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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Outlast 2

Walkthrough videogame Outlast 2

Walkthrough Outlast 2. Part One

From this article you will learn about the whereabouts of any important items that you can find while traveling. We will also tell you in which direction you need to move. In this first location, you need to overcome the outskirts of the village of cultists, find the key to the prison and find Lynn.


After the introductory video, you wake up and find yourself in the school corridor with a crucifix on the wall. Move straight until the cabinet is opened on the left side. There are a few photos, so go on to the crucifix on the wall.

When you approach the corner, you will hear the sound of an object falling on the floor. Turn around the corner to see a man in a blue suit. He is moving away from you. Follow him until the sequence will end and you wake up already in the helicopter.

Travel Record

After you restore the control over Blake and take the camera in hand, go down the cliffs to the left to get to the crash site of the helicopter. Here you will learn about video recording. Get the camera and focus it on the fallen helicopter. The red circle in the center of the screen should be filled. Then press the Tab key or another button to check the job. Open the video camera and watch the video. Blake will make a few comments, but then it's time to move on.

Go to the helicopter pad and make sure that you took the bandage from the open box to the left of the crash site. You will also learn how to use the night vision mode with a video camera. Just do not use it too often, because in this case the battery charge will drop sharply down.

Go forward until you see a body on a tree. You can also record this event on your camcorder, so you will hear a number of new comments from Blake.

Turn night vision on and continue walk straight to the canyon. In the end, the canyon will end and you see the outlines of the village.

To get to the city

Go down to the hill until you reach a lot of buildings and jump over the fence. You can knock on the door of the building on the left, but no one will answer. Ignore this building and go straight to the glowing fire.

So you will reach a small village. Use the night vision and go through the door to the right of the screen. Inside the house you will find a battery that you can use to recharge your camera. There is a document in the same room - near the corpse at the table.

Go back to the village and move forward with the battery and the saved document. Go to the three-wheeled bike and look around the corner to the left to see a villager with a machete in his hand. After he retreats, go straight and follow the same path as a man with a gun.

There are several barrels, behind which you can hide, but in fact now you do not need them. Instead, go on, in the direction from which cries are heard. Go around the building on the left side and make sure to record on the video camera a scene of tragedy next to the house.

You need to get into the next house through the window on the right. Open it, and then get inside. Go through the house and open the bolt to unlock the door.

Go through the door and sit down to make your way through the hole in the fence. So you go out on the trail with a few crosses on both sides.

Continue walk straight until you go to a building with a staircase. Go down into the tunnel and make sure that you have kept the document lying on the table in front.

Continue to move around the bloody feeder and enter the dark tunnel on the other side of the room. Follow the bloody tracks, and then walk along the edge to find another way out of the grave.

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