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Walkthrough of the Flame in the Flood

In the game The Flame in the Flood are the single player campaign with two modes of difficulty (traveler and an expert on survival), and an endless survival mode. In this walkthrough is described the single player campaign mode.

Interface and Features

So, all the important information is displayed on your screen. In the upper left corner is a backpack with some figures. The second number indicates the maximum amount of weight that can carry the girl. The first number indicates how many items you have already collected.

Under the backpack have some weird digits. These figures point to the keys. Here you can configure the shortcut menu to any subjects.

In the upper right corner there is information on the number of traveled kilometers, the current day (in a row, from the very beginning of the game). Furthermore, there is a round blue scale - this time. If the scale is completely blue, then it is midnight. If all the black - it is noon. And then you will understand.

At the bottom of the screen, several indicators (from left to right): hunger, thirst, temperature and recreation.

In the game you'll find objects and combine them to create the right things. In our separate article will be considered all possible crafting! Do not miss!

Radio signal

Description. An old radio still works, just need to get closer to the signal source or find a hill to hear the message clearly.

Reward: drawing raft 1pc.

See introductory video. Move to the right and upward. Along the way, collect all the items that you see. To collect anything on it you need to direct your mouse and then click on the right mouse button. Go right and climb up the path. To the left is another house. There is a plate. Click on it and you can learn more about water. Around the house there are boxes - search their and you find a bank and your first ready-made filter for water purification.

Climb higher still and see the blue mailbox. Look at it - it's hiding place. The caches can be hidden objects. If items do not have, you probably have an additional task. The job will be simple and mostly related to crafting any items that you somehow will be useful in the future. Take this job.

Additionally. Basic tools

According to the instructions, you need to make a stone hammer. To make a stone hammer, it is necessary to create a stone knife and found a cloth (1 pc.), seedling (1 pc.), flint (2 pcs.). Seedling you probably already found. To create a stone knife, in turn, is required to find two flints and make braided cord. Braided Cord - one of the easiest items for crafting. For its production requires cattail growing in all the puddles. Along the way you must have been to find its.

Climb up on the raft and leave Pinewood Camp.

To control the raft, use the keys W, S, A, D. In order to accelerate, hold the SPACE key. Go with the flow and go into the first of the ten regions - peak.

Camp of Kyle Kamerrer

Dock icon will display a yellow tent. To moor, you hold down the right mouse button when the icon appears.

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