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Walkthrough Human: Fall Flat

 Full Walkthrough Human: Fall Flat

Level 1. Mansion

You fell from heaven, go to the yellow-gray object and hold down the left mouse button to keep it. You hold the left mouse button and see video.

There is a many consoles in the game. You can use them to find different clues.

Go the door and pass through it without. Climb the stairs and see a metal door and the red button. Click the left mouse button to click on it and open the door.

Go through the door and you can read more tips on one console. Go to the other door, tilt the screen, first down, and then - up, simultaneously press the left mouse button to activate both keys and open the door.


Go further and click simultaneously on two red buttons at the same height. Press and hold the left mouse button so that the left hand of a character activated the left button. Next, try to click on the right mouse button to the right hand of the character and the second button activated. The door is open. Go through them to fall to the next level.

Level 2. Train

You see the big train. There is a yellow container on the right side. Walk up to it and just push to the side. You can grab, hold down the left or right mouse button, and then go in the opposite direction. Anyway, you have to move the container and you find the door behind it.


Go through the door and see two low wagons. Move one that is further away from the door. Next, move the second wagon. Go through that door.

03There are two wagons in the next part of the location. First, you need to move, which is located at the bottom, close to the wall. Then climb up on it. You need lower the camera to look from the bottom-up, hold down the left mouse button to make your character grabbed the upper part of the car, and then press the SPACE key. Go to the wall and move to the second wagon (you have to stand between the wall and this wagon). Now push the car to the side to allow access to the other door.


There is a high-wagon container in the next room. You need to get to the door with the red button. Don’t move the wagon, jump on it. Make it simple. You stand in the center of the wagon, face to the wall. Approach to it and hold the left or right mouse button (can be both). So your man will clutch at the wall. Then hold down the A, to run to the left and push the car right to the ledge with the door. If you do everything correctly, you will be able to pass through the door, and behind them - the other.


The last part of the level will require you to virtually the same actions. Climb the stairs and go to the next wagon. Then use the column to hold on to their arms, and themselves run to the right side, press D. The car will move to the left side. Go to another car, then - on the third. Run and jump to the fourth car, where you can move on to the landing and climb the steps above. Open the door and drop down.

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