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Walkthrough of the Walking Dead Michonne Episode 1 Intoo Deep

Walkthrough of the Walking Dead Michonne Episode 1

At great depths

Cut the bushes on the keys A and D, and then click the left mouse button to open the door. Then kill some zombies, by clicking on the button shown on the screen. The battle will be long. Load the cartridge into the gun and decide - "let go" (fire) or "stay" (not shoot). Anyway, Michonne will not kill himself. Watch the introductory video.

In 3 weeks. Boat

Answer Pete about nightmares. Pete remembers your answer. Agree to help Pete to rescue the girl. Pete will remember your choice. Now you will need to tune into a radio wave. There are two toggle switches. First, turn the left switch regulating interference. Turn it clockwise until it stops. After this the switch is no longer active. Next, turn the right switch counter-clockwise so that the pointer was located almost next to the division of "16". You will hear a girl's voice. Ask where she is.

When you will find yourself at the top, you need select Mobjack in a conversation with Pete, which the girl said you. Pete will give you a flashlight and binoculars. Go to the starboard side. In the nearest hotspot, you can use the binoculars. Walk down the board and use a flashlight to look down. In a conversation with one of the crew members make the choice. He will remember it.

Help Ouk and Siddik with sails. In a conversation with Ouk choose phrases at the expense of Pete. Oak remember your answer. Stand in the bow of the ship and look at the coastline. Use binoculars, which will need to bring in the old rusty steam. You can use the flashlight on the left side, but in water you will not find anything. Come to Pete and talk to him, to tell about the ferry. Accept the fact that you need to explore the ferry in search of spare parts.

Choose the answer in a conversation with Ouk. Ouk remembers it. Swim to the ferry, talk to Pete. Pete remembers your phrase with respect to nursing Michonne. Kill the zombies, and then click on shore. Climb the ladder on a ferry or through the porthole. In this walkthrough – on the ladder. Hold the W to climb up and then press the Q few times to help Pete get up to you.


Look around on the deck. Go to plan of ferry Mobjack (on the wall). Look at it, then look in the box below and take the valve. Look at the blue door to the left and apply the fittings to the window in the door. Make your choice - pushes its arm over the door or Michonne, or Pete. If it will make you, then down your hand, hold key S. With Pete push the door.

Examine the corpse of a man. Take a look at his bound hands, and then on the head with a bullet. Go down and kill the walking dead at the entrance to the cafe. Cut the rope that holds a hand of monster. Talk to Pete, who will remember your answer. Open the door, hold the key W.

Examine the contents of a sports bag - cigarettes, canned food, medicine and ammunition. You can then walk around the room. Look in cash - the money in place, but do they need someone at this time? Under the counter, where there is a cash register, get a jar of candy.

Put it in a sport bag. Go ahead and see overturned vending machine near the far wall. Kick it three times, fell to a chocolate bar. Go on and find the fruit drink on the table. Put it in the bag. Finally, at the same counter, but already in the foreground, find packing plaster (bandage). Put it in a bag and. Only then you will hear a knock from the cabinet. Kill all the zombies. Then you can grab a bag or release the girl - it does not matter. Soon you will catch all the bandits.

Camp Rules and Randall

Talk to Randall. He remembers the first phrase. Answer about the battle with those who can offer resistance. Randall will remember it.

Talk with Norma. Norma notices this. After talking with her you will be in captivity. Look bags, cigarettes, life jackets and first aid kit ahead. Only then you can see familiar toys to the left of the box. Take a look at one of the toys, and then rotate the view all the way to the right to see the children. Talk to them.

Try to escape along with Samantha, but nothing it is unsuccessful. Michonne goes to the Norma. Tell her that she does not trust the people. You tell the truth, but it will sound unconvincing for Norma. Say only met Samantha. When Greg will go then tell them you lied. Greg will remember. Talk with Greg alone. Tell that not all people are like that. Greg will remember.

Tell Pete that is useless to speak to them. Randall will remember it. Talk to Zachary and tell him that he should not be like Randall. Zachary will remember it. After Randall and Zachary leave, and Greg will be injured, look to the right, on a broken mirror. Click on it to cut the collar, hold your hands. Hold down the left mouse button and move it up and down. Lift the shirt on the left of Greg, put the wounded guy and apply on his shirt.

When Greg appeal, then take away screwdriver from the red railing on the right and hit on the guy's head. Do not let Sam kill Zachary. In this series will be completed.



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