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Walkthrough One Upon Light

Walkthrough Once Upon Light

The onset of darkness

The basic principle of the game is that the main character can’t undergo the light rays. However, the scientist can be in the light only 2-3 seconds. Go right, watch the cut-scene. Go through a small portion of light without stopping. Move to the right, move near the wall to avoid the light from the lantern. Follow up and left. Next, you will try to bypass the bulb, but will be the earthquake. The lamp burns out. Go through it, turn right. It is not in a hurry. Wait until the lamp will turn down, and then quickly run to the newspaper on the floor to complete a level.


Go up and to the left. When the stones will fall, then wait that light was gone for the right. Move to the right, go to the door and open it by pressing the SPACE key. Follow down and to the right. There will be a moving light. Remember the place where the light never falls. Stand there, when the rays go right. Wait, that that rays of light move to the left, and then run to the right side. The next segment to pass after swinging objects (created shade for you).

Finally, you will see the bridge with three highlights. There are pendulums up and down. Upper pendulum will help you get through the two light areas. And you need to go when the pendulum goes to the right. Don’t hurry and wait for the pendulum will make a circle and re-pass to the right. Take two pieces of such a pause. Next you need cling to the bottom of the bridge and watch for the pendulum below. Wait, that it will block the way of the light, and go to the right. Open the door and pick up the newspaper.


Go to the right, but the bridge collapses. Do you see cabinet at the top? Walk up to it and push, holding the key SPACE, to block the path of the light from the top of the window. Do the same on the next segment by moving the cabinet to the right. Downstairs is the third cabinet. Approach it with the left hand, hold the SPACE and move to the left. As you move away from the cabinet door. Next, stand on top of it and move up to completely remove it from the path.


Open the door and go to the right. Push the box to the bottom wall. Then move it to the right to block the light. Go to the right and take the box with him. Push it down to block another light. Again, take away from a box. Next is the segment with the last rays of light. Now you have two boxes. You need press one box to the right wall and push up to block the half light. The second box you need push so that it was one step away from the right wall. Then move it up to block the second half of the light. Take the newspaper from the floor.


Move down box at the top and go up to find the white lever. Press the SPACE, to lower the lever. So you will pass on. Follow the right for moving lantern. There are drums in the lower right corner. Stand as close as possible to them in a corner. When the lights will go to the left, follow-up and pull the white lever. Stand close to the top of the wall. So light will not get on you. There is a circle of light in the next room on the right. This circle is moving up and down. You have to go right up to the bottom of the wall, where the range will go up. But it is better to wait for the first lamp, so it went in the opposite direction and you have time to pick the right moment.

Pass the light, activate another lever. You will open the passage below. You have to go back the same way to the aisle. After you go through it, you will find yourself in a corridor with moving lantern. You have a white box. Push it to the right and hide behind it when the light is close to you. Put the box next to the lever and pull it. When the light will go to the left, and then just run into the passage to the right.

At the top will be cut with two moving lights. Please note that you have a white box. The third lamp shines directly on it. White box will need to be moved to the left. Move it on two positions to the left after the muving lantern. Then hide behind the white box on top. When the torch will pass to the left, you move the white box for one more position to the left. It should be done quickly to have time to hide. Now the box is located at the point where the first torch moves to the left (the extreme position for him). When the lights would go to the right, and then quickly push the box to the right. Wait and push the box after the second lantern, close to the lamp on the spot. Pick up a newspaper from the top.

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