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Walkthrough of The Descendant Episode 1 Aftermath

Walkthrough of The Descendant Episode 1 Aftermath

Start a new game and watch the introductory video.

We tell briefly about the plot of the game.

Protagonist of the game is Danny. He was sent on reconnaissance in the “Ark 01”. Events develop after global nuclear war. There are only four thousand people on our planet.

All of them survived thanks to the unique program. There were underground bunkers. People were sent to a cryogenic sleep. Now they have to rebuild a new civilization. But one of the few bunkers not opened. We are talking about the "Ark 01". The game consists of five episodes that will come out separately. This article describes the walkthrough of the first episode of the game The Descendant.

Entrance to the "Ark 01"

Press the E key when it lights up on the screen and one circle is inside the other. After that, when you go down, you can tell Randolph that he is no hurry.

Below you can look around.

On management and interface of the game

Use the cursor and the left mouse button to move your character. Where you specify the cursor then the character will go when you click the left mouse button. Interactive objects (with which you can interact) will be highlighted only if you hover your mouse over them.

If you see the icon "magnifying glass", then you can view it. If you see "palm" icon, then you can take it or apply it to any other item in the inventory.

Inventory is shown in the lower left corner of the screen. Objects as small icons appear in the column from the bottom up. If you find an object to which you can apply the object from your inventory, then when you hover over it you will see the image of the "palm". Just click on the object. If you use the item from inventory once then it disappears from there. If the subject you can use in the future, it will remain in place.

So, look at the location. Go to the huge gate of the hopper. There is a board on the left side. ALWAYS learn this panel. It is not powered energy. Go to the right side of the huge gates. Right next to them you will find a small generator. Examine the generator to find out that there is no fuel. Go to the trailer near Randolph. He tries to set up the radio. There are red cans next to the radio receiver. Take a can of fuel. Go back to the generator and simply click on it. Use the canister with fuel, which immediately disappears. The generator will work!

Now we have to open the panel on the left side of the door. Step away from the door so that you can see almost the entire location. There is the box with tools on the floor not far from the door on the right side. Click on it and remove the scrap. Go to the control panel and click on it to apply the scrap. During the conversation with Randolph, choose either option. Randolph will remember your choice.

Go ahead and open the red door.

It will be a video about the events of the past.

Follow the long hallway and then open the door with a valve. You will need to press three times on several occasions the key E, to turn the valve. Once in the dark corridor, try to open the red door on the left side. You can’t do it while a power turns off. Walk a little further and open the green door on the same left side. Open the door on the left in the small vestibule. You move back in time.

In past

Now you play as a girl named Mia. She followed the "Ark 01". Come to the table of the computer to the left side. One of the monitors will be interactive. Click on it. After a long conversation with a friend, go to the left and go through the door in the background. Follow the corridor to the left and then click on the red door.

Once in the hallway, move forward right and left. There is a large red door with button on the left side of it at the end of the hallway. This is lift. Click on the button to the left and wait inside the elevator. Soon a power turns off. Open the panel with buttons and find in it the active point. There will be four different wires. They are all different colors. Red and yellow wire longer than the other two. Click on the red wire, and then select one of the four mounts at the bottom right. You must select the mount from which goes down the wire of the same red color. Yellow wire attach in the same way. Now switch the black switch in the upper right corner of the screen.

Go down on the elevator, run along the corridor ahead and to the left. Steams block the way. Go back and see two yellow gates to the right. Look at them. You will see a hole to the right of them - not enough of another valve. You can explore all that you see. Go back to the beginning of the corridor and click on the red gas cylinders on the right side. Between them is the yellow gate on the floor. Take the valve. Go back to the other two gates near the steam. Click on them to install the third valve in place. Now you have to turn the valves in a certain order. If you rotate not the valve, it just comes back to the starting position. Thus, turn the bottom, top and right valves. Go forward along the corridor and then open the right door.


Go to the water heater (a huge machine in the background; you can see on the screenshot above) and check it by opening the lid. Here you see the three tubes of different colors. But first, click on the green flashing button about in the upper right corner of the control panel. Next, remove the tube in turn (starting from the one that is in the foreground and ending with the one that is in the background - red). Remove the first green pipe, then - the brown, and after - the red. To do this, it is necessary to alternately push the two ends of the tube.

After you remove all the pipes, you will see that in one of the holes is not seal. We need to find it. Exit and go right approach. There is a box of tools on the floor. You can find a cardboard box to the right of it. You can look into it and take the seal. Go back to the water heater and click the left mouse button. Mia will try to establish a seal, but will burn. The required item fails between the bars down. Go to the right side of the room and click on the stairs to go down.

Make your way between two horizontal pipes and then try to pass between two vertical elements. It will not work, as there is hot steam between them. You can see the yellow gate in the foreground on the left side of the screen. Turn it. Make your way between two vertical pipes and then take the seal from the floor. Go back to the valve and turn it to its original position to remove pairs between the horizontal pipes near the stairs. Go between them and then go up the stairs. Go to the water heater and click on it to view the dashboard. Click on the top left hole to install the seal in it.

Then you can install the three pipes on their legal position as it was before. It is necessary to click on the holes in a certain sequence. Click on the smallest openings to return to the original position the red tube. Next, click over the hole from the top right of the red upper end of the pipe and the hole on the right side wall (there is one). Finally, click on the two remaining holes to the tube back to the original position:


Next you need to click on the button. You turned off before removing the tube. Go back to the apartment, where you will find Silas.


After downloading, you will find yourself in the role of Danny in the apartment of Mia. Look around. Go to the monitor located between the cryogenic chambers. Click on the monitor. Danny automatically will introduce code. Senator will dictate him. Then you hear the conclusion: cryogenic chamber is not powered by electricity. Go to the green door, through which you came here (after you have left it in the role of Mia). There is a box with fuses the right of the door. Look at him. Lock prevents you get to the bar.

Examine the room. Go from the fuse box to the opposite wall, where there is a door barricaded by shelf. There is hammer beside it. Examine it to make a conclusion about the absence of the battery. Go back to the box with fuses. From here follow the right and find the battery on the shelves in the background of the table. Take it and go back to the jackhammer and check it again. Click on it to replace the battery. So you automatically will take a jackhammer. Go to the box with fuses and click on the lock to break it.

Now you need to make that the lamps were all red alight. Two lamps were alight. This means that the tumblers under them are in the correct position. They do not need to touch it. On the right side, in the lower right corner there is a black switch. Switch it and lamps go out. Now it becomes active red tumblers under the lights. Switch the toggle only those who are under the lights that are not burned. Fifth lamp is broken; therefore, here you have to check something, and another position switch. Each time you need to turn on the black switch to see which of the lamps are lit. When all the lights are lit (you important to illuminate the entire four light lamps, and a fifth can turn on by selection), you will hear a sound when you turn the black switch. Go to the monitor between the cryogenic camera and click on it. Then go left and then click on the computer with a green screen.


Play as Mia

Come to the table with the right side of the computer (if you are standing at the door and look at it). Click on the rightmost green monitor. Tell Silas that you see some kind of mistake. Silas remembers it.


Talk to Randolph and then tell him that you have to prevent the opening of the cryogenic chambers. Press the E key to hold the camera cover. In the end, you will see a cut-scene.

Two days later

Watch the video with Danny. The first episode of The Descendant of the game will be completed.

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