof. You need explore the elements of parkour. In general, you'll soon be able to start walkthrough the official supplement.

Developers advise to start the game character twelfth level. If you do not have one, you can take a few story missions of the original game, or to pump the character by going directly to the battle with the monsters.

The Way out

You will find yourself in the sewers, where you need to find a way to the unexplored area called Haran. Follow down on stairs and go through the cave. Soon you will be on the surface. The exit on the surface is high in the mountains. Now we have to do donw gently to the city. When suddenly get stuck and find yourself in a dead end, from where you can take a look at the waterfall, then jump into the water. Do not hesitate!

Move to land and go to the group of survivors. Talk with their ringleader, located in the white building. It is on the left side of the aisle in the camp. Next, talk to a trader, whose name Kaan. On this first mission is complete!

Kaan & Abel

So, you need information that is at Kaan. You need transportation. Next buggy is on a farm in the neighborhood. Follow there. All enemies that are on the way, you can even just get around. But you can kill. Use observation tower near the closed area and descend on a rope on the roof of the building.

Go inside the building, use the open window. Go down and kill the enemy near the machine. Hop into the buggy and chase away. When you have groups, inform Kaan that you have transport.

Gaining Credence

Kaan leaves the camp. So you have to make sure that all its residents have come to trust you. And here you are given the first task, you need to restore the supply of drinking water.

Get in the buggy and drive in the direction of the pumping station. There will be several opponents. But this time you have to deal with them face to face. Follow the specified location from the rear and gently kill enemies one by one.

After cleaning the area, you will hear the cries of the main building. Make your way to the second floor, use a balcony. Come to this door and see the last bandit. Kill him and help the needy. During three minutes, you need to find the main valve. Find it easily - enough to move along the tube. Hop into the buggy and go to the right place.

You find yourself near a small building. Inside there is a flooded basement. Just did the basement and located your desired valve. After your work, return to Jasir, leader of the commune. Report about successful completion of the mission.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Eliminating all the problems at the pumping station did not help. This time you have to get the trust of the patrons of the community who call themselves Faceless. Now, in the game there is a system of ranks. It shows you the level of trust Faceless. To increase this level you have to pass a variety of side missions to help all people and make safe zones in different parts of the map. The current mission you have to go to a mechanic named Bilal. Then after a certain time to meet with representatives Faceless.

The Gathering

When the confidence level will be increased, then Faceless will offer you to become a participant in the meeting in the temple. The temple is called the "Eye of the Sun" and it will have to go to far. Therefore better to jump into his buggy. Upon arrival, you will see the ritual. Now you have to help farmers. A few minutes after the meeting, you will have to take an army map that will have Jasir.


In this task of Faceless you need to study the phenomenon on the farm. Follow the specified location and you will see a blue misty field. Go to the location and check the boxes of war with some cargo. Follow to the faceless, to report on the findings.

You re-directed to a study of the area. At this time you need to explore the cave. Upon arrival, go deeper and see the killed soldiers. Inspect the two bodies Faceless, and then go to the mobile army headquarters. The door to it is the back of the trailer truck. Examine the contents of the military boxes.

The Old Man and the Sea

Again is a new job from Faceless. You must help the ethnographer Attila, who lives in a large estate near the seaside. Follow to a destination and look the entrance into the building. To do this, go through the backyard and look to find a wooden platform, which comes in a dilapidated state. The platform leads to the cave.

In the cave, look for the stairs and go to the basement. Unlock the door and follow to the left. Break the boxes from the doorway. Move the wardrobe and you will find yourself in the house. Attila sits inside the premises, which is located on the second tier of the estate. Next you need to restore the supply of electricity in the house. All repairs make on a small limited area. It is adjacent to the main gate to the mansion. There's still a huge zombie walks in SWAT armor. To begin repair a cable that is broken (WARNING!) In two places!!! The first gap you can find on the second floor inside the white house made of bricks. See the screenshot below!



The second cable break is near the tower. Here is another screenshot!


After the cable is repaired, connect the electricity. There are three panel responsible for the supply of electricity. The first plate is located on a pole near the entrance to the area. The second panel is located on the tower. The third panel is located inside of the barn from bricks. Note in the barn that is the generator and no shield! After performing this operation, go back for a reward to Attila.

Unfinished Story

Then Attila asks you to explore the three holy places. It is best to first go to the nearest house of the ethnographer. It is located on the top of the mountain. When they reached the place, climb up and check the picture on the rocks. The second was a sacred place located on the mountain, but a part of the cliff, where the image you want, fell into the water. Dive into the water and sink to the bottom. It is necessary to dive anywhere and look across the area, marked on the mini-map. Make it easy enough!

The third holy place is located at the specified point. Search not need anything: just go there and look at the drawing. When all three images will be studied, you will have to go to the Sun Temple. Located on top of the Temple Mount, but there is much more difficult to climb. Go the top, find the pattern in which there is a bloody knife. Next, go down the small hole, which is located nearby. Take the red mask, which lies on the corpse. It must be attributed to Attila. This quest will be completed.

Stupid Fate

When you contact Faceless, you'll need to go back in the house of Attila. Find the quest giver's office and see a closed door. Nearby there is a note - please read it. Go down into the cave through which you first came to the house of Attila. Look for Attila there and take the mask. Go back to the office, take a book lying on the table, and bring it Jasir.

At The End of The Tunnel

Faceless tell you that the stock of grain are guys Raisa. Do you remember the villain in the original game? Go to the destination. Climb up onto the platform and climb even higher on the ladder adjacent. Then use the other stairs, which is on the other side. See the screenshot below!


At the top you will kill all the enemies on the platform, and then kill all those who will. Find missing Faceless in one of the rooms where will come the bandits (it is located near the stairs). Talk to him, and follow the lighthouse.

Find the first open window and climb inside the building. Climb above. You need get out and climb the wall of the building. We need to find another open window and climb inside. Repeat these steps until you go to the top. Here begins the final episode of storyline additions The Following.

Lighthouse is destroyed, and opponents are moving in your direction. Kill them all, find a small box about Kaan. From the box, remove the three blue capsules. Jump into your buggy and drive in the direction of the dam, on what not distracted. Use springboards. You have about five minutes, which is enough. At the end of the road you will have to climb to the top of the dam.

Climb carefully, beacause the whole path will begin anew. When you go the top, you will need to follow the thin tube to get to the dam itself. And here is a screenshot!



So, here you have to take a moral choice. The following describes one of the possible endings. Find the mother and go to her room. Here you have to activate the bomb. Or do not activate? In general, decide for yourself!

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