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Walkthrough Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition


So, you are introduced to the two main characters of the game. You will see the story of their incredible friendship…

► Note: After "Prologue", you get a new and the first achievement "Journey begins."


Lower Bog

► Note: If you will walk immediately a little forward and then run through on a log, you can find a secret wall, behind which you will have to wait a good bonus. Take your first bonus and you get a new achievement "So many secrets."

Go down by pressing the keys - Shift. Move on. Turn to the left and dive into the gorge. You need move on the only available way that there will be a (western direction). At some point you will meet your first enemy Hedgehog. The enemy is not too dangerous, you just need time to react to the shots that he will let you. Avoid them. A new secret area will be located under fallen trees. So you need go there. Take a new bonus and go on.

Soon you will find a spark. It is the heart of the spiritual tree (Sein). But monkeys will interrupt your conversation! When there is a jump, you need run under them and continue shoot without interruption by pressing the key - LMB. Kill all and then check the map. Open the map by pressing the key - TAB. So, you need to move eastward. You finally can spend skill points in your spiritual connection. Press button - E.

► Note: Use the skill points - spend it and get a new achievement “Many opportunities.”

Now you have to destroy the spores. They are blocking your way forward. After destroying them, you find the Well of the spirit. It will allow you to continue and you can replenish your strength: Points spirit and health. There is a new barrier at the top. It is consisted of growths. Destroy it and go on. Soon you will see a stone, which will need to pull in the right direction. Use the keys - Shift + arrow moves. Immediately after the stone you will find the key with which you can unlock the specific doors. Climb to the top and jump on logs already that there will be hanging. After a small obstacle, you find the second key. Now go down there and find a door that you can open the previously found key. Press the key - LMB (you have to click twice).

To be continued...

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