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Walkthrough of Fallout 4: Far Harbor

Away from home

First quest Far Harbor for Fallout 4 will automatically be activated with only one condition - you must have completed a story quest "Revelation".

Listen message of detective agency Valentine

Your Pip-Boy was took a radio message from Valentine detective agency. Listen it. Open your Pip-Boy in the tab "Radio" and select "Radio Valentine's detective agency."

Go to Diamond City. She will wait you at the agency's office.

Talk with Elly

While you were not there appeared a new client - Kenzi Nakano. He is a fisherman who lives on the outskirts of the Commonwealth.


You can ask us more about Elly and Mr. Nakano (level of persuasion - light).

You agree to help in this matter. Look the agency of Valentine. Read more about that here you can find out more in the walkthrough of the quest "Revelation".

To get to the residence Nakano

Kenzi Nakano and his wife will wait at home, where they will tell you everything and more. They live in the northeast, near the shore at the edge of the map Pip-Boy. The path is not close. Along the way you can see wild beasts, raiders.

Talk with Kenji Nakano

You will go to the house. You will hear the alarmed cries of Kenzi Nakano from inside. Talk with him. They have lost a daughter Kasumi.


You need ask Kenzi Nakano about Valentine (the level of persuasion - easy).

Kasumi repaired the old radio. Someone contacted her. Then she was gone. The boat was gone with her. Agree to take the case.


You can ask Nakano about cash consideration (level of persuasion - easy, medium and difficult).

View residence of Nakano

You have several options for accessing clues in the case. The first option - look at the residence Nakano, especially in Kasumi’s room. Go upstairs. You can find her diary in the dresser. In it she said that will go to grandfather's boathouse to repair the radio. Perhaps there is a clue.

More ask Kenji and Ray (Optional)

The second option is to find a clue in this case - is more detailed to ask Ray and Kenji Nakano about their daughter. Strangely, one thinks that she was kidnapped, and another that she left by herself. Ask all the questions.


Try to talk with parents Kasumi (level of persuasion - Intermediate).

Inspect boathouse

The boat house is a little further along the coast.

Kasumi said about the safe. It stands on the floor at the far end of the house. You will find a note from his grandfather on safe. You find the key from it.

On the desk at the entrance is a picture of the landscape of the lighthouse. Look the picture and you will find the key from the safe. Click on the picture and select the appropriate action. Inside the safe is voice recording of Kasumi.

Listen to the latest voice recording of Kasumi

You will learn that she went to the north in a town Far Harbor.

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