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Walkthrough Ghostbusters

Walkthrough of Ghostbusters

Start the game and watch the video. The first house will open.

Aldridge Manor

Ghostbusters 2016-07-14 16-17-07-33

Gertrude's Revenge

Use the keyboard with a mouse or a gamepad to control. Use the keys W, S, A, D to move. Key SPACE - avoidance in the direction in which the cursor is.

Click the left mouse button to shoot. Press the right mouse button to throw a grenade. There are four different types of grenades. Also, there are four characters. You can select any character, improve it and earn coins.

Go forward and to the right of the door to see a blue haze. Press the E key to activate the scanner. Aim the scanner at the fog. You will discover a secret sign and get the coin.

In general, I recommend go through the mansion with an activated scanner. So you have more chances to earn points, find the hidden signs, and other secrets. There are collectibles in the game.

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Go on until you see the flying skull. Destroy them, attack with blaster and click the left mouse button. Go on in a large hall you see even more skulls. Destroy them. There is a first aid kit in the upper right corner. Take it and you will restore the health of the whole team at the same time.

You need to follow through the passage above, but do not hurry. You can find a collector's item. Go down with the activated scanner!!! You have to find a purple sign near the bottom of the left wall. This sign will lower wall. Go inside and look for the end of the corridor collector's item (1/1).

Ghostbusters 2016-07-14 16-20-58-85

Follow on. You need to destroy the candle. You can hold down the left mouse button. Gradually, your icons in the upper left corner of the screen will be filled scale. Soon weapon may jam. Press the R key to reload.

You will find a boss in the next room for a corridor with a first aid kit.

Ghostbusters 2016-07-14 16-27-23-24

Boss Gertrude

You need attack with weapons and grenades to destroy Gertrude. Avoid the shots of her poisoned liquid. Destroy the flying books that will appear periodically. Stay away and shoot from a distance. So you protect yourself.

Ghostbusters 2016-07-14 16-27-41-52

When green health scale of Gertrude is empty, then you will be able to attack it with a proton beam. First press the key Q. Hold down the left mouse button and aim the cursor in Henrietta. Wait, when will be an icon with the image of the mouse on your character. Click the right mouse button, and you will destroy part of the health of the purple monster scale. Repeat the procedure. Finally, you will see a hint, click on the button F. Press several times on F, you get more points.

ST. Lou's Cemetery

This is the second mission in the game. You will need to visit the cemetery of the Holy Law, to deal with the ghosts.



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